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Six quirky friends band together to bring you fun, dancy, riff driven industrial music. Since their inception in 2000, this Arizona based band has produced four full length CDs, and received massive acclaim from promoters, journalists, and fans across the globe with their catchy, aggressive hits. The Strand’s music gets airplay in numerous gothic and industrial clubs worldwide and has appeared in a variety of magazines, websites, and independent movies. Featured on five nationally distributed compilations, they have launched from being a small home-based production into the ears and eyes of industrial fans across the globe. They have supported several national acts, and performed on the main stage at Convergence 11 2005, as well as the main stage at the Dark Arts Festival in Salt Lake City 2004 and 2007.
The band does not take the conventional techno approach when bringing the music to a live scenario. Instead, a majority of the music is performed live with a drummer, four keyboardists, male and female vocals. If you have not seen a live performance by The Strand, it is really something to consider checking out. Currently the band is booking a Midwest tour for May of 2008 to promote their new Destroyers CD which will be released just before the tour.
The Strand Live Lineup is:

Dave Strand – Vocals

Laura McQuaig – Vocals and Keys

Scott Levy – Keys

Steve Laskarides – Keys
Elias Lewter - Keys

Bryon Anderson – Drums






The Strand is a six piece band based out of Chandler, Arizona whose music ranges from industrial dance, to EBM, and industrial rock.

Over the past ten years The Strand has released 3 full length albums as well as one Remix CD, and has been featured on several independent movies and compilation CDs.  The Strand has been lucky enough to open for many amazing bands including VNV Nation, Covenant, And One, Dismantled, Thrill Kill Kult, Voltaire, and many more, as well as performing on the main stage at many festivals including the SLC Dark Arts Festival two times, Convergance 11, and the Wild Wild West Con in 2011.

The Strand continues to book shows and performs, while working on their fourth full length album, currently untitled.

A not brief history of The Strand:

The Strand is an Arizona based industrial group. Dave Strand formed the band in 1999. The current band members include Laura McQuaig, Bryon Anderson, Elias Lewter, Scott Levy, Dave Strand, and Steve Laskarides. The Strand’s style varies from industrial dance, EBM, electro-industrial, and industrial rock.


Founding member David Levy started creating music on his Amiga computer in the early 1990’s in Vernon Hills, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. His project was called The Strand. His songwriting was heavily influenced by the industrial music coming from the Wax Trax record label in Chicago. In 1999 Dave moved to Arizona and took the stage name, Dave Strand. Shortly after, the Strand was officially created. The Strand’s first members were Dave Strand, Randall Hampton, Kimberly Brown, Steve Laskarides, Neal Parker, Scott Levy, and Jeremy Reich.


The Strand’s first demo two and three song CD was produced and circulated among local industrial music fans. An eight song demo, “Digging in the Trench” was sold online in 1999. In 2000, “In the Trench”, their first full-length CD was released. Their CD release and debut performance took place around this time at the Power Plant in Phoenix, Arizona. The Strand went big with their first live stage performance which included electronic and acoustic drums, keyboards, costumes and video projection. In 2000 Randall Hampton left the band amiably to pursue other ventures.


Between the years 2000-2004, the Strand continued to build their fan base and performed in the southwest US. They supported several renowned touring bands including: VNV Nation, And One, Assemblage 23, Covenant, Dismantled, Imperative Reaction, and the Azoic. Neal Parker, the drummer, left the band in 2003 and was replaced by Bryon Anderson. During this time they gained the sponsorship of Trash City Entertainment. They were then able to release two more CDs in 2004; a remix album featuring the work of esteemed industrial musicians and their second full-length CD titled “Diatom”.


In 2005 the Strand played the main stage at Convergence 11. In 2007 they were featured on the main stage at the Dark Arts Festival in Salt Lake City. Shortly after, female vocalist, Kimberly left the band to pursue her education.


In the fall of 2007 the band recruited Laura McQuaig as their new female vocalist. During the female vocalist auditions, keyboardist Jeremy Reich left the Strand. Elias Lewter, former band member of the Marbles and Dubok joined the band as a replacement. Shortly after the Strand’s third full-length CD, “Destroyers of that which is destroyed and rulers of that which is not destroyed” was released. The release featured vocals by Laura McQuaig as well as Kimberly Brown. The band went on their first official multi-state tour in 2008 performing in several Midwest states. In 2008 they performed at the Oscillation Festival held in New Mexico. The Strand stumbled into a genre they didn’t know existed post-2008 when their costume design for their multi-state tour earned them mention in the Steampunk genre. Thanks to that exposure they performed as direct support for Voltaire at the Wild Wild West Con (Steampunk Convention also featuring Abney Park) in 2011. The Strand continues to book shows and is working on their fourth full-length album.

Current Band Members

  • Dave Strand (1992-present) Vocals

  • Laura McQuaig (2007-present) Vocals and Keyboards

  • Elias Lewter (2007-present) Keyboards

  • Scott Levy (1999-present) Keyboards

  • Steve Laskarides (1999-present) Keyboards

  • Bryon Anderson (2003-present) Drums

Former Band Members

  • Jeremy Reich (1999-2007) Keyboards

  • Kimberly Brown (1999-2007) Vocals and Keyboards

  • Neal Parker (1999-2003) Drums

  • Randall Hampton (1999-2000) Sound FX

  • Esmeralda Villalobos (2007) Vocals

Other Contributors

  • Seth Ludeman – Keyboards, Guitars, and live assistance for 2006 tour.

  • Dean Barbella – Spoken word on song Apparent Disaster

  • Sarah Hudson – Vocals on song Deceived


04/02/2011_Scottdale, Arizona: Mustache Massacre w/ The Strand, Ikonoklast, Hardwire, Element A440 and Sinister Ego

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04/09/2010_ The Venue of Scottsdale: Zombie Ball with DJ Chris Vrenna, The Strand, Evolution of the Kill, DJ Squalor, DJ Dark Mark
12/16/2009_ The Marquee Theater: Nitzer Ebb, Bella Lune, The Strand, Audra, Vid1 Vid2 Vid3
10/24/2009_ The Venue of Scottsdale:Access Zero, The Strand, Laconic, Loren Battle, The Crush, B4theH8, Covine, Killing Spree
09/26/2009_ Chasers: The Strand, Imperative Reaction, Mono No Aware, Psyclon Nine, *Sadisco, Images Video
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11/22/2008_ Chasers: Hardwire, Strand, Ikonoklast, American Gods, Spetsnaz, Obscenity Trial, Premeditated Light, Images Vid1 Vid2
11/01/2008_ Madison Event Center in Phoenix, AZ Grave 1NF3KT3D feat The Strand, MKIO Images
10/30/2008_ The Rogue in Scottsdale, AZ The Strand, Treasure Mammal, Talk Fiction Images
10/19/2008_ Super Villain Photoshoot by Broken Image Photography Images
10/11/2008_ The Cell at Oscillation, NM: The Strand, Vertigo Venus, Brian Botkiller, Diverge, Echoing Green, Raine Vivian Images
08/16/2008_ The Stray Cat Bar in Tempe, AZ: The Strand, Gat_Rot, Swell Chemistry Images
08/09/2008_ Congress Hotel in Tuscon, AZ: The Strand, Regenerator, DJ Mindbender Images
06/21/2008_ Bar Sinister in Hollywood, CA: The Strand, Access Zero Images
06/14/2008_ *CD RELEASE “Destroyers” Chasers in Scottsdale, AZ: Mankind is Obsolete, Ikonoklast, Zombeast Images
06/06/2008_ Misty’s Hideaway in Albuquerque, NM: The Strand, Diverge, Vertigo Venus Images
05/17/2008_ Rock Room in Pittsburgh, PA: The Strand, Mankind is Obsolete, Debutante, Pretty Images
05/16/2008_ The High Five in Columbus, OH: The Strand, Mankind is Obsolete, Stygios Images
05/15/2008_ Lord Ashley’s in Indianapolis, IN: The Strand, Mankind is Obsolete, I_Exist Images
05/14/2008_ Ground Xero in Springfield, MO: The Strand Images
05/13/2008_ House of Bricks in Des Moines, IA: The Strand, Mankind is Obsolete, World Under, Knucklebone Images
05/12/2008_ The Annex in Madison, WI: The Strand, The Gothsicles Images
05/11/2008_ Spot 6 in Chicago, IL: The Strand, Cyanotic, Psychomantia, ad_ver_sary Images
05/10/2008_ The Garage in Burnsville, MN: The Strand, Rawflcopter, Fallen Phoenix, No Hope For the Fallen Images
04/13/2008_ Chasers, Local Arizona Concert: The Strand, Brian Botkiller, Vertigo Venus, Bella Lune Images
04/05/2008_ Alex’s House, Local Arizona Concert: Alex’s private House Party, Featuring The Strand and DJ Jon Images
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01/19/2008_ Steampunk Photoshoot by Lixx and Inobla Images
01/12/2008_ Chasers, Local Arizona Concert: The Strand, Hardwire, Ikonoklast, Zin Forge, The Autopsy Report, Images, Vid1, Vid2, Vid3
Kimberly Brown and Jeremy Reich exit The Strand, Elias Lewter and Laura McQuaig join the band.
06/29/2007_ Chasers, Local Arizona Concert: The Strand, Hardwire, Alter Der Ruin, Acidica, Images
06/08/2007_ Area 51, SLC Dark Arts Festival, UT: Red Flag, Cylab, M Symphony, M Clay, C Files, V Ventriloquist, T Black… Images
03/03/2007_ Barnone, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, N17, Selfless, Ikonoklast, Acidica, DJ Darksouldealer, Images
09/22/2006_ Marquee Theater, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Nitzer Ebb, Image
08/25/2006_ Chasers, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Army of Robots, Hardwire, Devi, Images
08/19/2006_ Bar Sinister, CA Lineup: The Strand, Tommy T, Images
08/18/2006_ Club Caution, CA Lineup: The Strand, Falling You, The Stellar Corpses, Images
08/12/2006_ The Cell, NM Lineup: The Strand, Sang Rael, Random Access Memory, Images
04/15/2006_ Big Daddy’s, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Jim’s Roast
03/31/2006_ The Sets, Arizona: Twin Towaz, Refreshments, Haffo, S to Breathe, Cover Ups, Mourning Maxwell, Conscious Collective
02/24/2006_ Chasers, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Random Access Memory, Diverge, Noise Process, V_Machine, Images
02/24/2006_ Post Apocalyptic Green Goggles Photoshoot by Lixx and Inobla, Images
01/14/2006_ Chasers, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, God Module (cxl), V_Machine, Ikonoklast, Mankind is Obsolete, Images, Videos,
12/11/2005_ Anti Space, Arizona, Lineup: Hardwire, DJ Amanda Jones, DJ Kentifyr, DJ Nixx, DJ a0n, DJ AKA, DJ DSD, Images
10/29/2005_ Chasers, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Element A440, Imperative Reaction, Mankind is Obsolete, Ikonoklast, Images
06/04/2005_ Chasers, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, The Iris, Army of Robots, Hardwire, Images
04/23/2005_ 4th and B, CA Lineup: The Azoic, M in the Garden, Ego Likeness, Shaolin Punk, More Machine, Ego Likeness… Images
*Early 2005_ Nocturnal Radio Interview, Audio
10/29/2004_ The Sets, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Radiance, Smee, The Cover Ups
10/15/2004_ Launchpad, NM Lineup: The Strand, Images
10/01/2004_ P.I., Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, The Endparty, R.A.M., A0n, Images
06/30/2004_ Mason Jar, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Dismantled, Images
06/27/2004_ Area51, UT: Human Drama, Last Dance, Cesium_137, Azoic, GRP, Bella Morte… Images
06/05/2004_ The Sets, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Edge SNL, Images
05/29/2004_ Mason Jar, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Untold Dream, Silence of Sound, Sect Seven, Images
04/24/2004_ The Sets, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Siren, Retarded French Kiss, Images
04/21/2004_ P.I., Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Imperative Reaction, [a0n] Images
03/24/2004_ *CD RELEASE “Diatom” and “RMX01″ P.I., Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, DJ AKA, DJ Azoic, Images
02/29/2004_ Living room photo shoot Images
11/07/2003_ Fort McDowell, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, ZO:08 Stock, Mudflap
11/01/2003_ Mason Jar, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Flesh Fair, Autopsy Report, Blister
08/16/2003_ The Clubhouse, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, DeSade, Army of Robots, Images
05/03/2003_ Ten in One, NM Lineup: The Strand, Blacklight Zebras, RAM, Army of Robots, Images
04/09/2003_ Bash on Ash, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Assemblage 23, The Azoic, Images
Neal Parker exits The Strand, Bryon Anderson comes on as the new drummer.
10/17/2002_ Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, DJ Maji, Per Somnia
09/14/2002_ United States National Guard Armory, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Botbash 2002, Images
05/03/2002_ Big Fish Pub, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Prophet7:13, Hardwire, Blemish
03/30/2002_ Bash on Ash, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Army of Robots, Radio Free America, Images
03/02/2002_ Urbana Productions, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Maruma
12/17/2001_ Cajun House, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Nihil, Hardwire, Images
04/23/2001_ The Nile, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Covenant, And One
04/12/2001_ The Pulse, NM Lineup: The Strand, Govinda, Images
03/23/2001_ Sandrella’s, CA Lineup: The Strand, Mazzoii
Randall Hampton exits The Strand.
11/25/2000_ Bash on Ash, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, LVX Occvlta, Formula, God.Net, Images
11/22/2000_ Bash on Ash, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, VNV Nation, Yolibet
10/31/2000_ Mason Jar, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Second Skin, Images
08/02/2000_ *CD RELEASE “In The Trench” Power Plant, Arizona, Lineup: The Strand, Images
Dave Strand forms the original lineup, Kimberly Brown, Neal Parker, Steve Laskarides, Scott Levy, Randall Hampton and Jeremy Reich.

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