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Application Form

Natural Resources Management Board Member

1. Personal Details

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Last Name      

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Please tick the NRM board that you wish to be considered for:

 Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board

 Alinytjara Wilurara NRM Board

 Eyre Peninsula NRM Board

 Kangaroo Island NRM Board

 Northern and Yorke NRM Board

 South Australian Arid Lands NRM Board

 South Australian Murray Darling Basin NRM Board

 South East NRM Board

Have you accepted a Targeted Voluntary Separation Package (TVSP) from the South Australian Government within the last 3 years?

 Yes       No

2 Skills, Knowledge and Experience

The Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (the NRM Act) establishes skills-based NRM boards. The skills numbered 2.1 – 2.12

below are identified in the NRM Act as those skills that members of the NRM Board must collectively have. You must select at least one
of these skills (you may select more than one) and at least one skill selected must be one of the skills specifically being sought in the region on this occasion.

Please ONLY complete the relevant sections below based on your skills and indicate what your level of experience is so that your expertise in the area can be adequately assessed. Please provide evidence in the space provided:

2.1. Community affairs at the regional level


2.2. Primary production or pastoral land management


2.3. Soil conservation and land management


2.4. Conservation and biodiversity management


2.5. Water resources management


2.6. Business administration


2.7. Local government or local government administration


2.8. Urban or regional planning


2.9. Aboriginal interest in the land and water and Aboriginal heritage


2.10. Pest animal and plant control


2.11. Natural and social science


2.12. Coast, estuarine & marine management, fisheries or aquaculture


In addition, the areas listed below are considered highly desirable characteristics/skills required by NRM Board members and will form part of selection process. Please provide evidence on how you can demonstrate skills, knowledge or experience in the areas of:

• strategic thinking

• connections with the community at the local level

• building partnerships and relationships.

Strategic Thinking – we aim to strengthen the strategic role of NRM Boards in providing leadership in and connecting people to, the effective management and delivery of natural resources management at a regional level.


Connections with the community at the local level – we are seeking positive change in the community’s relationship with natural resource management and want to put the community at the centre of decision making. Board members should be able to engage effectively and help mobilise the community.


Building Partnerships and Relationships – we are continuously looking at developing better relationships between NRM boards, State government agencies, local government, non-government organisations and the community. Board members should be able to work collaboratively with their appropriate networks in order to obtain positive outcomes that aim to benefit all interested parties.


3. Conflict of Interest

Please list any interests (e.g positions or memberships held, financial interests) that may constitute a conflict of interest with respect to NRM Board functions.


Each NRM Board has a Presiding Member (Chairperson) who has strong leadership skills and the ability to think strategically at a high level. Would you be interested in being appointed as an NRM Board Presiding Member should the opportunity arise?  Yes    No

Please attach your current CV, which clearly lists your history of Board and Committee experience and
3 referees. If you do not have a current CV, please complete the CV template provided below.

Thank you for your application. Please forward your completed application to Fran Stropin at the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, GPO Box 1047, Adelaide SA 5001 or by email to You will be advised of the results by letter.

Curriculum Vitae of      

Membership of a Natural Resources Management Board

1. Education and Career Highlights

Please provide details of any training, academic qualifications or career highlights that are relevant to the role of an NRM Board member.



Qualification/Career Highlight



















2. Board / Committee Experience

Please provide details of any board / committee experience that you have.



















3. Referees

Please provide at least three referees who can be contacted if necessary. Please include their name, contact details and your relationship to the person.
















4. Any Other Information

Please provide details on interests, associations, community organisations, memberships of groups or any other information that demonstrates your suitability for the role.



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