1 credit 2006-2007 College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University Instructor

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1 credit


College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University
Instructor: J. David Arnott

Office: BAC A-123 Phone: X5389

Office Hours: Day 1, 9:10-10:00, Day 4, 9:10-10:00

Required Text: Violin and Viola: Sevcik Op. 1, Op. 8, Op. 3, Kreutzer 42 Etudes, Flesch Scale Studies, Violin: Bach Sonatas and Partitas, Henryk Szeryng edition. Viola: Bach Cello Suites, Bruno Giuranna edition. Please purchase these prior to your first lesson.

Required Tools/Materials: Staff Paper, Tuner/Pitch Fork, Metronome

Course Content

This is a course in violin/viola technique. Each student will be evaluated and an individual course of study will be assigned. This course is designed to develop musicianship skills, musical skill, and technical skills. The content of the course and the expectation of improvement is the same regardless of whether you are a major, a minor, or a participant. As far as this course is designed, you are considered a violinist/violist and are expected to prepare for lessons accordingly through regular practice.

Violin/viola studio space is limited to 12-15 students based on the number of violin and viola majors and minors. Exceptions will be made for exceptional students. Preference will be given majors and minors followed by secondary lesson students and orchestra participants. Remaining spaces will be distributed to MUSC 113 students as available.
Requirements and Grading

This course is offered for an A-F grade only and may not be taken on an S/U basis. This studio regularly operates on an overloaded basis. There is no room for slackers (those who come to lessons unprepared for a second time). The course grade will be determined as follows:

A Exceptional work and progress, excellent studio performance

AB Very good work and progress, very good studio performance

B Moderate work and progress, adequate studio performance

BC Lacking in effort but with some ray of hope for improvement

C Unacceptable.

Each student generally receives 11 lessons each semester registered. As this is an experience-based class, attendance is important and expected. If you need to miss a lesson, you must give 24 hours notice if you are planning to have a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons will be at the instructors’ discretion and will be based on availability of schedule time.

**Lessons begin on Day 4 in the first cycle and end on Day 3 in the last. Please sign up for a lesson before the semester begins! I will email open time slots.
Studio class attendance: Studio class is an integral part of musical training. Consider it experiential learning. It is an opportunity to expand your knowledge of repertoire and is especially helpful is you are able to see someone else work on a piece that you have or will soon play. Majors and Minors are required to attend studio class as a portion of your grade. Non-majors are expected to attend studio class. Majors and minors must play in studio class at least twice each semester. Non-majors must play at least once in studio class each semester.
Studio Class Dates for Spring 2007

Monday, January 22, 4:00-5:00

Monday, January 29, 4:00-5:00

Monday, February 5, 4:00-5:00

Monday, February 19, 4:00-5:00

Monday, March 12, 4:00-5:00

Monday, March 19, 4:00-5:00

Monday, April 2, 4:00-5:00

Monday, April 23, 4:00-5:00
Thursday Recital Attendance: Music Majors must attend Thursday recital hour when they are scheduled. Attendance will be taken! Majors must play on at least one Thursday recital each semester!
Juries: Every student registered for a studio lesson must play a jury at the end of the semester. Music majors/minors must play full-faculty juries at the end of their second semester of music major study and again at the end of their third semester of music major study.
Studio Recital: There will usually be a studio recital towards the end of each semester. Participation in this recital is expected. Please make sure you have an accompanist engaged prior to this time.
May 1, 7:30 Studio Recital
Arnott Performance Attendance: Majors and minors are required to attend performances of their studio instructor. Non-majors are expected to attend. The required performances for fall 2006 are:
Pastiche 9 February (SBH---see me for tickets)


16 February (Basilica in Minneapolis during MMEA---free)

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades ("I/grade") are strongly discouraged, but may be given in rare instances where a student is unable to complete the course requirements because of prolonged illness or other circumstances beyond the student's control. Incompletes will only be given if the student: 1) requests the incomplete as soon as possible given the circumstances, 2) attempts to complete as much of the course as possible during the semester, 3) signs a written agreement detailing what needs to be done to complete the course requirements.

Suggested Repertoire
Undergraduate Violin

Bach Any concerto, solo sonata/partita

Mozart Sonata, Concerto (G, D, A)

Beethoven Sonata (D or F)

Brahms Sonata (d minor, A Major)

20th Century selected work


Flesch Scale Studies

Sevcik op. 1, op. 8, op. 3

Kreutzer 42 Etudes

Undergraduate Viola

Eccles sonata

Marcello sonata

Vivaldi sonata

Bach cello suite

Telemann concerto, sonata

Handel concerto

Glinka sonata

Bloch meditation, suite

Hindemith solo sonata, Trauermusik

Milhaud Quatre visages

Faure song


Primrose Scale Studies

Flesch Scale Studies

Sevcik op. 1, op. 8, op. 3

Kreutzer 42 Etudes

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