Title: Greenstream – The first 100% lng powered Barge, Maiden Voyage into Germany

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Title: Greenstream – The first 100% LNG Powered Barge, Maiden Voyage into Germany.

Duration: 02:33 minutes


Three speakers explaining the advantages of a fully LNG powered barge.

Greenstream – The first 100% LNG Powered Barge, Maiden Voyage into Germany. Transcript

[Background music plays]

Bright, cheerful music.

[Text displays]

Greenstream – The first 100% LNG powered barge.

Maiden voyage in Germanz.

[Video Footage]

Video footage of speaker standing at the water’s edge in front of a large green barge.

[Martin Van Veen]

Freight Trading Manager

[Martin Van Veen]

What we are doing here today is that we are celebrating the maiden voyage of the first 100% LNG tanker into Germany. LNG stands for liquefied natural gas and LNG is a much cleaner fuel than for example diesel.

[Video Footage]

Flag flying from barge. Shot of two people on raised platform looking down. Different shots of workers around barge. Side view of green barge with name Greeenstream, Rotterdam, pans to different view of same barge.

[Text displays]

Interstream Barging BV

Liesette Rietsma

There is a lot of LNG in the environment so it will be the fuel of the future.

[Animated sequence]

Moving letters on white screen resolving to form the word design in red. Then speaker standing at water’s edge next to barge, changes to view of water from inside barge.

[Herold Williamson]

Executive Officer, Peters Shipyards

[Herold Williamson]

When we started engineers were always saying, oh, that’s not possible. If it was not possible we shouldn’t have ever reached the moon. Everything is new, the trimming of the first one, the design of the first one, environmental issues, the interior. There is not one system which is not new.

[Video footage]

Moving letters on white screen resolving to form the word results in red. Then external view of barge moving through the water, switching to internal views of engine room on board.

Herold Williamson

We now have two months’ experience, two, three months’ experience with the vessel and we can clearly see that it’s performing outstandingly, better than we had in mind. We have many success factors of course, first of all is the trim, that is how easily the vessel is going through the water, that’s outstanding. Secondly is of course the environmental issues; reducing particles was 99% and NOx, 80, 90 per cent. And thirdly there’s the noise; the noise level is 38 dBa and that is very low. It’s more than half compared to a diesel engine. One captain said to me I started to appreciate the vessel when I had to spend two days on a diesel boat, and he said I’m glad that tomorrow I’m going back to the Greenstream; so that’s the best compliment.

[Video footage]

View of river from inside barge. Herold Williamson talking on camera. Large pipes. Control panel. Exterior side shot of Greenstream. Interior control panel.

[Animated sequence]

Moving letters on white screen resolving to form words driving innovation in red. Switches to video footage of barge on the water.

[Martin Van Veen]

What innovation means to me is that you make an extra step; it’s not just thinking in the normal process but shows that when you come together as an industry there are a lot of things that you can do. If you just continue with just working on the old ways of working then you’re not going to get anywhere. With this ship we can actually show that if you make an effort and come into the market as a first mover you are able to make some big changes.

[Liesette Rietsma]

I am working for approximately 30 years in the inland tanker barge market and this is the first really new thing happened in those 30 years.

[Herold Willamson]

People were saying is this the vessel of the future; no, it’s the vessel of today. The future is already here today.

[Cideo footage]

Video footage of barge on the water fades into a white screen with Shell logo.

[Text displays]

Shell International 2013.

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