1 october 2009 Contact: Robyn Bushong, 409. 744. 7848

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1 OCTOBER 2009 Contact: Robyn Bushong, 409.744.7848

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FAX 409.740.2336 Email: RBush1147@aol.com


Cirque Shanghai-Bai Xi somersaults onto the stage at The Grand 1894 Opera House the weekend of November 7-8! Sponsored in part by Blue Bell Creameries, performance times are at 8 pm on Saturday, and 3 pm on Sunday. After striking poses you can't fathom your own body accomplishing, the performers of Cirque Shanghai love to bellow "hai!" to earn a well-deserved ovation. It’s Cirque. Limitless skills!
Dating back to the Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, Chinese acrobatic spectacles were first called “Bai Xi,” meaning “one hundred amazing acts,” in reference to the performer’s seemingly limitless skills and innumerable feats they could perform. These daring and beautiful talents were featured in command performances for China’s imperial courts and have been passed down and enhanced through generations.
Cirque Shanghai-Bai Xi combines all aspects of the traditional and the modern in acrobatic stage performance: awesome displays of physical strength with incredible feats of balance; graceful folkloric pageantry with fast paced contemporary dance; energetic martial arts with phenomenal equilibrialist skills… all performed in spectacular costumes, on the stage and high in the air, in a grand theatrical production. Featuring state-of-the-art computerized lighting and beautiful orchestrations that range from exotic Oriental to trend setting electronic faction, Cirque Shanghai-Bai Xi is a breathtaking spectacle that establishes a new standard of acrobatic and entertainment excellence.
Ticket prices range from $18.50 to $58. Special discounts for group and senior citizen tickets may be available. For information about this and other performances scheduled, contact The Grand's box office at 409.765.1894, 800.821.1894, or visit The Grand’s web site at www.thegrand.com. The Grand is located at 2020 Postoffice Street, in historic downtown Galveston. The theatre is accessible by trolley. All major credit cards accepted.

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