When to Prune (Deciduous) Pruning will not…

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When to Prune

Pruning will not

Contain a plant which is too large for its site or correct spacing problems.

Slow a plant’s growth - in fact it accelerates growth and density.

Alter the overall form of a plant. If a plant wants to grow in a column you

cannot prune it to grow otherwise.
Spring-flowering trees and shrubs which should be pruned within

30 days after flowering.

Scientific name/ Common name

Amelanchier Shadblow

Berberis Barberry

Calycanthus Sweetshrub

Caragana Peashrub

Celastrus Bittersweet

Cercis Redbud

Chaenomeles Flowering quince

Chionanthus Fringetree

Cornus florida Flowering dogwood

Cornus kousa Kousa dogwood

Cornus mas Cornelian cherry

Cotinus coggygria Smoketree

Cotoneaster Cotoneaster

Crataegus Hawthorn

Deutzia Deutzia

Euonymus Winged spindle tree

Forsythia Forsythia

Kalmia latifolia Mountain laurel

Kolkwitzia amabilis Beautybush

Laburnum Laburnum

Ligustrum Privet

Scientific name/ Common name

Lindera Spicebush

Lonicera Honeysuckle

Magnolia Magnolia

Malus Crabapple

Philadelphus Mock orange

Pieris Andromeda

Prunus Flowering cherry and plum

Pyracantha Firethorn

Rhododendron Rhododendron and Azalea

Rhodotypos scandens Black jetbead

Ribes Currant

Rosa Climbers and shrub roses

Sorbus Mountain ash

Spiraea thunbergii Thunberg spirea

Spiraea x vanhouttei Vanhoutte spirea

Styrax japonica Japanese snowball

Syringa Lilac

Viburnum Viburnum

Weigela Weigela

Wisteria Wisteria

Summer-flowering trees and shrubs which should be pruned before spring growth begins.

Scientific name/ Common name

Abelia x grandiflora Glossy abelia

Acanthopanax Aralia

Albizia julibrissin Silk tree

Buddleia davidii Butterflybush

Callicarpa Beautyberry

Hydrangea arborescens Smooth hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata Pee Gee hydrangea


Scientific name /Common name

Hibiscus syriacus Shrub-althea

Hypericum St. Johnswort

Koelreuteria paniculata Goldenrain tree

Magnolia virginiana Sweet bay

Rhus Sumac

Rosa cvs. Hybrid tea roses

Sorbaria False-spirea

Stewartia Stewartia

Symphoricarpos Snowberry, Coralberry

Trees and shrubs which may be pruned both before and after bloom.
Scientific name / Common name

Cornus sericea Red-osier dogwood

Cotoneaster apiculatus Cranberry cotoneaster

Cotoneaster divaricatus Spreading cotoneaster

Cotoneaster multiflorus Many-flowered cotoneaster

Mahonia aquifolium Oregon hollygrape

Spiraea Spirea

Symphoricarpos albus Snowberry

Symphoricarpos x chenaultii Chenault coralberry



Knowing the common pruning mistakes helps gardeners avoid damaging plants when pruning.

Topping trees and shrubs is a major mistake. It results in a WITCHES' BROOM effect. Never cut all branches back to the same height.

Pruning causes buds to break. If pruning is done late in the growing season, the new shoots do not have adequate time to harden off for winter and dieback is likely.

Painting or putting pruning dressing on pruning cuts is unnecessary and may actually cause harm. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight are nature's disinfectant. The paint or dressing may seal in disease organisms and protect the organisms from the ultraviolet rays.

Making pruning cuts flush to the trunk destroys the tissue in the branch collar or ridge. This is the tissue that grows over the wound, sealing it naturally.

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