Trials and Punishments

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R A Duff

After undergraduate and postgraduate education at Oxford, and a year as a visiting lecturer in Seattle, Antony Duff taught in the Philosophy Department at the University of Stirling from 1970 until 2009; he remains attached to the Department as Professor Emeritus.

His research has for the last thirty years been focused primarily on the philosophy of criminal law. He has published widely on penal theory (Trials and Punishments, 1986; Punishment, Communication and Community, 2001); on the structure and principles of criminal liability (Intention, Agency and Criminal Liability, 1990; Criminal Attempts, 1996; Answering for Crime, 2007); and on the criminal trial (The Trial on Trial (3): Towards a Normative Theory of the Criminal Trial (co-authored), 2007). He is now working, with three colleagues, on a four-year interdisciplinary project on Criminalization, which aims to explore the principles that should guide a liberal political community in deciding both what kinds of conduct should be criminalized and how its criminal law should be structured.

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