The Tower of Babel

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The Tower of Babel

After the flood there were only eight people left on the earth. Noah and his wife, their three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japeth and their wives.

As the years passed babies were born. 

These babies grew up to have babies of their own.

Soon the earth was once more full of people.

GOD had wanted the people to spread out and cover the earth.

But some of the people wanted to do things their own way. 

They gathered together in cities to live.

Once more people forgot about GOD and His laws.

People began to look to men as their leaders instead of GOD.

Nimrod was one such man.

Nimrod was the son of Cush, who was the son of Ham, who was the son of Noah.

Nimrod was a good hunter.

Many people were impressed by his strength and daring.

People began to look to Nimrod for protection, instead of GOD.

Nimrod liked this. He wanted people to do things his way.

He wanted people to forget about the true GOD.

Nimrod wanted to be the most powerful ruler in the land.

Nimrod didn't worship the true GOD.

He wanted people to worship false gods.

He decided to build a temple to the sun god.

He wanted to build the temple so high that it would reach up into the heaven.

Nimrod wanted the people to work together, but he wanted them to do it for the wrong reason.

Nimrod wanted a world built on get, not give, and Nimrod wanted to be the leader of th

GOD looked at all the bad things Nimrod was doing and decided that He would put a stop to it.

GOD knew that if He didn't stop Nimrod, man would soon developed weapons that would lead to worldwide destruction.

If GOD didn't do something man would end up killing himself and destroying the earth.

In those days everyone spoke the same language. They all understood one another.

But GOD changed that by performing a miracle.

He made it so that the people spoke many different languages.

Now they couldn't understand one another.

People couldn't let others know what they wanted, or needed.

They couldn't work together.

The building of the temple came to a stop.

From then on out the temple was called Babel, meaning 'confusion'.

Soon those who spoke the same language found one another and moved off to live together.

This was GOD'S way of scattering them throughout the earth.

Noah was seven hundred years old when GOD confused the languages of the people living in Babylon.

Because Noah had obeyed GOD, GOD blessed Noah.

Noah became a farmer and lived for many more years.

Noah was nine hundred and fifty years old when he died.

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