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Address: 9 Stewart Street Phone: +44 (0) 1865 453768 (home)

Oxford +44 (0) 1865 275273 (work)


OX1 4RH E-mail:

Date of Birth: 29th March 1975 Nationality: British


2003-Present University of Oxford

Post-Doctoral Research Associate funded by the Wellcome Trust

  • The primary goal of my research project is to understand the processes that govern the gating of voltage-dependent ion channels. This is hoped to be achieved through the application of molecular modelling and molecular dynamics methods

  • Supervisor: Prof. M. S. P. Sansom

2000-2003 University of Nottingham

Ph.D. studies in Computational Chemistry

  • Title: In silico screening for gene targeting agents

  • Supervisors: Prof. D. E. Thurston and Dr. C. A. Laughton

  • Projects: Molecular Dynamic investigations probing the origins of DNA recognition by molecules ranging from small ligands (e.g. lexitropins) to large proteins (e.g. RecA); Detailed investigative studies evaluating the performance of the generalised Born continuum model as applied to MD simulations of DNA systems; Development and implementation of novel molecular descriptors to rapidly evaluate the isohelical and recognition attributes of large virtual compound libraries against gene targets; Design of compound libraries against selected DNA sequences.

  • I conceptualized and developed SeleXagent, a virtual high throughput screening method that is currently being filed for patent by the University of Nottingham

  • Awarded 1st place prize at the University of Nottingham 2002 postgraduate poster symposium

  • Received runners up prize for poster presented at the 2001 MGMS international meeting

    1. University of Manchester

B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry, First Class

  • Glaxo prize for 'the best theoretical and practical organic chemist’ graduating in 1997

  • University of Manchester Scholarship for 2nd year examination performance

  • University of Manchester Scholarship for 1st year examination performance

  • Final year project entitled 'Herbicidin Glycoside Synthesis' (Dr. P. Quayle)

    1. St John Fisher RC High School, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

  • 3 A-levels: Chemistry (A); Biology (A); Physics (B)

  • 9 GCSE's: 6 Grade 'A'; 3 Grade 'C'


  • Sands, Z. A., Laughton, C. A. In silico screening for gene targeting agents. (2003) Patent No. 0322700.6

  • Sands, Z. A., Laughton, C. A. Molecular Dynamics of DNA Using the Generalised Born Solvation Model. J. Phys. Chem. B. (2004) 108, 10113-10119

  • Harris, S. A., Sands, Z. A., Laughton, C. A. Theoretical evidence for the importance of entropy in determining the biomechanical properties of DNA. Biophys. J. Accepted for publication

Consultation for the University of Nottingham

  • Prior to commencing my current position, I was employed by the University of Nottingham to further develop SeleXagent technology for market release

Consultation for Spirogen Ltd

  • During the second and third year of my PhD, Spirogen Ltd sought my advice on the design and development of targeted libraries against selected genes. Due to a strong background in organic chemistry, my creative suggestions were not only considered by the medicinal chemists, but realized

Supervision of final year projects

  • Throughout my Ph.D. I was responsible for final year B.Sc. students. In each case this involved: assisting in project management, development and completion

Tutoring undergraduate general chemistry classes



  • Programming experience in C, Fortran, and HTML code

  • Extensive use of AMBER and Gromacs modelling packages

  • Modelling software: MOLDEN, ISIS Draw, ChemDraw, MIDAS, Insight and WHATIF

  • Familiarity with Gaussian 98 theoretical computational package

  • Implementation and familiarity of Daylights chemoinformatic packages

  • Extensive use of several UNIX, MS and Linux operating systems

  • Web page design and development



  • My hobbies include: mountaineering, canoeing, cycling, skiing and scuba-diving

  • I thoroughly enjoy travel and have toured the USA and Europe on several occasions

References available upon request

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