Some ideas from other projects of how to use Voip in mmorpg

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Some ideas from other projects of how to use VoIP in MMORPG

There is some prior work and ongoing research on the communicational aspect of MMOs. It is not very uncommon that there are both many theoretical and technical reports on the subject of VoIP, but there are also reports related to the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) aspect. These reports are concerned with how to technically design the communicational tools for games, but at the same time, engage the players to verify the design choices regarding usability. At the Smart Internet Technology Cooperative Research Centre in Australia, there has been conducted research about developing innovative voice communications in multi-player online games and engaging the gamers to test the theory of user centred design (UCD). The outcome of the research was that the UCD development is rewarding for the end-users, technology-teams, and social researches1.
Though Bartle is afraid that the reality will ruin the player’s gamming experience, but there are other researchers that may not agree with him. By adding reality to the game, it might be benefit for all the players and can make the virtual world become more believable to them. One recent possibility in solving such issue is to add the element of proximity into the voice chat. There has been a group of researcher conducted an investigation in order to find out whether the players in online game are concerned over who they are talking to. They concluded that in the type of game where the player have to compete with one another like racing game, talking has been much more casual and the participants did not mind of who they are talking to. But this is not the case when it comes to the war game where the participants are required to work as a team in order to solve the problem. In the situation where the player is newly introduced to one another, the player will learn to identify the one another via the proximity of the avatars (Halloran et al 2004). Furthermore, the virtual world can benefit from proximity when it comes to the social gathering place(Wadley et al).
Recently on of the biggest MMORPG middleware technology providers, BigWorld, has announced that they are supporting a solution for integrating DiamondWare’s 3D positional VoIP client in their technology package, to enable their developers to create better communication tools in future MMORPGs.

Developers and gamers alike are looking for more immersive and transparent gaming experiences – this is what DiamondWare’s technology offers when integrated into a game”.

Gavin Longhurst,

Director of Business Development for BigWorld

Analysis of the RPG Interview

When we interviewed some MMORPG players, who have tried other forms of role play, if they have ever tried role play in the computer games, all of them answered that they have tried, but never succeeded. They gave same explanation that aside from the fact that players are so fixated with power ups, achieving the quests, and getting the most valuable items, the game play and game system doesn’t give much freedom to do role play within the game.

In their opinions, the features are limited in computer games compared to other kind of role play. OBS OBS OBS Look at following sentence and rephrase: like the lack of opportunity to have self expression through the creation of avatar, or making decisions in the game to how much they could do in table top or in LARP.


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