Sex Pistols Experience

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Sex Pistols Experience
The Sex Pistols Experience are The Worlds No1 professional tribute to the most outrageous & controversial band of all time. With 11yrs of experience, & over 1500+ live shows through 17 Worldwide countries behind them they know how to deliver an electrifying show to leave your customers blown away. The band have performed all the notable venues & festivals throughout the U.K & U.S.A.

As seen on BBC1, BBC2, Sky TV, Channel4, Fox TV (in the U.S.) & lately the new movie 'Who Killed Nancy?' (out now on DVD)

Their show has perfected the classic look and sound down to every last detail, they sweat out every ounce of energy to make sure each concert is as dynamic, explosive, & exciting as the real deal.
If you're a Sex Pistols fan, this then this is the only worthwhile live alternative, with a built in following & well deserved positive reputation, a great night of Punk Rock Nostalgia is guaranteed.!
Some recent youtube footage:-
T.v Documentary short version)

Pretty Vacant - Live Wikerman festival (4,000 people )

Pretty Vacant - Reading sub89 2013

God Save The Queen, Edinburgh 2013

No Feelings - 100 club London

Holidays - Caerphilly

Anarchy in the UK live

EMI - Trutnov festival - (Czech 20,000 people)

Anarchy - Edinburgh

My Way - Bedford

Public imitation Ltd - This is not a love song

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