Suzuki Speaks Fragmentation

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Suzuki Speaks


-breaking connections leads to a loss of place.

-Shattering of the world by the internet and media

-Disconnect with information leads to a sense of helplessness

-No longer part of a larger community

-technology has brought us closer (in distance)

-Information overload…difficult to comprehend


-we have altered the world by our numbers, our technology, consumption, and we created our own habitat.

-Only species able to physically alter our environment.

-Itch for POWER!!! Over each other, our environment and “weaker” species.


- We are air: linked together by the air we share.

- lungs ½ filled with air

-30 000 000 000 000 000 Argon molecules in each breath of air: traceable to determine it is the same air that we all breathe.


-Humans are 60% water.

-70% of the earth is water.

-Our bodies are able to maintain a constant water requirement to tell our bodies when we are thirsty, i.e. to replenish.

-What we do to water we do to ourselves…pollution.


-Soil keeps us alive: growth of food.

-thin layer of the earth is soil.


-All energy originates from sunlight.

-Fires come from the sun: fossil fuels

-Plants change the air: no fire without oxygen.

-Plants need light (sun) to grow.


-Millions of years ago poisons in the atmosphere prevented life from thriving.

-Without life there is nothing to filter water.

-No life means no food

-Plants change the air so animals can live.


-Love, clean air, soil , water, energy (food).

- Humans are animals.

-We need to know we came from nature.

-love enables us to care and empathize

-We need something to believe in, even if it is science.

-We find comfort in nature.


-Earth makes the economy possible

-13 trillion dollars to do what nature does for free.

-Externalizes the real world and causes people to ignore the earth: money becomes more important than saving the planet.

-Whenever we destroy something it costs more money to fix it.

-source of everything that matters.


-We are past the 59th minute (out of 60).

-We are “suicidal” in terms of our population growth.

-We are living with the illusion of abundance.

-Overpopulation leading to no sustainable pop.


-Market puts value on things that are really not valuable, i.e. home values vs sentimental value.


-It is NEVER too late.

-Hope can get us through this time.


-Youth is the future

-Bad political role models

-Responsibility needs to be back on the adults.

-Good role models: Bono, Dali-Lama, Craig Keilberger, Mandela.

-Grownups need to create the strong healthy future for the youth to maintain as they become adults.

-Youth rely a lot on “stuff” to make them happy.

-Technology is no substitute for the real world: disconnected.


-We feel alienated and alone.

-When we die we return to nature: everything is made of atoms…all related.

-By rediscovering the earth and other we can find a sense of belonging.

Suzuki’s message:
- Humans are the only ones that can control how they interact with the world and most often they take advantage of the earth by overusing and over consuming. -Use your head.

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