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The Chicago Tribune regularly recruits for the following positions in anticipation of openings. If interested, please send your resume, cover letter and examples of your work to the person identified in each job posting.



Watchdog reporters: The Chicago Tribune is a watchdog newspaper looking for great investigative reporters. Our staff is made up of rigorous and creative diggers at different points in their careers, from those who have a few years of experience to those with fat clip files. Our daily mission: hold government accountable, write stories that bring change, and quickly turn investigations that have real meaning for our readers in the city and across Chicago’s sprawling suburbs. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and clips to Deputy Managing Editor Peter Kendall


Graphics producers: The Chicago Tribune is looking for graphics producers to join the Editing & Presentation Department. Ideal candidates possess a strong journalism background and are as comfortable reporting a graphic as they are executing one in Adobe Illustrator and CSS/HTML. We value people who are idea machines, self-starters who can look at the news and generate visual ways to tell stories. It’s a fast-paced job with daily and long-term assignments on subjects from local, world and national news to business, sports and entertainment. Please send resume and clips to Graphics Editor Jonathon Berlin 


Computer-assisted reporters: The Chicago Tribune is seeking CAR journalists at different points in their careers. Candidates for these jobs should have proven watchdog skills and experience with every facet of story development, from filing Freedom of Information Act requests to finishing a polished draft of a newspaper story and its digital package. Clips should show proven results of this kind of work. A key part of the job is working with suburban reporters assigned to specific towns to present stories that can be told only by those with command of hard data. Our CAR journalists also will look independently for enterprise stories and will have the opportunity to work on other projects with seasoned database reporters and the Tribune’s News Apps team. Interested candidates should apply to Deputy Managing Editor Peter Kendall 
Digital news editors: is looking for producers with top-notch news judgment and a keen sense of the wants and needs of our online audience. Candidates must work with all editorial departments and broadcast partners; come up with the best ways to highlight stories, blog posts, photos, video and other content online; and write excellent headlines and summaries. They also must have strong multitasking skills, the ability to adapt to and implement new technology, proven social media skills, and a track record of promoting content on Facebook and Twitter. This position includes night and weekend hours. Interested candidates should apply to Editor Ben Estes
Editors/designers: The Chicago Tribune is looking for versatile, energetic copy and design editors to join its Editing & Presentation Department. Copy editing at the Tribune encompasses a range of material: You might start the day editing suburban news, then move to a TV review, handle a corporate earnings report, then wrap up with a story out of Afghanistan. Design assignments include working with reporters, photographers and graphic artists to lay out pages for all sections of the paper, including metro, national and foreign, business, sports and features/entertainment. Candidates must have experience with page design and editing, including headline writing. The ideal candidate has at least two years of newspaper experience. Requirements include top-notch editing skills, speed and a willingness to pitch in wherever needed. Design editors will be able to conceive and execute strong visual presentations with graphic/pagination applications, providing thoughtful organization, aesthetic impact and utility for our readers. Please send a cover letter and resume to Associate Managing Editor/Editing & Presentation Joe Knowles 


News Apps developers: The Chicago Tribune is seeking experienced Web developers who can help build sites for the Tribune and Tribune Media Group. We’re looking for people with a passion for code and getting things done, people who like having a problem to solve. On the News Apps team, you will help research, design and build online news products. You will be a generalist working in the newsroom: sometimes working with users or reporters, sometimes writing HTML and CSS, sometimes coding in Python, PHP or JavaScript, and sometimes working on servers. You will work with a group of talented, passionate folks who enjoy making websites and software. We have short deadlines, so we work iteratively and try to work closely with our users and stakeholders. We build good stuff fast, and you will have the opportunity to become a better programmer. You will refine your tools and try out bleeding-edge Web technologies. Required: Git, HTML5, CSS3, SASS and Responsive Design, JavaScript, including CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Underscore.js and jQuery. Preferred skills: Five to 10 years of Web development experience, WordPress and PHP, Python and Django; Amazon Web Services: EC2, S3, RDS; Linux/Ubuntu server administration: Apache, Nginx and Varnish. Contact Vice President/Digital Bill Adee  


Photojournalists: The Chicago Tribune is recruiting two-year residents in photojournalism. Our ideal applicant is an outstanding photographer with strong reporting skills, finely honed storytelling abilities, and a creator of images that inform, surprise and delight.  The pace is demanding, and we expect creative, relevant photography under challenging circumstances. Residents get the same assignments as veteran photojournalists. The residency will concentrate on news photography, as well as features and sports, so an applicant’s portfolio should contain work of that nature, as well as photo stories and/or essays that demonstrate visual storytelling ability. Video expertise will be strongly considered when we select finalists. We look for talented, working daily newspaper journalists who have been in the business for some time and who seek the opportunity for professional growth in a large metropolitan market. Portfolios must be submitted on CDs or via websites. There is no limit on the number of photos you submit, but please be aware that we value tight editing. Because accurate, concise writing is a must, relevant caption material should accompany all work. Note: A portfolio based solely on art photography will not be considered. Interested candidates should apply to Director of Photography and Video Todd Panagopoulos  


Interns: The Chicago Tribune’s 12-week paid internship program seeks college juniors, seniors and graduate students. To be eligible, candidates must have at least one internship at a daily news organization other than the college paper. Interns will work 40 hours a week and must be able to, and often do, cover major stories their first days on the job. Opportunities will be considered in all newsroom departments: graphics, copy editing/design, photography, editorial, metro, breaking news, sports, business and features. Send your cover letter, resume, work samples and the names of at least two professional and one school reference to Managing Editor Jane Hirt, who is attending the 2012 NABJ convention. Please specify whether you’re interested in a fall, winter, spring or summer internship.


Residents: The Chicago Tribune offers two-year residencies in the following areas: reporting, editing/design, photography and graphics. Residents are an integral part of the editorial department, city and suburban, doing the same quality work and receiving the same medical benefits as other members of the staff. This is not a training program. We look for talented, working daily newspaper journalists who have been in the business for some time and who seek the opportunity for professional growth in a large metropolitan market. On occasion, college graduates with at least three strong daily newspaper internships, including at the Tribune, also might be given consideration. Start dates occur throughout the year. Applicants should send a cover letter, resume, writing clips or portfolio (graphics, photography) and the names of at least three professional references to Managing Editor Jane Hirt

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