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Team 5


As criminal events have been increasing in today’s world, the main focus point of the humanity has changed. Maintainly, we do not care anything more than ourselves’ and relative’s safety. People start to product and use safer cars and health care methods. However, there are many criminal problems that still make the world in danger. One of the most fatal threats which make most of the people is personal armaments. People get used to see, witness or at least read about the accidental or criminal cases in their daily lives.

The USA example could be a very good proves for this issue. The statistical numbers show how the personal armament is affecting the world we live in:

  • About 14% of child victimizers carried a weapon during the violent crime, compared to nearly 1/2 of those who victimized adults.
    -BJS Survey of State Prison Inmates, 1991.

  • With at least one gun in nearly half the households in the country, with two-thirds of our teenagers reporting they could get a gun in an hour, with virtually every kid exposed to vivid movie and television scenarios legitimizing violence, we live in dangerous times.
    Lost Boys, Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them, James Garbarino, Ph.D. 

As the usage of guns are increasing, we need a solution of safety for guns and that’s why we are happy to announce our new product: “RFID tag implemented on the Guns”


2.1 How the System Works

With the “RFID tag implemented on the Guns”, criminals and other people would not use security staffs’ guns because the guns have got a lock system which recognizes the owner. Hence, our lock system will not let them fire when other people who try to shoot with gun. The lock system will be open to fire only by the owner. The basic working principle of the system is as follows:

  • First, we will assemble a receiver on the guns of security members and the security members must carry a transmitter in order to activate their gun.

  • Secondly, we will arrange the range of the radio frequency (RF) by changing the frequency. The range of the radio frequency is so important because the system will lock down when the power of the frequency decreases.

  • Lock /unlock system will start working when it receives an RF signal. We will mount a circuit onto the gun which desires a signal in order to unlock.

2.2 Possible Components and Applications

Our system includes a gun, an RFID reader and an RFID tag, a lock system and a re-chargeable battery.

  1. Gun

The last bid of police headquarters was won by a Turkish company called SARSILMAZ in 2007. They produced 20000 guns called KILINC 2000 MEGA for police department. We are planning to mount our system on these guns.

2) RFID reader

  • RFID Reader is a part which will be mounted on gun in order to unlock the system whenever it recognizes the RFID tag at a range about 12 cm. In order not to affect the appearance of the gun, we are planning to hide the reader in the hilt of the weapon.

  • RFID reader has a specific frequency which is about 125 KHz because the system should be unlocked when the user get the weapon into his/her hand. RFID reader which works at short ranges should have a frequency in KHz. Our specified range (10-15 cm) requires frequency between 100- 150 KHz. Also, we find another one which has frequency as 13.6 MHz, we can use it too.


-NXP (Philips) Mifare (13.6MHz)

-Proximity (128KHz)

3) RFID tag

RFID Tag is an important part which should be carried by the user in order to activate the RFID reader, so the system unlocks. As we mentioned above, RFID reader and RFID tag should meet at a range about 10 to 15 cm. Hence, we are planning to assemble a tag on an ornament of the user’s hand or wrist which can be changed whether the user is right handed or left handed.

4) Lock system

Lock System is the most important and complicated part of our project. This part will start working when the RFID reader recognizes the radio frequency which is 125 KHz. Otherwise, it appears offline.

We are planning to use a chip which has a little antenna that is assembled on RFID reader. This chip allows us to create a reader with little code or processor resources. The system is activated in 1 second when you hold a RFID tag near the antenna.

  • This chip contains PCB parts, antenna.

  • The supplied microprocessor could be analog devices based on 8051 (ADUC 84x) or Texas MSP430 family. Also, we only need a serial port to (re) program them.

  • We are planning to assemble the mechanical part at gun trigger.

5) Battery

Battery is a part of both our RFID reader and lock system because RFID reader needs voltage supply about + 4.6V through 5.4V. Also, lock system will need about 5V supply voltage.

  • In order to drive our product, we are planning to use a battery that we will use in both RFID reader and lock system.

  • Before using our SAFE GUN, the battery should go on working at least five years. (13Ah & 19Ah, Saft)

  • This battery may be rechargeable like Lİ/ON batteries which the cell phones and laptops are using.

6) Interface

    • The lock system is controlled by a microcontroller which will is an embedded board and can be (re) programmed by a serial port.


In the safety market, there is a similar product which is called as Magloc smartgun-smartlock. Although our idea is the same with Magloc, we use different methods and different market operations.

  • 3.1-Specialities of Magloc

MAGLOC® smartgun conversion for 1911 A1 series pistols

US Patent #5394717,  5758524 and Patent Pending in other countries                                                                            

Special Features:

Grip Lever - to transfer  your hand energy into reconnection the firing mechanism.

Ready to fire indicator - protrudes out what the gun is ready to fire.  Can be felt by the trigger finger and no need for visual confirmation.

On/Off switch - located on the left panel.  Once the gun is activated by the matching magnetic ring, the system can be set to the on position and anyone without the ring can fire the gun.

  • Drop in safety conversion. No drilling is required. 

  • Installed in less than 10 minutes. 

  • Once installed, the gun can only be fired by wearing a special magnetic ring.

  • When the gun is off your hand, it locks itself right away. 

  • Works on magnetic and hand holding energy. No battery is required   Sd. 

MAGLOC® Smart Gun System for  1911A1  type pistolsUS$89.50 (the most affordable smartgun system that works) 

  • 3.2-Focus Market Differences

Magloc, as a firm, mainly focused on US market, therefore they mostly use their product on Glock Firearms because US Policemen carry Glock. However, our main focus point is CZ 75 B, because of Turkish policemen mostly use this brand. In the below part, you can see the differences between Glock and CZ 75 B:

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  • 3.2.a-Specialities of Colt

larger image

Glock 26

Starting at: $518.00

The GLOCK 26, often referred to as the"Baby GLOCK," has created a true and practical autopistol alternative to the standard five-shot snub-nose revolver. 

Manufacturer: Glock 

Model: G26
Cal/Gauge: 9mm 
Action: Safe Action System 
MSRP: $690 
Gun Type: pistol 
Barrel: 6.46 
Overall Length: 6.29 
Weight: 19.75 
Finish: composite 
Sights: n/a

  • 3.2.b-Specialities of CZ 75 B

    CZ 75 B (9mm Parabellum)

CZ 75 B (9mm Parabellum)

MKEK Satış Fiyatı: 1.765,67 $

Türk Polisinin en çok kullandığı beylik tabancası

CZ 75 B mod. TR is a traditional handgun issued by government, military and security agencies in all parts of the world.

Teknik Özellikler 
Caliber..................................................9 mm Luger / .40 S&W
Detachable magazine capacity............15 / 10
Overall length......................................206 mm
Barrel length.......................................120 mm
Height.................................................138 mm
Width...................................................~ 35 mm
Weight................................................1000 g
Trigger mechanism............................SA/DA
Safety element..................................smanual safety, safety stop on the hammer, firing pin safety
Note..................................................This is an offer of CZ pistols designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic for the market of Turkey.

Because of Magloc and our firm focused on different markets with different pistols and using different tools (rings and wristbands), we can say that we would be matchless in the market. The part of we concern is there may be some firms who produce different safety systems such as biometric fingerprint reader pistols. Although this method would be an alternative way of creating safe guns; because of fingerprint reading will take some time, it will not be a serious rival of our product.

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  • BJS Survey of State Prison Inmates, 1991.

  • Lost Boys, Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them, James Garbarino, Ph.D. 

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