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Text Complexity Analysis of

Cricket In Times Square

By George Seldan

Recommended Complexity Band: Upper 4th grade

Text Description

Briefly describe the text: Story of Chester Cricket, Tucker Mouse, Harry Cat and Boy Mario who are friends in Times Square. Comical tale of friends and life experience where they try to come up with a plan to help save Mario’s parents from bankruptcy of their newsstand.

Qualitative Measures

Meaning/Purpose: (Briefly explain the levels of meaning (Literary Text) or purpose (Informational text)

Very complex –Literary text meaning has multiple levels of meaning that is implicitly written and may be difficult. Several themes may be interpreted and imagery

Possible Themes:

* Multicultural Friendships

*Life Experience

Text Structure: (Briefly describe the structure, organization, and other features of the text)

Very complex

Organization- Very Complex-organization subplots, time shifts

Graphics very few graphics in black and white pgs 416, 421,423, 427

Language Features: (Briefly describe the conventions and clarity of the language used in the text, including the complexity of the vocabulary and sentence structures.)

Very complex- Conventionality abstract figurative language, unfamiliar language and sentence structure

Conventionality: complex contains figurative language

Onomatopoeia-pg 412 “psst! he whispered”

Alliteration- pg 415 Tuckers nest was a jumble of papers

Vocabulary: somewhat complex sometimes unfamiliar, multiple meaning

Pg.419- forlomly pg.425 – leery, venturing

Pg.424 -scornfully Pg.412- scuffling, peered pg 412-darted

pg 414- haunches, jumble, willow tree, liverwurst, eavesdropping

pg 417- logical, tuffets pg 418-swallow, shifted, subway

pg 419-crouching, Times Square, forlornly, chirp, faint, spring

pg 420-forepaws, acquaintance, looming, hind, meadow

Sentence structure very complex passive voice complex declarative sentence

pg 419 - He dove headfirst into the matchbox

HE- is a personal pronoun and subject of sentence.

DOVE- is the past tense irregular verb.

HEADFISRT - is adverb describing how he dove

INTO MATCHBOX - is prepositional phrase
Knowledge Demands: (Briefly describe the knowledge demands the text requires of students.)

Very complex- Experiences may be uncommon to readers

Life Experiences explores themes life in America 50 years ago. Use of subway life experiences varying levels.

Quantitative Measure

Complexity Band Level (provide range):


Lexile or Other Quantitative Measure of the Text:


Considerations for Reader and Task

Below are factors to consider with respect to the reader and task (See attached guiding questions to assist each teacher in filling out this section for his or her own class):

Potential Challenges this Text Poses:

Cognitive Capabilities: will the reader pay close attention to read text and make connections

Reading Skills- Need inference skill and visualization

Motivation Skills: will they understand the purpose

Prior Knowledge-do they have prior knowledge and experience with genre

Illustrations Black and white sketches

Dialogue difficult to follow

Major Instructional Areas of Focus (3-4 CCS Standards) for this Text:

RL 4.2 Determine Theme

RL 4.3 Describe Character

RL 4.4 Determine Meaning of words/phrases

Differentiation/Supports for Students

Read Aloud, vocabulary frontloading, chunking for focus, pre-reading strategies, background information, help make connections, read alouds, inferences and visualize

Recommended Placemat: Briefly explain the recommended placement of the text in a particular grade band.

This selection is recommended for an upper Fourth Grade level due to the complexity and the text structure, the story line and the use of vocabulary. It is recommended for mid year in fourth grade.

Created by: Maria Silva, Maria Ruvalcaba, Luis Alvarado Reviewed by:

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