~ Troll Market ~

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~ Troll Market ~
Deep in the urban shadows of Manhattan, one may find a clockwork door.
Out of sight and out of mind.
Beyond is a legendary Troll Market. Within the sprawling caverns one finds colourful stalls tucked into every nook and cranny with vendors selling everything from roasted cats to giant tadpoles to replacement limbs of animated wood. Scurrying about the humid and crowded caves are trolls and monsters and fairy tale beasts. Underlying the scents of countless spices and creatures and foods is a certain fungal fruitiness.
The Troll Market is an otherworldly bazaar. It spins out in all directions, taking advantage of the natural and organic shape of the caverns. It meanders and curls back in on itself. One may spend a lifetime exploring the place and never learn all its secrets.

Glamour – All of the so called hidden races, can cloak themselves in an innate enchantment that changes how they appear to the mundane world.
Glamour can render an individual’s form inoffensive or even invisible.
Without training, this effect has an intensity equal to the individual’s Intuition. The proper mystical training can increase this ability up to +4 CS.

Innate Magics - All of the hidden races are inherently magical. If formally trained in the eldritch arts, they automatically gain the following universal spells. Each spell will also have its initial intensity raised +1CS.

  1. Charm

  2. Confusion

  3. Emotion Control

  4. Fear

  5. Forgetfulness

  6. Mesmerism

  7. Paralyse

Ritual Magics - Reason FEAT to perform magical ceremonies. To do this you need knowledge of the ceremony (usually from a book), equipment, and time. Time is 1d20 times 2 + desired intensity = rounds of spell casting needed.
Such individuals wield eldritch power through intellectual means. They are the classical scholarly mages from the Middle Ages who used astrology, cabalism, study, and magical paraphernalia (“bell, book, and candle”) to gain access to extraordinary powers.

~ Wink ~
Wink is a tough and hairy old cave troll with a long history of brawling and fighting. He was a loyal and stalwart comrade of Prince Nuada and died in the Troll Market at the hands of Hellboy. Revived through mysterious occult ways by The Gray Sage, Wink now acts as cohort and bodyguard to the mysterious scholar.
Fighting Incredible (40). Health 150.

Agility Good (10).

Strength Amazing (50). Karma 56.

Endurance Amazing (50).

Reason Typical (6). Resources Typical.

Intuition Excellent (20).

Psyche Remarkable (30). Popularity 26.

Powers ~ Wink is a cave troll with a rugged muscular physique and tough hairy hide. Old war wounds have blinded him in the left eye, broken his right tusk, and robbed him of his right hand. A wondrous mechanical construct replaces his right hand – an animated metal fist with a length of sturdy chain.

  1. Incredible Armour Skin - Leather

  2. Unearthly Metabolic Resistance

  3. Monstrous Recovery

  4. Incredible Resistance to Magical Attacks

  5. Remarkable Thermal Vision

  6. Remarkable Elongation (Right Fist Only)

  7. Amazing Natural Weaponry (Right Arm Slashing Blade)

Quirks ~ High Pain Threshold, Rapid Healing, Strong Bones (+3 CS), Sturdiness.

Talents ~ Martial Arts B & E, Occult Lore, Rune Smith, Trivia (Troll Lore), Streetsmarts, Languages (Troll Speak with Old Irish, Pictish, and Old English). Martial Arts Manoeuvres (Spatial Awareness, Elbow Strike, Head Butt).

Contacts ~ Incredible Street, Remarkable Criminal, Excellent Troll Market, Good Mystic Arts, Good Occult Lore, Good Mythology (Ogdru Jahad and Ogdru Hem), Typical Archaeology.

~ The Gray Sage ~
The Gray Sage is an enigmatic figure from the 1920s who haunts the Troll Market below Manhattan. No one really knows much about him. Most tales say the gent was once an Antipodean psychic private detective and that he’s had some trouble with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence (BPRD).
Although others say it was Bureau 13 that screwed him over. Or was it Target Alpha?
Apparently he became something more than human after reading obscure grimoires in Irem – City of Pillars. I heard tell that he’s even drank from the Cup of Jamshid. Some say he was a prisoner of the BPRD / Bureau 13 / Target Alpha for a time. Escaped under his own steam too. Or so that story goes.
He’s a friend of the Brooklyn Bridge Fragglewump. Apparently he bakes her delightful pastries using Victorian Era recipes. Somehow he brought that tough old cave troll Wink back from the lands of the dead. There’s a tavern tale doing the rounds saying that he’s made armour of animated imperishable crystal for some crippled elf warriors too.
He drinks for free at Bargor’s Tavern. After he healed old Bargor the Bloody of a brawling injury that put out an eye. He rooms just stones throw from the tavern too. Down the back of the old ale house in fact.
The Gray Sage is an open and emotional fellow. Given to carousing and the life of the gourmand. There is a darker side to his character however, one that sees to the heart of matters and knows all too well the weaknesses and frailties of the world.
Physically, he’s a husky gent with a great curling beard and a mane of deep tawny brown hair spilling off his large domed head and over his broad shoulders. His eyes are a blue so intense and dark as to be almost twilight indigo. He has a cunning laugh and gold backs some of his teeth.
He gets around in a dusky blue cotton canvas frock coat, of piratical cut, with matching waistcoat from Two Spools over a linen poet shirt and black denim jeans with black tanker boots. A black combat belt rides about his waist and a silk bandanna of deepest midnight blue encircles his neck. Whenever out and about in the Troll Market, he wears a broad brimmed conical leather hat with ornate golden inlaid scrollwork and brass studs, the classic Witch Hunter Hat. On cold and wet nights, he’ll add an Inverness Cape of Green Blue Winter Harris Tweed with Indigo Indian Silk Lining.
The Gray Sage uses a sleek black motorcycle of his own design for transportation. When out in the world of man, he cloaks himself in wild weather, thanks to a portable cloudbuster, as he rides.
The Grey Sage appreciates that he has limited combat abilities and so goes armed at all times. He always packs an Ionic Blade, Neuro-Darts, and a SIG Sauer P239 in .40 S&W with Adamantium-Saboted Penetrator Rounds (ASP), SEM 52-S Hand Radio.
He has recently begun learning the Arts of Nature Magic from the Shade of Galapas.

Fighting Remarkable (30). Health 106.

Agility Remarkable (30).

Strength Typical (6). Karma 150.

Endurance Incredible (40).

Reason Remarkable (30). Resources Remarkable.

Intuition Monstrous (80).

Psyche Incredible (40). Popularity 15.

Powers ~ Originally, The Gray Sage was a psychic sensitive with the abilities of Amazing Cosmic Awareness and Remarkable Hyper-Intelligence (Permanent Intuition Increase). He retains these powers, but has gained additional abilities through dangerous mystical encounters and daring archaeological discoveries.
The Gray Sage has been exposed to dark occult knowledge and now possesses Monstrous Environmental Awareness, Remarkable Energy Detection, Monstrous Postcognition, Amazing Total Memory, Monstrous Energy Threshold, Amazing Weapons Tinkering (Dieselpunk Devices Only), Monstrous Longevity (7.5 Million Year Lifespan, Monstrous Disease Resistance, Monstrous Toxin Resistance), Monstrous Biophysical Control, and Amazing Grafting (Psychic Surgery).
Biophysical Control power stunts run to Regeneration, Revival, and Decay. The Gray Sage cannot heal wounds that are older than some seventy-five days with Biophysical Control. He can combine his Biophysical Control with Grafting, Weapons Tinkering, and Ritual Magics. An example of this are his repairs to Wink’s eldritch mechanical fist.

Magic ~ Excellent Apparition, Excellent Enchanted Eye, Excellent Flight (Mystical Soaring), Excellent Mesmerism (Trolls), Excellent Nature Control (Air Control), Excellent Plant Control, Excellent Raggadorr.

Bioware Enhancement ~ Orthoskin (Excellent Body Armour), Nanosurgeons with Enhanced Antibodies and Lifesaver Skinweave (Regeneration at Typical), Bio Threshold 35.

Quirks ~ Learned Resistance (Magic @ +1CS), Sensory Increase (Hearing @ +1CS), Alertness, Static, Reputation (Troll Market @ +2CS), Honesty, Bigotry (BPRD / Bureau 13 / Target Alpha), Disgusting Personal Habits (Gone Native in the Troll Market), Weirdness Magnet.

Talents ~ Journalism, Criminology, Archaeology, Occult Lore, Bibliophile, Ritual Magics, First Aid, Repair/Tinkering, Languages (Jersey Dutch with English, French, Sanskrit, Classical Latin, Ancient Greek). Aside from the modern forms of English and French, The Gray Sage is familiar with all the archaic forms of those tongues. He also enjoys esoteric languages and knows something of the Celtic Languages of Welsh, Cornish, Breton, Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Gaulish, and Pictish.

Contacts ~ Monstrous Street, Incredible Troll Market, Remarkable Business World, Excellent Journalism, Excellent Performance (Jazz Scene), Excellent Art Scene (Urban Architects), Excellent Computer (NYC Hackers), Good Crime, Good Political (NYC), Typical Law Enforcement (NYC), Typical Mystic Arts, Excellent Raggadorr.
There is a 2 in 6 chance per week that some weird and unusual commissioned construction project currently underway is finished and pays off. If this is the case, the Gray Sage enjoys 1d6 checks as if he had Amazing Resources. He enjoys tracking down and buying rare and quirky items, he then donates them anonymously to various Manhattan museums and galleries.

Appreciating that there could well be times when a more powerful weapon than those he usually carries might arise, the Gray Sage has crafted a special Projectile Gun that is his unique take on the classic Tommy Gun.
It is constructed from various super-heavy alloys with a stock of Ipt Wood and Irongate Bronze. Thus it has an overall material strength of Monstrous. It is feed from a drum magazine that holds 100 rounds. It can go single shot or burst fire.
In single shot mode, anyone struck within one area of the firer takes Good Shooting Damage. After one area, the bullet picks up speed and continues on for 20 Areas, anything struck in that range takes Amazing Shooting Damage.
In burst mode, 10 rounds are fired rapidly and up to three adjacent targets can be affected. Anyone struck within one area of the firer takes Excellent Shooting Damage. The bullets then pick up speed and continue for 20 Areas, anything struck in that range takes Monstrous Shooting Damage.
The rounds themselves resemble heavy handgun rounds, but they are really Ramjet Slugs. The cartridge consists of a protective sabot around a lacquered caseless round with an osmium–iridium alloy bullet backed with a layer of solid fuel, behind this is the initial firing charge consisting of a standard modern centerfire primer and smokeless powder propellant. The osmium–iridium alloy bullet is actually a miniature ramjet, sometimes known as a stovepipe jet, and requires no moving parts as the heat of the air flowing into it ignites and ablates the fuel. The ramjet greatly increases the velocity of the projectile. The outlets on the bullet are slightly canted as to impart spin and provide gyroscopic stability during flight.
These bullets are also enchanted, being a potent combination of technology and magic, and they will punch through and ignore all magic barriers and defences of Incredible intensity or less. In addition, they glow once fired with fiery golden sunlight of Good intensity. This adds Good Energy Damage to the usual bullet damage. If a creature or object is adversely affected by sunlight, then the bullets with trigger that adverse issue.
It is currently kept ready for use in the main workshop of The Gray Sage’s lodgings.

- Liquid Electricity -
Liquid electricity is the distilled essence of electricity in liquid form. It has an electric blue glow and is easily stored in bottles. It provides fantastic energy and super-speed when used as a fuel for automobiles, aircraft, and machines of all sorts. One variant of liquid electricity can even be drunk by humans and the like. Any vehicle that uses a combustion engine or gas turbine can be fuelled with liquid electricity. Such vehicles gain +2CS Control and +4CS Speed. People drinking liquid electricity gain Good Hyper-Speed for 10 turns. Anything using liquid electricity temporally gains Good Resistance to Physical Attack (D15).

- Robotic Rings -
The Gray Sage wears two unique robotic rings of his own eclectic design. They are essentially intelligent Swiss army knives in ring form. They rings have been designed so that they can work together and even combine their powers.
The Mark I ring possesses the super abilities of Good Sonar (Passive), Good Weakness Detection, Remarkable Electrical Control (Deactivate Alarms and Open Electric Locks), Remarkable Magnetic Manipulation (Screwdrivers, Hex Keys, Socket Sets), Remarkable Vibration Control (Open Mechanical Locks), Good Weapons Creation (Variable Geometry Utility Blades), and Excellent Spray (Obscuring Mist, Insulation, Lubrication). It has Good Reason and is powered by a miniaturised magnetic monopole generator.
The Mark II ring possesses the super abilities of Remarkable Microscopic Vision, Good Penetration Vision (Atomic Vision), Excellent Thermal Vision, Excellent Ultraviolet Vision, Remarkable Catalytic Control, Excellent Light Emission (Variable Colour Flashlight, Laser Welder, Laser Cutter), and Remarkable Machine Animation. It has Good Reason and is powered by a miniaturised magnetic monopole generator.

- Dieselpunk Motorcycle -
This sleek and streamlined glossy black hog is constructed from Secondary Adamantium and is powered by an advanced four stroke diesel engine with variable geometry turbochargers. The vehicle is designed for on and off road use. It has Remarkable Control, Amazing Speed, and Unearthly Body. Due to the open construction it offers no protection.
A small cloudbuster, of Wilhelm Reich design, taps into cosmic orgone energy and can summon thundershowers at will. This wild weather fills an area some 12 miles across and has Remarkable intensity.
A small glimmering gemstone, set just below the handlebars, is composed of fragments from the crystallised hearts of five elemental Chinese dragons (earth/metal, water, fire, wind, and wood/nature). This icon currently provides Micro-Environment (Shift-Y Intensity with Poor Area of Effect).

- Silvery Motorcycle -
The Gray Sage is currently tinkering with a second motorcycle. This one being composed of advanced light-weight steel alloys built around a variant aircraft engine. It even runs on specially aerated diesel. It features an advanced, and highly experimental, ‘Vertical Lift’ system. The bike is designed to harness the winds and can manipulate air flows sufficiently to achieve spectacular jumps. The bike is considered to have the Hyper-Leaping power at a Power Rank equal to its current speed. At speeds higher than the rider's Agility, the rider must make an Agility FEAT against that Power Rank or be thrown from the bike upon landing. Just like his other bike, this one is designed for on and off road use. It has Excellent Control, Incredible Speed, and Amazing Body. Due to the open construction it offers no protection.
Between the saddle and the engine rides a layered alchemical sphere composed of hematite and rock-hard greenish crystalline salts. Enchanted by the Goblin Smith of Bethmoran it provides a constant Reflective Aura and Resistance Aura (Atmospheric) at Remarkable intensity. A shimmering Shield-Aura of Incredible intensity can also be summoned twice a day.
It was paid for with much feywine and dozens of Beorning honey-cakes.

- Diesel Vehicles -
In addition to his custom motorcycles, The Gray Sage owns a handful of classic diesel vehicles. His collection currently runs to some five cars (1933 Citroën Rosalie {Estate with 11UD Diesel Engine Option}, 1935 Peugeot 402 {Saloon with 2.3 L Diesel}, 1936 Mercedes-Benz 260D {Landaulet}, 1936 Hanomag Rekord, 1951 Mercedes-Benz 170Da Panel Van {Sindelfingen Body}), a Chev Blitz V8 4WD Truck, and an Obyekt 279 (Soviet Prototype Heavy Tank). He is also working on an advanced diesel sports car and a cutting-edge diesel truck (a camper that is more akin to a mobile lair). Both are constructed from Secondary Adamantium and use specially aerated diesel for fuel.

- Prototype Supercomputer -
Using room temperature superconductors, this little baby packs the power of several Cray T3E's into what appears to be a coke can. The can has a spot at one end for two AA cells to be inserted. The other end of the cylinder is an area of what appears to be metallic putty, or perhaps viscous mercury. This is, in fact, a universal I/O port. Any data cable can be pushed down into the malleable surface, and the computer will figure out what’s on the other end, and how to talk to it. Despite its malleability, the putty cannot be removed from the end of the can, without exerting enough force to break the computer. The putty area is large enough for up to six cables to be pushed in simultaneously. It understands any programming language from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. The Gray Sage picked it up for a buck at a car boot sale in Jersey and keeps it in his main office. Despite his best investigative efforts, the origin and background of the computer are unknown.

- Ray Gun -
The Grey Sage has constructed a small ray gun as an experiment in developing the fabled death ray projector of popular culture. It is composed of various near metallic elements and is encased in a protective high strength plastic shell. The prototype focusing systems currently limit the weapon to a range of 2 areas. It draws power from a standard domestic electrical connection and can produce three distinct affects.
The first is a concussive energy bolt (Good Plasma Generation with Poor Magnetism and Poor Electricity), the second is a combination ultraviolet and x-ray beam (Excellent Damage), and the third is a gamma ray pulse (Remarkable Damage).
A fully tested and up scaled version suitable for military used would be +2CS in all aspects and it would have substantially increased power demands. An industrial supply would be needed at a minimum.

- Brain in a Jar -
Suspended in a transparent tank of green supportive liquid and wired into various technological systems is a living human brain. Oberstleutnant Nyder, Nazi space program scientist and chemical engineer, is now a strange and eerie creature. The Grey Sage found Nyder in a dusty and partially ruined museum in Patras during the Greek Civil War. He was intrigue by the creature and spirited it away. Although quite talkative on most subjects, Nyder has been rather reticent about how he came to his current form. The Grey Sage suspects one of the scientists from the old Project Ragna Rok to be responsible.
These days, the Grey Sage keeps him around as a sounding board for his various odd theories and as an outstanding chess player. He is also toying with the idea of giving Nyder some form of body. He has still not decided upon how to achieve this and whether it will be mechanical, biological, or some combination of the two.
The armoured transparent ceramic tank that houses Nyder’s brain has Incredible material strength. The Grey Sage has upgraded and improved the existing life support systems, including changing the vocoder from a sharp mechanical tone to a much more human voice. He has added systems that provide Nyder with Hyper-Hearing (Incredible), Passive Sonar (Incredible), Life Detection (Incredible), and Remote Sensing (Touch) (Feeble Range & Monstrous Intensity), SEM 173 Secure Manpack/Vehicular Radio.
Nyder is an intellectual and highly rational man, one who is a realist and prefers logic over emotion. He is softly spoken and has just a hint of a German accent when he speaks in English. Nyder has Incredible Reason, Excellent Intuition, and Incredible Psyche. Natural Talent (Physics), 3-D Sense, Alertness, High Stress Capacity, Sanity, Missing Parts (No Body), Insomnia, Snob, Unattractiveness (Brain in a Jar). Military, Chemistry, Physics, Occult Lore, First Aid (Battlefield Medicine), Repair/Tinkering, Trivia (Nazi History), Languages (German with English, French, and Italian).

~ The Gray Sages Lodgings ~
The old ale house, tucked into a rocky niche away from the main hustle and bustle of the troll market, is a sprawling brick warehouse with several moss and lichen shrouded wings.
Owned by the Cronie Troll, who prefers earning an eclectic living as a barber, the old ale house is one of the few things left to him by his father. He tends to check on it once a week or so and likes to have things running smoothly.
The Cronie Troll is a quick-witted character with a fondness for the free and chaotic ways of the bazaar. Within the Troll Market, he dispenses advice, tends to physical grooming, and provides various medicinal needs.
The ancient building is a long and low rambling affair of squat yellowish bricks with mortar the colour of old parchment dry bones. In places the structure abuts the rough cavern walls. The roofs are all of sturdy slate shingles over copper sheeting.
Gnomes and kobolds run the various enterprises of the old ale house. The day boss is a grizzled old ogre. The Gray Sage recently made him a gift of a magnificent chain mail hauberk. This long chain mail shirt is expertly crafted from a shining silvery blue meteoric metal, triple linked and oiled with deeply lustrous mallorn wax. Unlike ordinary mail, it provides the wearer with Remarkable Body Armour rather than merely Good Body Armour.
The central section of the old ale house rises three floors with thick walls. There are no windows on any of the floors. However, the front wall is pierced by two sets of deeply lacquered white oak double doors on each floor. The doorways on the second and third floors, feature a cargo pulley and winch system.
The ground floor is used to store and craft barrels. A trio of forest troll coopers can be found here at odd times. The middle floor is used as a bottle store for sparkling wines and is tended by a blind goblin cellar master. The top floor is used as champagne house by the cellar master. Apparently he sleeps in the barrel storage wing or some such.
Of the six single story wings, one is used for the brewing of oatmeal stout, another produces a fine barleywine strong ale, one houses a glass blowing forge, one is used for extra barrel storage, and the last two are used by The Gray Sage.
These wings are of later construction than the central section of the building. They feature the same brick, mortar, slate, and copper construction materials however. They have two sets of deep lacquered white oak double doors. One set of doors gives external access, while the other set opens into the cooperage.
Each wing even has two small windows, one on either side of the external doorway. These windows are set securely into their mortared frames and cannot be opened. They are formed from solid slabs of carved rock crystal. They can be further secured with folding shutters of oiled white oak as needed.

The first wing used by the Gray Sage is one long room. It is used as his workshop and vehicle bay. It holds a Remarkable Garage Package, an Amazing Workshop Package, a Remarkable Laboratory Package, a Remarkable Library Package, an Amazing Communications Room (Global), a Good Kitchen Package (Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee), a Remarkable Fire Protection Package (Foam), Incredible Security Packages (Full Body Scan), and Remarkable Defense Packages (Incredible Lighting Discharges).
In addition to the usual run of books found in a gentleman’s private library, there is a sprawling collection of periodicals – Fortean Times, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Nexus, Fate, Apeiron, The Skeptic, and the Skeptical Inquirer. One shelf is also dedicated to the works of Doctor Anton Phibes.
Illumination of this wing comes from over a dozen classic Tolomeo desk lamps. The walls throughout are covered in antique wall paper (Seaweed, 1890s, John Henry Dearle). Lacquered bamboo covers the ceiling. He has had the rough stone floor smoothed and covered with mottled blue vinyl composition tiles (VCT). The windows here have had translucent blue laminated glass panes installed. Under the wallpaper, bamboo, and vinyl is a layer of super-heavy iridium alloy of Monstrous material strength.
On a massive polished grey ironbark shelf at the back of the room are a number of odd engines. All of them are apparently running. The Gray Sage claims that this is the source of his electricity.

  1. Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) (2002) (Tom Bearden)

  2. Adams Motor (Circa 1975) (Robert George Adams)

  3. Searl Effect Generator (SEG) (Circa 1957) (John Searl)

  4. Plauson's Converter (Circa 1925) (Hermann Plauson)

This solid shelf effectively bars the double doors leading into the cooperage. These portals are further secured with a thick wrought iron bar, looping chain, and padlock system. In addition a Force Field of Remarkable intensity cloaks the doorway.
Hanging on these doors and facing into the room are two matching full length ebony ovals of glass surrounded by an ornate filigree frame. Each contains a significant amount of iron and silver, as well as a scattering of rare earth magnets.
Under this shelf, on the floor, is an experimental chemical computer.
Nearby, a glass and chrome coffee table supports Oberstleutnant Nyder (Brain in a Jar).
Tucked away in the library is a pleasurable Italian chess table of ornate lacquered wood with ornate chess men carved in rare stone and highlighted with delicate gold and silver.
The external doors are held fast by a magnetic lock of Amazing complexity and Incredible strength. A mechanical deadlock of Good complexity and Excellent strength acts as a backup. There is an internal hasp and padlock too. Two dreadnought robots constantly stand guard here.

The second wing used by the Gray Sage is one long room, filled with Edwardian furniture and divided off with Byōbu (Japanese folding screens). It holds a Remarkable Living Room Package, a Remarkable Dining Room Package, a Remarkable Kitchen Package, an Excellent Library Package, a Remarkable Office Package, a Remarkable Trophy Room Package, a Remarkable Medical Package, a Remarkable Spa Bath Package with Memory Plastic Privacy Screen (Sauna, Steam Room, Whirlpool), a Remarkable Fire Protection Package (Foam), Incredible Security Packages (Full Body Scan), and Remarkable Defense Packages (Incredible Lighting Discharges).
Background illumination of this wing comes from dozens of greenish lava lamps, plasma globes, and mushroom lamps. A large Himalayan salt lamp, of pyramid styling, highlights the library with a warm earthly orange glow. The Hanging Light from Maxwell's Plum illuminates the kitchen. All of the more traditional lights - two floor lamps in the living area, ceiling lamp in the dining area, eight desk lamps in the office area - are quality reproductions of the subtle green Tiffany Lotus Leaf Stained Glass Art Lamps of the 1900s. The trophy room area has subtle LED display lighting.
Also in the library is an Atmos Clock, a Galileo Thermometer, a Sputnik Weather Station in Brass and several bottles of Żubrówka (Herbal Vodka). The Living Room has not one but two couches and both are queen-size sofa beds.
The walls throughout are covered in antique wall paper (Artichoke, 1890s, John Henry Dearle). Lacquered bamboo covers the ceiling. He has had the rough stone floor smoothed and covered with lacquered cork. Under the wallpaper, bamboo, and cork is a layer of super-heavy iridium alloy of Monstrous material strength. The windows here have had translucent green laminated glass panes installed.
Expertly hung in the library are two fine old Australian paintings. Murrumbidgee Ranges (Canberra, 1934, Elioth Gruner) and The Fossickers (Cabbage Tree Flat, Back Creek, 1893, Walter Withers). Just to one side of these artworks is a bronze sculpture with inspiration drawn from Norman Lindsay’s delightful sketch of a satyr seducing a nymph.
The doors leading into the cooperage are held securely closed with a broad bar of spotted gum. These portals are further secured with a thick wrought iron bar, looping chain, and padlock system. In addition a Force Field of Remarkable intensity cloaks the doorway. Tacked to the left door is a Eureka Stockade Flag and tacked to the right door is a City of Sydney Flag. Where the doors meet, from top to bottom, there is a display of D'Arcy Doyle prints on a long cotton canvas banner.
The backs of the external doors have been expertly painted with a scene highlighting a moonlit ghost gum on a ridge with shadowy purple hills beyond under a dazzling starry night sky. The external doors are held fast by a magnetic lock of Amazing complexity and Incredible strength. A mechanical deadlock of Good complexity and Excellent strength acts as a backup. There is an internal hasp and padlock too. Two dreadnought robots constantly stand guard here.
The Gray Sage pays for his lodgings with the odd gold coin and free healing for the Cronie Troll and his multifarious hangers on. Mainly this runs to curing the odd burn and various cuts from brawling or brewing mishaps.

- Animatron -
The Gray Sage possesses one of the exceedingly rare and unique creations of the eccentric and talented aristocratic English occultist and inventor John Deak IV from the 1930s.
This particular animatron appears as large black dog, about the size of a calf, with a shaggy coat and glowing fiery yellow eyes. Thanks to its masterly crafting it is indistinguishable from a real animal. A Monstrous Intuition Feat is required to pick it as artificial.
It is a clockwork automaton with wax lubrication. As a sophisticated artificial life form, it is subject to powers that affect or control machinery. Use its Endurance to resist attempts to affect control. It is immune to diseases, poisons, gases, and all powers that affect a living mind.
It has a realistic skin overlay of self-repairing bioplast sheeting, that looks and feels just like the real thing, complete with underlying fake musculature. This artificial skin layer has had real fur implanted throughout, sourced from various wolves and large dogs. The mechanical eyes are highly realistic, complete with contraction of the pupils due to varying light conditions and apparently random blinking of the eyelids. A skilled artist, John Deak IV created the carefully sculpted facial features himself. They are completely lifelike with simulated muscle movements that complement full facial expressions. This creation is so detailed, it even has minor body characteristics – teeth, nails, simulated saliva, a cold wet nose, minor scars, and the like. Further enhancing its appeal, it has difference engine subroutines that simulate doggy body language.
Bakelite forms the skeleton and it has hydraulic fluid for blood. It smells faintly of ozone due to static electric power systems. This particular animatron is able to absorb ambient electrical potential from the environment and does not need to recharge.
It has Excellent physical abilities with 80 Health. Adaptable and well programmed, it has an effective Reason of Good. Although it does not speak, but communicates via barks, yips, howls, whines, and whimpers.
Limited self-repair systems allow it to slowly recover from damage. Although the Grey Sage has found it far more expedient to just repair the device himself whenever it has suffered damage in the past.
It possesses Excellent Armour Skin, Incredible Tracking, and Excellent Hyper-Senses. It also possesses Remarkable Hyper-Fighting and Amazing Hyper-Strength with a Psychological Stimulus - Whenever its master and/or his lodgings are threatened.

- Automata -
The Gray Sage’s lodgings are protected by an advanced and sophisticated Automata, of his own eclectic design, that acts as something of a security guard cum assistant. It has the hardworking and dedicated attitude of a 1950s Bronx mechanic - gruff, no-nonsense, and tough-as-nails.
Fighting Remarkable (30). Health 130.

Agility Excellent (20).

Strength Incredible (40). Karma 50.

Endurance Incredible (40).

Reason Excellent (20). Resources Good.

Intuition Excellent (20).

Psyche Good (10). Popularity 5.
A form of quantum computer functions as the Automata’s brain. The exoskeleton body shell is composed of Secondary Adamantium with an overlay of burnished silver. This provides Unearthly Body Armour and Class 1000 Life Support. The Automata has Incredible protection from all forms of visual and sonic attack.
It can employ Detonation and Energy Plasmoids at will, both with Amazing intensity. It’s mechanical and power systems are semi-fluid in nature and utilise liquid electricity and adaptive unstable molecules. Additional energy is derived from an imbedded flame jewel that the Gray Sage recovered a few years ago from the Nameless City.
The Automata has Incredible simulated senses of sight, hearing, scent, and touch. In addition to normal sight, it can see into the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums with Amazing ability. It can also see Kirlian auras with Monstrous ability. This last visual ability can penetrate lower intensity Glamour magics.
As a robotic construction and sophisticated artificial life form, the Automata is somewhat subject to powers that affect or control machinery. It has Monstrous resistance against attempts to control it. It is immune to diseases, poisons, gases, and powers that affect a living mind or manipulate the emotions.

Quirks ~ 3-D Sense, Alertness, Mechanical Aptitude, Reduced Healing, Sensory Decrease (No Taste), Unique Mechanical Being (Only the Grey Sage can Repair and/or Upgrade).

Talents ~ Martial Arts A / B / E (Boxing with Styles of Kostya Tszyu and Archie Moore), First Aid, Repair/Tinkering, Trivia (New York City), Languages (English with Italian, Spanish, and Yiddish).

Contacts ~ Typical Troll Market, Typical Journalism, Typical Crime.

- Gynoid -
The Gray Sage’s second artificial life form is a completely non-metallic being. Of female form, it is composed of advanced plastics, alternate ceramics, optical computing systems, synthetic crystals, and gel-mechanics. Overall general operations power is derived from radioluminescence (tritium illumination). In addition, experimental photon accumulators and molecular converters transform light energy and microscopic atmospheric debris into useful materials that are then used for self-repair.
She likes to be addressed as G. D. and has a light Mid-Atlantic accent. She addresses the Gray Sage as either Babbo or Papaíto. She is a calm and rational individual, self-contained, agreeable, and quiet. She is a quick thinker and astute observer. She always exhibits good judgment and, if asked, will offer sound advice.
She is a good friend of urban vigilante Robert McCall after taking an assault rifle burst for the tough-as-nails Manhattan marauder during a police sting in the Theatre District one wild and rainy night in the icy depths of darkest winter. Robert is a hard and cunning fellow, able to take care of himself in any situation, and adept at getting the best of anybody he comes in contact with, whether felon, innocent bystander, or even police.
She enjoys all styles of Film Noir, except parodies, and tends to watch for relaxation.
In addition to helping the Gray Sage, G. D. runs a mail order service that specialises in finding old prints of Film Noir movies, vintage promotional film posters, publicity photos, radio plays, celebrity signatures, books in the pulp fiction and hardboiled genre, and anything relating to New York City.
She could move about invisibly in the wider world, but distains this unless the need is great. When out and about in Manhattan, she wears a black leather tricorne hat with a gilded and decorated Venetian Volto Mask (Larva or Ghost) and a black velvet opera cloak, lined with midnight blue silk. Under this is a golden Armanté Ancien shawl, black leather catsuit, black leather wrist gloves with bronze buckles, a belt of interlinked dark bronze discs, and low heeled black leather calf boots with bronze buckles.
Although she spends most her time in the Troll Market at the Grey Sage’s residence, she does have a small place of her own. Although it is not much more than a workshop for her business and a handy postal address tucked away in the Bowery.
Fighting Good (10). Health 80.

Agility Excellent (20).

Strength Good (10). Karma 115.

Endurance Incredible (40).

Reason Remarkable (30). Resources Remarkable.

Intuition Monstrous (75).

Psyche Good (10). Popularity 5.
The Gynoid’s composition provides her with Excellent Body Armour. She has Amazing Resistance to Corrosives, Cold, Heat and Flame, Plasma, and Hard Radiation. She has Unearthly Resistance against Electricity and Magnetic Affects.

She can manipulate existing light energy with Monstrous ability. She has Monstrous Resistance to all light affects and attacks. She can control light so to render infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths visible to herself. She can produce a blinding flash of Monstrous intensity light that floods her current area. She can launch a blinding bolt of Monstrous intensity light with a range of 40 areas that affects one individual. She can employ lasers that inflict Incredible Energy Damage with a range of 11 areas. She can hypnotise individuals or groups with Incredible ability. She can create Remarkable intensity holograms with a range of 8 areas. She can even simulate Holographic Invisibility for herself with Remarkable ability.
As a robotic construction and sophisticated artificial life form, she is somewhat subject to powers that affect or control machinery. She has Shift-X resistance against attempts to control her. She is immune to diseases, poisons, gases, and powers that affect a living mind or manipulate the emotions.

Quirks ~ Ally (The Equalizer Robert McCall), Likeability, Phobia (Fear of the Dark), Unique Mechanical Being (Only the Grey Sage can Repair and/or Upgrade). For unknown reasons, even the Gray Sage is not sure why, her eyes change colour randomly. Every hour there is a 1 in 6 chance of a change. Possible colours are a fiery ruby red, brilliant golden orange, rich emerald green, translucent sapphire blue, and shimmering deep purple.

Talents ~ Business/Finance, Journalism, Criminology, Trivia (New York City), Trivia (Film Noir & Pulp Fiction), Streetsmarts, Languages (English with Italian, Spanish, and Yiddish).

Contacts ~ Good Business World, Good Journalism, Good Street, Good Criminal, Typical Troll Market, Typical Art Scene (Literary & Film Related), Typical Law Enforcement, Typical Occult Lore.

- Marlowe’s Attic -
In the heart of the Bowery, G. D. owns a three room office on the upper floor of an older building. She uses it as the HQ of her eclectic antiquarian business and as a useful postal address. Upon entry, one finds themselves in a Good Living Room Package. Two doors at the rear of the room give onto to a Remarkable Office Package and a Remarkable Library Package respectively. Each room also has an additional work table, two extra straight chairs, a fire extinguisher, halogen flashlight, and networked personal computer with modem. In the library there is also a label printer. Unobtrusive upgrades run to ballistic film on all the windows, all doors are now constructed from manufactured wood with a fibreglass core and have a small frosted glass panel in the upper third that is really bullet-proof glass, security hinges, cylinder guards, armoured strike plates, and 5 lever locks. The building itself has sprinklers in case of fire and mechanical locks on all doors and windows. For after hours security there are hand-set burglar alarms.
~ Vivian Hilda Vedder ~
Vivian Hilda Vedder is a brilliant, if slightly left-of-centre, young scientist. She is obsessed with the perfection computerised artificial intelligence. She also believes in UFOs, government conspiracies, and ancient astronauts. Her wealth comes from the diverse investments left by her industrial father and chemist mother. Vivian is an only child, raised in Oulu, and her early education was all through tutors. Her university studies were wide ranging yet confined to the hard sciences and mostly conducted via distance education.
Both her parents recently perished in an automobile accident on icy roads involving a drunk driver. Already something of a recluse, Vivian has retreated even further from society and now labours on her pet projects within the confines of the sprawling family estate. She has recently discovered various rumours of the Troll Market.
Fighting Typical (6). Health 32.

Agility Good (10).

Strength Typical (6). Karma 70.

Endurance Good (10).

Reason Remarkable (30). Resources Incredible.

Intuition Excellent (20).

Psyche Excellent (20). Popularity 0.

Quirks ~ Natural Talent (Computers @ +3CS), Natural Talent (Electronics @ +1CS), Sensory Increase (Hearing @ +1CS), 3-D Sense, Alertness, Mechanical Aptitude, Albinism (Special), Feebleness, Low Pain Threshold, Delusions, Fanaticism (Information Wants To Be Free), Stubbornness, Alien Customs (Socially Inept and Odd Language), Nerd. Medical Issues = Porphyria & Asperger’s Syndrome.

Talents ~ Business/Finance, Chemistry, Physics, Computers, Electronics, First Aid, Repair/Tinkering, Trivia (Forensic Science), Languages (Finnish with Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, English).

Contacts ~ Remarkable Computing, Excellent Chemistry, Excellent Physics, Good Business World. Within the academic world, particularly with universities, Vivian Hilda Vedder is known as a gifted yet eccentric computer scientist.

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