This is a play/ assembly script originally written for a Y2 class as part of a topic on The Earth and Space. It contains parts for 20 children but more parts could be added as necessary

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This is a play/ assembly script originally written for a Y2 class as part of a topic on The Earth and Space. It contains parts for 20 children but more parts could be added as necessary.
The First Moon Landing 1969
Teacher: introduce story……..personal memories of that day in 1969.

Characters: family sitting around TV. 7

Houston Control Centre scientists 8

TV Reporters 3

Astronauts: Neil Armstrong, Michael (Buzz) Aldrin
Family watching TV
1st child Is it on yet Mummy?
Mother I think the programme is about to start. This is going to be a

very special day in history. For the first time men will walk

on the moon.
2nd child Who are they?
Daddy They are Americans, from the United States. Their names

are Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. They are going to be

very famous.
3rd child Are they the first men to go up in space Aunty Jane?
Aunt Jane Oh no, the first man in space was a Russian called Yuri

Gagarin. He orbited the Earth in a rocket called Vostok in

1961. He was very famous.
Uncle John: Actually the very first thing to go up in a rocket into space

wasn’t a man at all. It was a dog called Laika. The Russians

sent a dog into space in 1957 to see if it could be done.
3rd child: Is this the first time Americans have gone into space?

Mummy No, the Americans have sent up space ships before with

men in them but they have never tried to land on the moon

before. It’s quite dangerous.
Three children together: Why aren’t they going to Mars?
Daddy: Because the moon is closer. Mars and the other planets

are too far away and it would take a very long time to get

Uncle John Quiet now, the programme is starting.
Three TV reporters enter (holding ‘microphones’)
1st reporter We are coming to you live from Houston Space Centre

today, July 20th 1969. It’s a beautiful day and everyone

is just praying that all will be well for these brave men.

The whole world is holding its breath!..........(insert 2nd

reporter’s name here)
2nd reporter Thanks (insert 1st reporter’s name here)……That’s right.

Today man will land on the moon in the area known as

Tranquillity Base….. What a day!

(insert 3rd reporter’s name here)

3rd reporter Thanks (2nd reporter’s name here). We have just heard

from Mission Control that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

are in the landing module called Eagle and they are going

down onto the surface of the moon as we speak. Michael

Collins of course is staying in the main space ship. So the

two men are on their way…………(2nd reporter’s name)

2nd reporter That’s right (insert 3rd repoerter’s name here) History is

about to be made.

I’m getting some information here……… (holds finger to

ear) Right….right….good….. Let’s go over to Houston

Mission Control.

Mission Control

Scientists are sitting down at monitor screens (boxes) or with ear phones on)
1st scientist Apollo 11 moon ship………. engine systems go.
2nd scientist Check.
3rd scientist Oxygen levels stable.
2nd scientist Check.
4th scientist Break functions firing. Slowing down now.
2nd scientist Check.
5th scientist Fuel levels, how much fuel do they have?
6th scientist Very low…..this is very bad….they only have 30 seconds

fuel left…this could be a disaster!

2nd scientist Monitoring fuel levels, should we abort?
7th scientist No, too late for that, there’s no going back now ……..going

8th scientist: Coming down nicely……. 100 metres…….lights on……..50

metres…….kicking up some dust……. 20 metres ……faint

shadow…….drifting to the right a little ……….. OK…….and

they’re down!
Neil Armstrong: (from side of stage) : Engine off Houston.
3rd scientist: We copy you down Eagle.
Neil Armstrong: Houston……… Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has


4th scientist Roger Tranquillity. We copy you on the ground. We’ve

got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing

again. Thanks a lot.

(Scientists all jump around in excitement and hug and shake hands………..the family all jump up and hug each other, Daddy and Uncle shake hands!)
Aunt Jane: Sit down, let’s watch! This is so exciting!
Child 1: Why are only two of them landing on the moon Mummy?
Mummy: One of them has to stay in the main ship Apollo.

Michael Collins is the pilot so he is the one who must stay


Daddy: That’s right: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin will have to

get back to Apollo 11 later on.

Child 2: Is it dangerous?
Uncle John: Of course, very dangerous. There is no air on the moon so

they oxygen packs on their backs so they can breathe.

Look, they are coming down the steps now……..
Enter Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, making slow, high steps as they walk on the moon. One of them carries an American flag. Play national anthem of the United States……………..fade out
Neil Armstrong: That’s one small step for a man …….one giant leap for

Buzz Aldrin: I can see craters and fine dust all around me. It all

looks kind of grey to me. I can see the earth in the

sky………! ……….beautiful, just beautiful!

Neil Armstrong: Get your camera out Buzz. This will be one for the


Buzz Aldrin: I feel like I am floating when I take a step. It

feels strange to walk when there is very little


They both move round very slowly taking photos.
Scientist 2: Everything looking fine. OK Neil and Buzz, time to

begin your investigations. Time is running out. Don’t

go too far away!
Scientist 1: Check oxygen levels.
Buzz: Check………..Oxygen pack full.
Neil: Check, I am fine to go Houston.

1st reporter: Neil and Buzz are collecting rock samples so we can

find out what the moon is really made of.

2nd reporter: My grandmother always told me the moon is made of

1st reporter: Good one …………..mine told me there is a man in the

moon, well now there are two!
3rd reporter: The test they are doing now is interesting. They are

going to drop a hammer and a feather to see what

Teacher explains and shows what happens when we drop these things on the earth. The hammer lands first.

Neil and Buzz show what happened when they dropped them on the moon, they both landed at the same time because there is no air on the moon to slow the feather down. (air friction)
4th scientist: Time to get back guys. You have been there for over

two hours. Good luck! …….


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