Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament of Booze Education and Stuff: That Means You, SoriceTossups by Colin O'Donnell, Dave Letzler, Auroni Gupta, Bernadette Spencer, Christian Carter, Dan Passner, Guy Tabachnick

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Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament of Booze Education and Stuff: That Means You, SoriceTossups by Colin O'Donnell, Dave Letzler, Auroni Gupta, Bernadette Spencer, Christian Carter, Dan Passner, Guy Tabachnick, Evan SilbermanEdited by Colin O'Donnell and Bernadette SpencerPacket #1TOSSUPS1. This song's original artist did a dance remix of this song, complete with rap break, on the 1991 album Black Music for White People. Demonstrating for the first time the vocal style its singer would develop further on "Constipation Blues," its singer notes "I don't care if you don't want me, I'm yours," before insisting "I want you" several times. Credence Clearwater Revival covered it at Woodstock, while it is the title song of the Nina Simone album containing "Feeling Good," where she takes more seriously the line, "I don't like the things you do/ I ain't lying" and the justification of its title statement, "because you're mine." For ten points, name this sax-driven rock song, the signature tune of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, which promises an enchantment on its listeners.

Answer: "I Put a Spell On You"

2. A film adaptation of this show saw a group of ministers singing Tom Lehrer’s “The Vatican Song.” 2001 saw a “New” version of it starring Tom Arnold, and the late 1990s saw an “Extreme” version with a regular “Babe of the Day” segment, hosted by George Gray. Its most recent incarnation has seen an appearance by Queen LaQueefa and a woman who stripped inside a balloon, while the original version, hosted by the subject of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, saw the debut of Cheryl Lynn’s “Got to be Real” and featured recurring appearances by Jaye P. Morgan, Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, and a paper bag on his head. For 10 points, Dave Attell’s current show revives what Chuck Barris “talent” show where contestants were removed by the smashing of a brass plate?

Answer: The Gong Show

3. A 1943 version of their annual, the Rhododendron, marked the debut of their mascot Yosef, who fires a musket when their teams score.  The German folk song "Mountain Vagabond" is the tune for their fight song, "Hi Hi Yikas," which can be heard at the Holmes Center for their 2007 NIT-qualified basketball team as well as during defenses of the Old Mountain Jug against their rivals, Western Carolina.  Kidd Brewer Stadium houses their 14-time Southern Conference winning football team, which recieved five points in 2008's final AP poll, while they are better known for road wins like their three straight NCAA FCS titles and a game that signaled the demise of Lloyd Carr.  For ten points, identify this North Carolina university who shocked the football world by beating Michigan in the first week of the 2007 season. 
Answer: Appalachian State University Mountaineers

4. This word names an “urban bistro” owned by Scott Staples on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Blanchard in Seattle, and also the company that distributes The Bacon Brothers’ albums and the most recent CD by They Might Be Giants.  It names Ms. Castillo, the female character other than April Ryan that the player controls in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and a character whom a curse periodically turns into a camel in the comic Sluggy Freelance.  On TV, it names a credit-card thief with changing hair colors adopted by Sheriff Jack Carter in “Eureka” and the first officer of the Serenity, the wife of Wash, on “Firefly.”  A doe-eyed actress of this first name played the Gimbles employee Jovie in Elf and Trillian in the 2005 Hitchhiker’s film. Additionally, she cut a record with M. Ward in 2008 under the name She and Him.  For 10 points, give this implausibly hip first name of Ms. Deschanel.

Answer: Zo(o)ey
5. He shares a nickname with a 1993 film about a rap crew known for songs like “Sweat off My Balls” and “Straight Outta Locash” starring Chris Rock. A former Mr. Basketball from Texas, he intended to finish a graphic design and management degree at Georgia Tech before becoming only the second freshman in conference history to lead the ACC in field goal percentage. He languished in his rookie season, playing out of position after Anthony Davis was sent to the Bulls, yet still managed to lead rookies like LeBron James in both rebounds and blocks in the 2004 season. A surprise contributor to the Redeem Team, he gained greatest prominence in 2007, averaging a double-double and bringing playoff basketball to the Air Canada Centre for the first time in five years. For ten points, identify this power forward, the most prominent player for the Toronto Raptors. Answer: Chris Bosh
6. A glitch in the floppy-disk version of one entry in this series places the protagonist in a boat atop a snowy cliff, while another Easter egg in a different game triggers the appearance of the Batmobile outside a cave. Its realtime fourth entry involves Genesta’s talisman and is set in Tamir, while the sixth ends with the Peabo Bryson-esque duet “Girl in the Tower” and deals with the feud between the Isles of the Crown, the Beast, the Sacred Mountain, and Wonder.  Many of its villains belong to the Black Cloak Society, including the wizards Abdul, Mordack, and Manannan; another villain, Lucreto, shatters the Mask of Eternity in its eighth and final entry, which was more action-oriented and focused on Connor rather than Alexander, Rosella, Valanice, or Graham of Daventry.  For 10 points, name this Sierra fantasy-adventure franchise, parodied by Homestarrunner’s Peasant’s Quest.

Answer: King’s Quest

7. To "bring America together," this man attempts to make the world's biggest ball of twine in an episode of Time Squad. He dreams of having Jedi powers and lightsaber fights Abraham Lincoln, whom he mistakes for George Washington, in an episode of Robot Chicken. An online promotion for Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay sees an impersonator of this man crank call your friends; near the end of the film, he lights up with the boys and commutes their sentences. Colin Meloy voices the non-mentally disabled version of his brother on one of two shows featuring him that have aired on Comedy Central. One of those starred Timothy Bottoms as a man who, one of these days, would punch his wife in the face as he deals with the wacky neighbors Larry O'Shea and Princess Stevenson; the other sees this man in schoolyard versions of diplomacy aided by friends like Lil' Rummy. For ten points, identify this politician who will cede office on January 20, 2009.

Answer: George Walker Bush (prompt on partial answer; it needs something that notes that it isn't his dad)

8. This work notably can’t help anyone that doesn’t understand the significance of the name Sun-Yat Sen. One attempt to reference a quote from this document was met with an accusation of crassness by Matt Weiner, and its fifth item “more importantly” “can give you a release.” Its audience doesn’t need to be a “crazy stereotypical tiny-Asian-girl” in order to get “one or two” choices “for sure,” and it states that “unfortunately”, its audience “has to strike a relationship” with a moron, a certain “avisor.” Warning people to “EASE THE HELL BACK” in the event of a B, and, despite the difficulty of college, to “make some friends, get drunk occasionally, screw a girl”, for 10 points, name this tract written by a med-school bound Brown undergrad.Answer: Eric Mukherjee’s pre-med manifesto [prompt on partial answer]
9. A Mormon variant of this product is aimed at people who want a certain amount of wives. One man who is apparently searching for this product is taunted by a cookie that he finds while crawling desperately through the desert. One advertisement for it illustrates the concept of "irony" with Al Gore getting his head smashed in by a globe, which apparently earns a "TOP SCORE". Consumers of this product are guaranteed to win at "everything forever", specifically including arson, weddings, and art. People who drink it participate in unusual sports such as Hump-Catting and Bear-Blasting, and produce several hundred offspring, all of whom can run as fast as Kenyans. For ten points, identify this energy drink that comes in flavors like Rawberry, Manana, and Shockolate, featured in a pair of YouTube videos.

Answer: Powerthirst 

10. This company has a publicity partnership with Picked Fresh, LLC.  Its associated line of footwear has recently introduced the Safia and Halia models, while its main line includes the Osiris, Ingrid, and Vixen models.  Featured on a 2003 episode of “Inside Out,” in which its spokesmodel was chosen, one common subway ad for this brand features a woman on her stomach biting her index finger, while another features an all-white clad woman on the back of a motorcycle with its rap-star founder.  Featuring its title object on the back pocket, and paired with “boots with the fur” in a T-Pain song, for 10 points, name this dungarees brand founded by Nelly that purports to give women a fruit-shaped posterior.
Answer: Apple Bottom Jeans
11. Vic Power did this twice against the Tigers in one game in 1958, a feat otherwise unaccomplished since Bill Barrett in 1924. Rod Carew did it seven times in 1969, and leads post-WWII players by a wide margin with 17. Ty Cobb holds the major league record, with 54, yet Lou Brock never did it, despite passing Cobb as the career leader in a related statistic. With the help of Scott Spiezio, Brad Fullmer did it in the 2002 World Series, and it was most famously done in the eighth inning of Game 1 of the 1955 Series when Jackie Robinson evaded Yogi Berra’s tag. For 10 points, name this act of scoring a run during the delivery of a pitch.

Answer: stealing home plate

12. At one point, this character notes his opponent is using Bastia’s Defense against him, which won’t work because he’s studied Hezaglippa. He reveals that the age of eleven, he was physically marked, claiming that since he’s been working odds and ends, as “there’s not a lot of money in revenge.” After drunkenly fending off the Brute Squad in the Thieves’ Forest, he reunites with his larger friend, with whom he follows the “sound of ultimate suffering” to an ally whom he helps acquire a wheelbarrow and Holocaust cloak and who later lets him take over the ship Revenge. After infiltrating a wedding, he is hit with a dagger in the stomach, but proceeds to finally defeat Count Rugen by repeating, “You killed my father. Prepare to die.” For 10 points, name this friend of Fezzik, a Castilian swordsman played by Mandy Patinkin in The Princess Bride.

Answer: Inigo Montoya (accept either)

13. He credits a newfound appreciation for life to a 2007 accident that saw a taxi total his Lamborghini outside of a restaurant in his adoptive hometown of Atlanta. A beef involving him and Gucci Mane stems from not getting paid for rapping on “Icy.” A group featuring him with Slick Pulla and Blood Raw released Cold Summer in 2007; that group, USDA, was his first group since leaving Boyz n da Hood in 2005 to record a solo album, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, on Def Jam Records. He may be better known for his work on an Usher track where he asks a lady if she's interested in a “thug” with “87 jeans and a fresh pair of Nikes on.” For ten points, identify this rapper who rhymes in the bridge of Usher's “Love in This Club,” who released The Inspiration in 2007.

Answer: Young Jeezy or Jay Jenkins

14. In the past twenty years, she has been credited as the co-author of Donald Bain novels like Trick or Treachery and A Deadly Judgment.  Most recently featured in 2003’s The Celtic Riddle, she had several near-death experiences at the Carmody Circus, cleared herself of killing a director who butchered an adaptation of The Corpse Danced at Midnight, and investigated rumors about Revolution-era hero Joshua Peabody.  She also introduced episodes featuring recurring stars Dennis Stanton, Harry McGraw, and Michael Hagarty, the latter played by her portrayer’s Mame and Sweeney Todd co-star Len Cariou.  For 10 points, name this Cabot Cove resident and mystery novelist played by Angela Lansbury on Murder, She Wrote.

Answer: Jessica Fletcher (accept either)

15. Its original script, Blood Relations: The Sun War, set it in 1994 while making its antagonists all adolescents. A promo poster for this film is found in the basement in Evil Dead, lampooning the torn Jaws poster seen in an early shot at the Oasis. It derives its story from the legend of Sawney Beane, a 1400s-era Scottish clan leader who was executed by reason of insanity for torturing and eating transients. A recent remake posits nuclear testing as the reasoning for its monsters' mutations, while the original declares inbreeding and the zoosadistic Papa. This film was originally rated X due to extreme violence, notably in scenes where Brenda is raped by both Pluto and Mars, though it may be best remembered for Ruby's punishment to eat the family dog Beauty and the failed defense of baby Katy that resulted in the shooting death of Lynne. For ten points, identify this 1977 Wes Craven film remade in 2006 that sees the Jupiter clan torment the Carters in a California forest.

Answer: The Hills Have Eyes

16. Betsy Hartmann uses one of these to attack ecologists and their attempt to rid environments of invasive species for the sake of environmental purity in a 2003 article by the New Scientist entitled "The Greening of Hate." In his treatise supporting NEW vegetarianism, St. Cloud State philosophy professor Jordan Curnutt uses one of these while describing a lamp made of bones; ironically enough, the person it's based on was a vegetarian. Coined by Leo Strauss in 1950, it was notably used against Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama by Jonah Goldberg on Glenn Beck and Morning Joe in 2008; with Beck, Goldberg went on to say that in conservatism, "there are no final -- no perfect solutions." Use of this type of argument is more commonly attributed to internet forums, as the use of these arguments make the basis of Godwin's Law. An argumentum ad absurdum, for ten points, name this logical fallacy that states that an argument becomes more valid by comparing the other side to a guy and his cronies who attempted to wipe out the Jewish race in the early 1940s.

Answer: reductio ad Hitlerum or argumentum ad Nazium

17. She was put into therapy at age 11 after joking about a murder-suicide with her sister Amber; the next year, she was raped while returning from school. Both events were metaphorized by her telling of “calm under the waves in the blue of my oblivion” in “Sullen Girl.” She once held the Guinness World Record for Longest Album Title, earning that for her 1999 album shortened to When the Pawn.... She re-produced a 2006 album after being unimpressed with the version by Jon Brion leaked on the internet. That album, which featured singles like “Parting Gift” and “Take Him Back,” was the critical success Extraordinary Machine. She rose to prominence from a single off of Tidal where she states a need to “be redeemed / to the one I sinned against,” as well as for looking pointedly anorexic in a voyeuristic video. For ten points, identify this singer best known for declaring herself “a bad, bad girl” in 1996's “Criminal.”

Answer: Fiona Apple

18. Its first draft was penned by Maxwell Anderson and was called Darkling I Listen.  During one of its characters' mad scene, she points to rings on a redwood to show when she was born and when she died.  That character is tracked to the Empire Hotel, from which she mysteriously vanishes, and to an art museum featuring a painting that resembles her; that painting is later mimicked by the protagonist's bespectacled ex-fiancee Midge.  After witnessing a dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali, its protagonist learns the truth on the belltower at San Juan Bautista from Judy Barton, who falls to her death after seeming to help Scottie cure his condition.  For ten points, identify this film, the second in a voyeurism trilogy by Albert Hitchcock that stars James Stewart as a sufferer of acrophobia.
Answer: Vertigo
19. One episode of this show featured its supporting characters' efforts to catch the hybrid “cockamouse.” Its main character has revealed his desperation by enrolling at Love Solutions, dressing as a Hanging Chad to relocate The Slutty Pumpkin, stealing a blue horn from a restaurant, and getting engaged without finding out if Stella liked Star Wars.  Meanwhile, another character introduced the relationship concepts of The Lemon Law and The Bro Code.  Season Two’s near-disastrous wedding of Lily and Marshall reiterated that Robin was not its still-unknown title character.  For 10 points, name this show, co-starring Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris, framed as Ted Mosby’s story of how he found the other half of his kids’ genes.

Answer: “How I Met Your Mother

20. Producer John Simon is credited with “high school and peck horns” on this album, whose seventh track’s narrator “ain’t no pretender, gonna ride in my canoe,” and whose ninth’s claims “this old town’s gonna blow away.”  Unusually, its last track’s chorus is quieter than the verse, as on the line “Listen to the rice when the wind blows off the water.”  Despite critical acclaim for “The Unfaithful Servant” and “King Harvest (Will Surely Come),” its only hit was about Bessie, “a drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one,” though Joan Baez’s biggest single was a cover of its song about Virgil Cain’s struggle in the postbellum South.  Also known as The Brown Album, name, for 10 points, this eponymous work that features “Up On Cripple Creek” and “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” by the Robbie Robertson group that once backed Bob Dylan.

Answer: The Band (accept The Brown Album early)

1. A young boy in this film is criticized for saying of a bird who has seemingly vanished and reappeared, “Where’s his brother?”; it is later revealed the first bird was killed. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this film, where Robert Angier has Nikolai Tesla build him a duplication machine, despite rival Alfred Borden’s deceptions.

Answer: The Prestige

[10] Borden is played by this man who played the hero in a comic book adaptation released in 2008 that made Heath Ledger go crazy and kill himself.

Answer: Christian Bale

[10] Tesla’s assistant Alley is played by this actor. Though well remembered as a fine Willimore in Aphra Behn’s The Rover, he's better known for being motion-captured a few years back as King Kong and as this other guy who kills Déagol.

Answer: Andy Serkis
2. Fledgling sports channels often have hard times getting onto basic cable. For ten points each:

[10] Time Warner and many Comcast markets refused to put this sports channel onto their basic cable tiers, leading many viewers to miss out on Saturday Night Football as well as astute hosting by Rich Eisen.

Answer: NFL Network

[10] It took a full year for Comcast to settle on a deal to bring this channel to airwaves in markets like Minneapolis. After watching Dave Revsine anchor its Football Saturday, viewers wonder why it couldn't have taken a little longer.

Answer: Big Ten Network

[10] The Anaheim Angels and Mighty Ducks were set to have their games broadcast on this dimwitted idea canceled in 1998 before showing a second of programming.

Answer: ESPN West
3. Name these poorly received video game characters. FTPE,

[10] Along with Dixie Kong, this character was part of the reason that Donkey Kong Country 3 was not received as well as the first two in that series.

Answer: Kiddy Kong

[10] A cartoony reimagining of this video game character was the subject of much backlash in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Answer: Link

[10] Wearing a shirt with an exclamation point on it, this feline character starred in platformers where you collected yarn balls while he made terrible “jokes”.

Answer: Bubsy

4. Followers of Hinduism and Jainism are implored to avoid this plant bulb, saying that it increases desire. For ten points each...:

[10] Identify this vegetable used to make aioli commonly attributed to Italian cuisine.Answer: garlic or allium sativum

[10] Though commonly thought to be a garlic variant, this bulb noted for a sweeter, more mild garlic taste as well as its massive size is actually a leek.

Answer: elephant garlic or allium ampeloprasum

[10] Garlic is used with a crushed, bulky base like potato or stale bread with olive oil to produce this Greek dish used as a dip for battered fish and fried vegetables.

Answer: skordalia
5. Great players who cost too much to acquire for ten points each:

[10] Though this Scott Boras client is likely to get over $200 million as a free agent this off-season, the Braves gave up Neftali Feliz and a catcher with a long name to acquire this slugging Ranger 1Bman who was traded to the Angels at this years deadline.

Answer: Mark Texiera

[10] A kick-ass starter who K'd 11 guys per 9 in 2007, injuries have limited him to 15 starts with the M's this year. Sure as hell not worth Adam Jones, George Sherill and Chris Tillman.

Answer: Erik Bedard

[10] Though Casey Blake is not good, the Dodgers gave up this guy with Jon Meloan to get him. A switch-hitting catcher with 21 homers and a .340 average, he is currently lesser known than the guitarist he shares a name with.

Answer: Carlos Santana

6. This song turns from sweet to awkward in its second verse, and the singer talks about how "everything's so wrong / and I don't belong / Living in your precious memories." For ten points each:

[10] Name this piano-pop song that doubles the commitment of the Proclaimers if its singer "can just see you tonight."

Answer: "A Thousand Miles"

[10] "A Thousand Miles" was the only major hit of this songstress, who told young girls to Be Not Nobody in a 2002 album title.

Answer: Vanessa Carlton

[10] Carlton's other musical claim to fame was her involvement with this band's destruction of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" for the Two Weeks Notice soundtrack. They're also known for another soundtrack abomination, Shrek's "Accidentally in Love."

Answer: the Counting Crows

7. Identify these actors that eschewed a squeaky-clean image for comedy gold FTPE:

[10] He went full gangsta on a guest spot on Chappelle Show, notably when he asked if he needed to "smack a bitch," but is best known for inoffensive improv routines on Whose Line is it Anyway?

Answer: Wayne Brady

[10] As if his stand-up left any room for debauchery, his role on Entourage where he loses all his money to prostitution differs strongly from his days hosting America's Funniest Home Videos.

Answer: Bob Saget

[10] Though originally known for one-joke comedy with Dean Martin in the early 1950s, recent years have seen him riff against female comics and a bombed bit where he recounted his dad talking about “your brother, the fag” early on Labor Day 2007.

Answer: Jerry Lewis
8. In addition to liberal use of the N-word, this film is noted for being the first to openly display flatulence. For ten points each:

[10] Identify this film that starred Gene Wilder as “The Waco Kid,” Mel Brooks's only foray into Westerns.

Answer: Blazing Saddles

[10] This actor also known for his work in the sitcom Temperatures Rising was the replacement to Richard Pryor for the co-starring role of Sheriff Bart.

Answer: Cleavon Little

[10] The film revolves around this town's opposition to a new railroad being pushed by Hedley Lamarr. All of its citizens have the last name of Johnson.

Answer: Rock Ridge
9. Internet forums are pretty much terrible. Answer some questions about them for ten points each.

[10] Matt Weiner has apparently been banned repeatedly from this web site's forum owing to some of his posts in the "Discussion and Debate" section. Some dude named Lowtax runs the site, and its denizens are known as "goons."

Answer: Something

[10] This completely terrible anonymous imageboard's resident /b/tards do terrible things like conduct "raids" on other websites and for some reason decide to start protesting the Church of Scientology. Please don't talk about it on the quiz bowl boards.


[10] This Yahoo! Group was created to divert abusive and ad hominem posts from the main quizbowl group, but was quickly overrun by spam.

Answer: qbflame

10. Answer these questions about the only good donation to the world by youth organizations: Girl Scout Cookies! For ten points each...:

[10] A recent commercial shows the Dairy Queen lips being convinced to buy one million boxes of these chocolate cookies that make up around one quarter of Girl Scout Cookies sales.

Answer: Thin Mints

[10] To avoid racial controversy, the GSA has changed this type of caramel, chocolate and coconut cookie to the Caramel deLite in some markets.

Answer: Samoas

[10] By embossing a message of gratitude in one of five languages instead of giraffes, GSA recently changed Animal Treasure cookies to this cookie while retaining its shortbread and fudge goodness.

Answer: All Abouts or Thanks-a-Lots

11. This song describes the narrator’s environment with the line “No one speaks English, and everything’s broken/ And my Stacys’ soaking wet.”  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this opening track from Small Change about throwing up in a hotel bathroom in Copenhagen while pining to dance with a woman.

Answer: “Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen)”

[10] Most of the refrain of Tom Waits’ “Tom Traubert’s Blues” is this two-word phrase, which names an Eastern Hemisphere folk song about a “jolly swagman camped by a billabong.”

Answer: “Waltzing Matilda” 

[10] This man made a lame cover of “Tom Traubert’s Blues” in 1992, following up his lame 1989 cover of Waits’ “Downtown Train” and setting up his more recent lame covers of The Great American Songbook.  We can almost forgive him because of his early work with The Faces and songs like “Maggie May.”

Answer: Rod Stewart
12. Most commentators had never heard of this rule before it came up in the 2002 Snow Bowl. For ten points each:

[10] Identify this addendum to Rule 3, Section 21 of the NFL rules that says that any forward motion of the quarterback's arm counts as a pass that came to benefit Tom Brady and the Patriots in the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

Answer: tuck rule (accept "Rule 3, Section 21, Article 2, Note 2," I guess...)

[10] Greg Biekert, the then-middle linebacker for this team, recovered the fumble declared a pass by the tuck rule.

Answer: Oakland Raiders (accept either)

[10] The tuck rule was called in a 2008 fumble by this quarterback in a game against the Cardinals. Later in the game, he broke his pinkie finger in a sack.

Answer: Tony Romo

13. A major subplot of this show is the absence of Peggy Olson after an affair with Pete Campbell. For ten points each...:

[10] Identify this AMC show that follows the life of Don Draper, the winner of the 2008 Emmy for Best Drama.

Answer: Mad Men

[10] Don is the creative director at this advertising agency, the setting of Mad Men co-named for Don's boss, the alcoholic Roger.

Answer: Sterling Cooper

[10] Noted as the only “ethnic” in the upper staff at Sterling Cooper, this Italian-American art director is married to Kitty despite his homosexuality.

Answer: Salvatore Romano (accept either)

14. Only Bob Knight has matched his feat of an undefeated college basketball season. For ten points each...:

[10] Identify this former coach who earned four undefeated seasons en route to winning ten national championships at UCLA.

Answer: John Wooden

[10] This center's 1967 sophomore season was the first of Wooden's four undefeated seasons. He went onto prominence as a Milwaukee Buck and Los Angeles Laker after a 1971 conversion to Islam.

Answer: Kareem-Abdul Jabbar or Lew Alcindor

[10] Wooden first coached in the collegiate ranks at this Terre Haute university. His two years included losing the 1948 NAIA Championship.

Answer: Indiana State University
15. For 10 points each, name these films where characters are unsure of whether their revolvers have fired all six bullets.

[10] In this film, Det. Callahan tells a cornered robber that he’s lost track of whether he fired five shots or six, and asks the punk if he feels lucky; the situation recurs at the film’s end.

Answer: Dirty Harry

[10] In this film, the characters played by Tim Curry and Lesley Ann Warren argue whether the revolver fired “1+1+2+1” or “1+2+2+1” bullets; though Warren is captured, she turns out to be right.

Answer: Clue

[10] The protagonist of this film lets henchman Prof. Dent retrieve his gun from the floor of Miss Taro’s bedroom after trapping him because, as he notes before shooting Dent, “That’s a Smith and Wesson. You’ve had your six.”

Answer: Dr. No

16. Name these European-style board games for ten points each.

[10] R. Robert Hentzel loves writing tossups about this game designed by Klaus Teuber, in which players build cities and roads, trade resources for development cards, and say things like "I've got wood for sheep."

Answer: The Settlers of Catan

[10] This 2002 game designed by Andreas Seyfarth places players in the role of European colonizers of a Caribbean island. Players win by shipping corn, indigo, sugar, tobacco, and coffee back home in return for victory points.

Answer: Puerto Rico

[10] This game designed by Alan R. Moon has players construct train routes across the United States, and also comes in versions based on maps of Europe and Germany countries which add features like Tunnels, Ferries, and Passengers.

Answer: Ticket to Ride 

17. Children of Bodom are noted for using a variant of this tuning that lowers the E string to a C. For ten points each...:

[10] Identify this guitar tuning that involves dropping all strings on a guitar a full step.

Answer: D tuning

[10] Joni Mitchell popularized this version of D tuning that keeps the A and D string in tune and lowers the G string by only half a step.

Answer: open-D tuning

[10] Bands like Sinai Beach and Drop Dead, Gorgeous use this variant of D tuning that drops the low E to a C and drops the high E to a B flat, causing all chords to have a minor second.

Answer: hardcore tuning
18. Its original was the first to not include Amil since 1998's Hard Knock Life and succeeded despite dropping on 9/11. For ten points each...:

[10] Identify this 2001 album whose second sequel will feature “Swagga Like Us” when released on December 2, 2008.

Answer: The Blueprint

[10] Blueprint's biggest single was this track that claimed that Jigga sold weed in College Park, as well as assuring his “nizzle used to dribble down in VA” and imploring listeners, “That's the anthem. Get yo' damn hands up!”

Answer: “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” (accept either)

[10] One of the few Blueprint tracks to not use a soul sample, it sees Jay-Z rap about his relationship with his dad and Eminem talk about his lyrical controversies.

Answer: “Renegade”

19. Identify these giants of French music for ten points each:

[10] After gaining prominence in modeling, this Franco-Italian heiress turned to music, releasing albums like 2002's Quelqu'un m'a Dit and 2008's Comme si de rien n'etait. She may be better known for breaking up First Lady Cecelia's marriage.

Answer: Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi Sarkozy (prompt on Sarkozy)

[10] Noted for asking Whitney Houston to have sex with him on French television, he's also known for writing awkwardly erotic songs for his “singing doll” France Gall like “Les sucettes” and “Poupee de cire, poupee du son.”

Answer: Serge Gainsbourg

[10] Songs of his like “Il neige sur Liège” reference his native Belgium, though he's better known for the lament “Ne me quitte pas” and acting work in films like L'aventure c'est l'aventure as well as for scoring an off-Broadway revue telling of his being Alive and Well and Living in Paris.

Answer: Jacques Brel

20. This Cable TV channel is notorious for it's "gay themed" shows and advertising. For ten points each:

[10] Name this cable channel, loaded with "original" programming like My Life on the D-List, Manhunt, and Project Runway.


[10] This is the longest running Bravo original show, hosted by the author of An Exaltation of Larks, an interview show with notable actors.

ANSWER: Inside the Actors Studio

[10] This show follows roughly the same rules as Top Chef and Project Runway. Hosted by Jaclyn Smith, this Bravo series is all about Hairstyling.

ANSWER: Shear Geniuss

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