Veronica Lambert, PhD, bns (Hons), rcn, rgn

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Veronica Lambert, PhD, BNS (Hons), RCN, RGN


Dr Veronica Lambert is a Lecturer in Children’s and General Nursing at the School of Nursing, Dublin City University. Prior to this appointment Veronica worked as a Nurse Tutor and Clinical Education Facilitator at the Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street. Veronica recently completed her PhD studies at the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies Trinity College Dublin. In her PhD research (partly funded by a National Children’s Strategy Research Scholarship from the Office of the Minister for Children) Veronica undertook an ethnographic inquiry to explore the nature of communication between children and health professionals, from children's perspectives, in a specialist children's hospital setting. The unique contribution of Veronica's thesis was the development of a multi-theoretical communication model entitled the Child Transitional Communication (CTC) Model. Veronica’s presentation will focus on some of these theoretical debates.

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