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Felix Gladitz                                                                                                        


Phone: +49 30 28389680

Mobile: +49 176 20485261    




  1. Transformers 2: DLC (X360, PS3)

  2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Reflex) (Wii) (Developer: Treyarch)

  3. Call of Duty 5: World at War (Patch) (PC / X360)
    Call of Duty 1 (Patch) (PC / X360)

  1. Guitar Hero 5 (Developer: Neversoft) (All Platforms)

  1. Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (PS2) (Developer: Beenox Studios)

  2. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (Xbox360) (Developer: Rareware, UK)

  3. Lips (Microsoft Karaoke) (X360) (Developer: iNiS, JPN)

  4. Band Hero (X360, PS3, Wii)

  5. Wolfenstein (Patch) (PS3, X360, PC)

  6. Percy Jackson (NDS)

  7. Hot Wheels (NDS)

  8. Train Your Dragon (Wii / NDS)


  1. / QA / Support / Translation (English)

  1. / QA / Support / Translation (English)

  1. / QA / Support / Translation (English)

  1. / Support / Translation (English)

  1. / QA / Support / Translation (English)

  1. / Support / Translation (English)

  1. / QA / Support / Translation (English)

  1. / QA / Support / Translation (English)

  1. (F1manager) / Support / Translation (English)

  1. / QA / Support

  1. / QA / Support / Translation (English)




IB-Graduate – Berlin Brandenburg International School (Fluent in German and English)


Graduate of 2005, IB – Certificate (International Baccalaureate)

Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS): Berlin, Germany – 2003-2005

(Graduation coursework in Information Technology)


Bainbridge High School (BHS): Bainbridge Island, WA, USA – 2002-2003

Erasmus International School: Berlin, Germany – 2001-2002

Berlin International School (BIS): Berlin, Germany – 2000-2001

International School Berlin Potsdam (ISBP), Germany – 1995- 2000





Activision / Blizzard - Dublin, Ireland - QA Game Tester German

5/2009 - Current


Testing several games on multiple Platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2)

Using XLoc & DevTrack - doing functionality and linguistic testing.


Tested Games:


Guitar Hero 5 (Neversoft)

Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (Smash Hits) (Beenox Studios)

Transformers 2: DLC

Call of Duty: MW (Reflex) (Wii) (Treyarch)
(see first page for full list)


Lionbridge – Ballina, Ireland - QA Game Tester German

5/2008 - 10/2008


During the 5 month working at Lionbridge, I worked together with several other international game testers to ensure quality of Microsoft Xbox360 console game products. Tracking bugs and testing games – while reporting back to the Quality Assurance Lead. Testing was heavily focused on Linguistic Testing, as well as working with Test Cases and logging functionality bugs.


Tested Games:


Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (Rareware) (Xbox360)

LIPS (iNiS) (Xbox 360)


Bigpoint - QA: Tester / Customer Service / English Localization



Starting as a localization manager (as stated below) – I moved on, focusing on localization from German to English for in-house products.


Localized products were passed on to Quality Assurance, which I was responsible for in the English department.


Released products were then maintained and customer service (which I was also part of) – provided help for registered and unregistered users.


I was working within customer service for the UK, and the US versions of in-house products.

Daily assignments included customer support over e-mail, forum posts and phone, daily Quality Assurance through a checklist, chat moderation, and community management (writing news, collecting feedback, bug tracking, etc.)


Bigpoint - Jr. Licensing Manager



Working as junior licensing manager – I gained an insight into other game development departments. During that time, I was responsible for game licenses and managing of partnerships. I also worked on localization.


E-Sport / Bigpoint - Localization Manager (Online browser-based game company)



Working as a Localization Manager - at Bigpoint (formally known as E-Sport) - Europe's largest Browsergame Company.

I was responsible for translating in-house products from German into English and managing all other (localization) projects – such as French, Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, etc.


SoundVision Sound studio – Technical Intern



I worked at sound studio “SoundVision” in Cologne, Germany, for movie and TV productions as a technical intern.


During my 3 months internship, I learned not only to operate in the customer service

Department, but also working in the technical fields with DAT backup systems, Beta SP /

Digital SP sound mixing – as well as learning about various technical differences such ranging from

cable-types to mixing in stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby Surround.


AYUSA - Returnee (AYUSA - Academic Year USA – Foreign Exchange Program)



Worked as an Exchange Student Coordinator, sharing my Exchange Program

Experiences with other exchange students who have not been on an exchange program before.

I also supported and answered questions from Students.

Part-Time - approx. 5-8 Hour meetings every 2 Weeks.





SAGAS “Writing Interactive Fiction” Workshop

Munich, 31st March 2006 – 6th March 2006


Sagas “Writing Interactive Fiction” (Ernest W. Adams, Jessica Mulligan) is a joint initiative

of the European MEDIA Plus Program Training & Hochschule fьr Fernsehen und Film

Mьnchen aimed at furthering fiction writing skills for the interactive media market.


Sagas focus lies on the most fundamental and creative level: the stage of developing storytelling ideas and organizing them into workable interactive concepts.


I took part in this workshop, because of my interest in game-design – which was lead by Ernest W. Adams (former E.A. Game-Designer) and Jessica Mulligan for a week.


The event mainly focused on Game-Design in the Gaming industry – focusing on both Multiplayer and Single Player games. I found it to be an extremely helpful and informative game workshop.


(experience continued)
BBIS IT graduation coursework

Berlin, August 2004 – February 2005


Studied and persuaded game-development as graduation coursework in IT.


Through the course of two years, I developed an ‘edutainment’ game, teaching students about networking in an interactive 3D-enviroment. I documented the development process in a log book – recording each development step and undergoing each process of planning, production, testing and evaluation. This was the first game-based educational product in IB International Schools worldwide.


We also tested other student’s work – as part of a Quality Assurance.


BBIS IT project

Berlin, 2003 – 2004


The class had to develop an interactive school visitor navigation system. A touch-screen interface system aimed at providing a navigation solution for visitors of the Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS).





Language: Fluent in written and spoken English and German (mother tongue level)



Cross-Platform testing (NDS, Wii, X360, PC, PS3)





Ad-Hoc Testing (Truncations, Overlaps, etc.)

Working with Test-Cases (Word / Excel)

Functionality Testing

Audio Testing

Linguistic Testing




Windows XP/Vista – Advanced

Microsoft Office – Intermediate

Web-Design (HTML) - Beginner

Web-Design (Dreamweaver) - Beginner

Photoshop - Beginner




Playing games – both PC and Console (X360, PS3, PC)

Watching Movies (Action, Conspiracy Theories, Thrillers, Sci-Fi)


Game and Level design (incl. reading Game-Design books, writing design documents, taking part in hobby game development projects). I’m also interested in Story Development – and good Single player stories.


Other Hobbies: listening to music, drawing, cooking, sky-diving, sailing, etc.




As I have not started my studies yet, I plan on pursuing “Game Design” studies at a university either in Germany or abroad, and complete a bachelor and preferably a master-degree as Game-Designer.

I’d also like to pursue my interests in project management and lead.

I’m very keen on expanding my knowledge in the industry, and always look for opportunities to do so.





Ernest W. Adams ( – Game Consultant, UK (SAGAS)


Phone: +44-1252-665215


Lothar Segeler – SoundVision Soundstudio, Cologne - Germany


Phone: +49-221-311071


Activision Blizzard Ireland Ltd

Paula Cremin - Office Administrator

Phone: +353 (0) 1 247 6700


Bigpoint GmbH
Phone.: +49 (0) 40 - 600 80 99 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 40 - 600 80 99 – 99


Lionbridge, Global Development and Testing Solutions

Tel: +353 96 73702 Ext: 525 (Direct) // Email:

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