1 Getting from Charles De Gaulle airport to Paris

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1 Getting from Charles De Gaulle airport to Paris :

There are several possibilities to get from the airport to Paris :

  • Taxis: you will easily find the taxis by following the signs for taxi. The ride to Paris is in average around 60 euros.

  • Bus: there are Air France buses going from the airport to the center of Paris. You will find the bus stops just outside the terminals (follow the sign bus air france). Take bus number 2 or 4. One-way ride to Paris is 14 euros for bus #2 and 15 euros for bus #4, round trip 22 euros for bus #2 or 24 euros for bus #4. You pay in the bus directly. Details on http://www.cars-airfrance.com/.

  • Train: you can take the train to go directly to downtown Paris. Follow the sign RER Paris to get to the station. Once in the station you have to buy a ticket either at the desk (the one called “Ile de France”, not the one called “grandes lignes”) or at the automate (same the one called “Ile de France”, not the “grandes lignes”, you can select English as a language). Ask for a ticket to Paris (or select it on the automate). Tickets to Paris are 8.60 euros each. If you arrive at terminal 1 be sure to take the RER going to Paris (it's written on the plateform) and not the one going to Terminal 2. If you arrive terminal 2 you don't have a choice anyway... Some details on http://www.ratp.info/touristes/index.php?langue=en&rub=guide&cat=rer The RER coming from Charles De Gaulle is the RER B.

2 Getting around in Paris

The best mean of transportation in Paris is the metro: it's quick, convenient, easy to use and wherever you are in Paris, chances are that you're only 5 minutes away from a metro station.
Tickets can be bought at the station either at the automate (with cash or smart credit cards) or at the booth.
A single ride ticket costs 1.60 euros and you can buy 10 tickets for 11.40 euros. A ticket allows you to take metro, bus (inside Paris) and RER (inside Paris). A ticket is valid from the moment you get into the metro/RER until you are getting out again (even if you change lines several times) or for one hour if you are taking the bus (even if you change bus).
If you plan on moving around the city a lot, you can buy a one day ticket (called mobilis zone 1-2) for 5.80 euros and use it for a full 24 hours.
It is also possible to buy tickets called Paris visit which provide some discount to museums and other touristic activities. Pris Visit tickets costs 8.50 euros for 1 day, 14 euros for 2 days, 19 euros for 3 days or 27.50 for 5 days.
Metro stations are indicated either by sings reading “metro” or “metropolitain” or by a yellow M:

When you get into the station, be really careful to take the right line (they are indicated with numbers in a colored circle) in the right direction (identified by the last station of the line in the direction the train is going).

Metro Map


Be careful, as soon as you get out of Paris (zone 1 or 2 on the RER map), you have to buy specific tickets. It is especially tricky with RER since you can take RER inside Paris with a metro ticket but if you get out outside Paris boundaries, the ticket won't allow you to get out and if controlled you may be fined.

3 Getting to the meeting room

The meeting room is at:
EUROSITES République

8bis rue de la Fontaine au Roi

75011 PARIS

To get there, the metro is the best solution, take metro number 3, 5, 8, 9 or 11 and get out at “Republique” station.

Follow the sign “Sortie Rue du faubourg du temple” and get out of the station through that exit.

Once out of the station walk up the street “rue du faubourg du temple” (the one that is in front of you when you have your back to the statue) and take the fourth left on “rue de la Folie-Méricourt” and then the first right on “rue de la fontaine au roi”

From the airport to the meeting room with public transportation:

If you take the Air France Buses:

  • If you take Bus #2: get out at Etoile and take the metro # 1 in the direction of “Chateau de Vincennes” (not the one going to “La Defense”). Get out at “Franklin D. Roosvelt” and take metro #9 in the direction of “Mairie de Montreuil” (not the one going to “Pont de Sevres”). Get out at “Republique”.

  • If you take Bus #4: get out at Gare de Lyon and take the metro # 5 at the “Quai de la Rapée” station (take the one going to “Bobigny – Pablo Picasso”, not the one going to “Place d’Italie”). Get out at “Republic” station.

If you take the RER:

Get out of the RER at “Gare du Nord” but stay in the station and look for sign to take metro #5. Take metro #5 going to “Place d’Italie” (not the one going to “Bobigny – Pablo Picasso”). Get out at “Republic” station.

To get to the meeting room from any place in Paris using the metro:

The easiest is to take the closest metro and reach the lines #3, 5, 8, 9 or 11 and then get out at the “Republique” station.

To help you plan your trip you can use http://www.ratp.info/touristes/index.php?langue=en&rub=reperer&cat=itineraires,

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