1. Product Identification

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BioNatural®Plantservative WSr


Material Safety Data Sheet

BioNatural® Plantservative WSr

1. Product Identification

Generic Name: Japanese Honey Suckle Extract

CAS #: 84603-62-3

CAS# EU 2237-49-799-9 (EU)

INCI Name: Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract

Latin Name: Lonicera Caprifolium flores extractum

EINCES Name EU: Lonicera Japonica Extract (EU)

Distributor: BioOrganic Concepts

2675 Junipero Ave., Suite 600

Signal Hill, CA 90755

Phone: 562-216-2200

Fax: 562-216-2212

2. Composition

100% carbon-dioxide extracted lonicera Lonicera

Japonica flower buds/flores and lonicera Japonica Var. Caprifolium

Caprifolium flowers buds/flores extract in water

Carrier menstrum
Risk Phrases None

Safety Phrases 25-26 Not Mandatory

3. Hazards

Not Classified as Dangerous According to Directive 67/548EEC or its amendments.

4. First Aid Measures

Eye Contact: Wash with water or standard eye wash solution. Seek medical advice, if irritation occur and persist.

Oral Ingestation: Edible in small quantity (3-5 grams) with bland to bitter sweet after taste.

Skin Contact: Wash with water or shower.

5. Fire Fighting Measures

Non-combustible but presents no special fire hazard.

Extinguishing Media: Treat as oil fire when stored in HDPE drums with CO2, dry foam or dry chemical.

Protective Equipments for Fighters: Standard Equipment.

6. Accidental Release Measures

Absorb onto an inert material and scrape up. Remove residue by scrubbing with hot water or detergent solution.

7. Handling and Storage

Store in sealed containers under normal cool, dry warehousing conditions.

8. Exposure and Personal Protection

In accordance with good industrial practice and handling using standard eye protection.

9. Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical form: Liquid

Colour: Clear, colorless to Yellowish

Odour: Faint characteristic

Boiling Point: 100°C

Melting Point: ---

Viscosity: ---

Flash Point: >160°C

Flammability Solid/Gas: N/A

Auto Flammability: N/A

Specific Refractive: 1.300-1.450

Explosive Properties: N/A

pH 9.0 – 12.0

Oxidizing properties: N/A

Vapour pressures: N/A

Density: 1.120 – 1.320

Assay (Titration) 40 - 60

Water Solubility: Soluble

Other Solubility: In most cosmetic solvents

Bulk density: ---

Nitrogen (on combustion) 4.00 7.00

Partition coefficient: ---


Explosive limits: ---

10. Stability and Reactivity

Thermal decomposition: Stable under normal conditions of use.

11. Toxicological Data

Oral: LD50>3,679 MGKG (Body Wt.) Rat

Essentially non-toxic and edible in small quantities

Dermal: Expected to be essentially non-toxic

Inhalation: N/A
SKIN: Primarily irritation index (PII) = 0.0 (Non-irritating-skintex), Not a primary irritant. Non-irritant/non-sensitizer as per repeated patch insult test on 50 human volunteers
Human repeated patch test 48 hours: 50/50 completely non- irritating/non-erythema causing ingredient at 5% concentrate in water or 50 human volunteers.
EYE: Very mild/minimal-not A Transient Conjunctival Irritant at 10% concentrate in water (Eyetex Classification).

12. Ecological Information

Biodegration: Expected to be ultimately biodegradable

Fish Toxicity: No Data

Bacterial & Viral Toxicity: Potentially very harmful to bacterial & Viral microorganisms.

WGK Class: WGK (Self classification)

13.Disposal Conditions

Dispose of according to a recognized method of chemical waste disposal.

14. Transport Information
UN Number: N/A

UN Name: Not Assigned

IMDG Code/Class: Not Hazardous

IMDG Code/Page No.: N/A

ICAO/IATA Air Class: Non-Hazardous

ICAO/IATA Air Class Packing Group: N/A

RID/ADR Class: Non-Hazardous

ADNR Class: Non-Hazardous

15. Regulatory Information
Occupational Exposure Limits N/A
16. Other Information
Uses as Cosmetic additive >0.4 – 1.0%

Supplementary Dietary/food use 0.01 – 1.0% (food preservation)

This material does not release formaldehyde nor is this material a formaldehyde donor. Plantservative WSr and Plantservative WM are formaldehyde free.

This format and information is complied by Kampoyaki Novel

Natural Product Chemistry/Novel Drug Discovery eGMP Labs

Kobe, Japan;

For Campo Cosmetics Pte Ltd, Kyoto and Singapore
Recommended Mandatory Ingredient Listing of INCI name: Lonicera Caprifolium

To the best of our knowledge, the information contained herein is accurate. However, BioOrganic Concepts does not assume any liability herein. Final determination of suitability of any materials is the sole responsibility of the user. All materials may present unknown health hazards and should be used with caution. Although certain hazards are described herein, we cannot guarantee that these are the only hazards that exist.

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