Warner/chappell music, inc. We Are Tonight Beeson/Josh Osborne/Hunt

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We Are Tonight

Beeson/Josh Osborne/Hunt
Vs 1

Summer comin' through the rolled down windows

Tearin' down an almost 2 lane back road

Freedom and fireflies in the air...

Vs 2

The nights still young never gonna get old

Livin' for today like there's no tomorrow

Follow the groove the tires in the tracks

Stayin' on the gas like we're never comin' back...

It's a Friday night it's a small town girl

Everything is right and we rule the world

2 twelves in my truck back beating

A bunch of rock stars on a riverbank singing

Everything Everything we wanna be We are

We are We are We are We are tonight...
Vs 3

Swayin' back n forth can't you feel the music

Time stands still I don't wanna lose it

Her tan Her touch Her laugh

Flyin' so high like we're never gonna crash...

Toes in the grass with our hands up high

Dreamin' as big as the midnight sky

So untamed and so alive

Whoa whoa

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