# They do their homework at night. # Mr. Robertson came to the party alone

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# They do their homework at night.

# Mr. Robertson came to the party alone.

# The car is 5 metres away from the house.

# I like the red blouse, not the blue one.

# She felt better after she took a nap.

# I like English books.

# My sister called her boyfriend yesterday

# She talked to him for an hour.

# He takes piano lessons at the university every day.

# The party lasted all night.

# The meal cost $5.50.

# She was eating a sandwich.

# My parents hired two cars.

# They are coming at seven .

# He is going to work right now.

# The man with the white hat is my brother.

# I don’t get up early because I like to sleep late.

# We have an English class every day.

# They like to dance on weekends.

# The club is not far from their house.

# Their favourite kind of music is Latin Jazz.

# you didn’t bring my dictionary today.

# They are singing popular songs.

1. I'd sit alone and watch your light; (What did you watch?)

2. My only friend through teenage nights (When did this happen?)

3. And everything I had to know, (What did you have to know?)

4. I heard it on my radio. (Where did you hear it?)

5. You gave them all those old time stars, (What did radio give them?)

6. Through wars of worlds - invaded by Mars;

7. You made them laugh - you made them cry (What did radio make them do?)

8. You made us feel like we could fly (How did radio make you feel?).

9. Radio

10. So don't become some background noise, (Don't become what?)

11. A backdrop for the girls and boys, who just don't know or just don't care (Who doesn't know, or care?)

12. And just complain when you're not there. (What do they do when radio's not there?)

13. You had your time, you had the power; (What did radio have?)

14. You've yet to have your finest hour (What has radio yet to have?)

15. Radio.

16. All we hear is Radio ga ga, (what is all we hear?)

17. Radio goo goo,

18. Radio ga ga.

19. All we hear is Radio ga ga,

20. Radio blah blah,

21. Radio what's new? Radio, someone still loves you! (who still loves you?)

22. We watch the shows; we watch the stars on videos for hours and hours. (how long do we watch the shows,...?)

23. We hardly need to use our ears. (What do we hardly need to use ?)

24. How music changes through the years. )

25. Let's hope you never leave old friend; (What shall we hope for?)

26. Like all good things on you we depend. (Who do we depend on?)

27. So stick around 'cos we might miss you, when we grow tired of all this visual. (When might we miss you?)

You had your time; you had the power.

You've yet to have your finest hour


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