Transportation Cancellation Letter of Agreement

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Transportation Cancellation Letter of Agreement
Dear Nicor Gas:

You, Nicor Gas (“Nicor Gas”) and I, the Customer (“Customer”), are parties to a contract for Transportation Service.

I wish to cancel service under this Transportation Service Contract by executing this Letter of Agreement per the option selected below. I understand that I am responsible for notifying my broker or supplier that I am canceling transportation service and returning to sales service, and that I am responsible for any outstanding obligations for payment, including any remaining monthly administration fees and/or telemetering device charges (if cancellation is prior to the initial 12-month period).
I also understand that, if I have a multiple accounts contract with Nicor Gas, I have the option of either canceling service for the entire group or canceling service for certain accounts in my group which I have listed on the reverse side of this Letter of Agreement, while maintaining transportation service for the remaining accounts. I understand by leaving the group, my account will be assessed a group change fee.
I wish to cancel my existing Transportation Service Contract for the account(s) checked:
1.  Individual Account  Entire Group

Choose one of the following options:

 I wish to remain on transportation service and pay applicable charges under Rider 25 until all Customer-owned gas for my account(s) is/are depleted.
 I wish to cancel my contract effective with the first complete billing period subsequent to the date this Letter of Agreement is received by Nicor Gas, thereby assigning to Nicor Gas any Customer-owned gas received or stored on behalf of my account(s) by Nicor Gas as of the ending date of such billing period. I further warrant that I have clear title to any such assigned gas and agree to provide Nicor Gas on demand sufficient documentation of such clear title.

  1.  Certain Accounts within a group. List accounts on reverse side.

By so executing this Letter of Agreement, I understand and agree to cancel Transportation Service for the account(s) indicated below and on the reverse side of this Letter of Agreement, and that such account(s) will return to sales service. I further understand and agree that I will not be permitted to transport Customer-owned gas for such account(s) for one (1) year from the date this Agreement becomes effective.

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 I wish to cancel transportation service for only the account(s) designated below in Nicor Gas Group No.       .

I will indicate below any billing addresses that should be changed.

Account No.

Please change billing address to:

































































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