Ringing Camp of the Hode Seine Estuary (France) 4th to 26th August 2007

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Ringing Camp of the Hode - Seine Estuary (France) - 4th to 26th August 2007

Every year since 1993, a ringing camp gathers “A” permit holders and trainees within the large reed bed of the north bank of the Seine Estuary (National Nature Reserve of the Seine Estuary) in Haute-Normandie (France). Web site http://www.reservesnaturelles.org/reserves/alpha.asp?arbo=1.0&idres=121&rub=0

The ringing camp takes place every year during August and aims to study reed bed passerines during the autumn migration e.g. Acrocephalus sp, Bearded tit (Panurus biarmicus) and Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica).

The National Nature Reserve of the Seine Estuary is an important site for several thousands of migratory birds originating from Northern and Eastern Europe. The mist nets are erected within the reed bed (one of the largest in France with 1,300 hectares) and in more open habitats such as pools and channels. Tilting and special cages are also used.

In addition to the ringing activity, this ringing camp is a great opportunity to discover the National Nature Reserve and its wildlife.

The Year 2007 will focus on the study of Aquatic warbler, Acrocephalus paludicola, a species of very high conservation value which is threatened worldwide. The Seine Estuary is one of the main stopover sites for Aquatic warbler in the world with the birds passing through the estuary during autumn.

The ringing camp is organised by la Maison de L`estuaire, association which manages the National Nature Reserve and the coordinateur de l’observatoire avifaune de la ZPS Estuaire et Marais de la Basse Seine in partenariat with the Groupe Ornithologique Normand (centre Régional de Baguage de Normandie) and under the aegis of the Centre de Recherche sur la Biologie des Populations d’Oiseaux (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturel de Paris).

The accommodation, a self-catering holiday cottage with 7 beds, is located in proximity of the ringing camp near the Normandy Bridge.

Cost of the ringing camp: Free for A permit. Others 50 euros / per person per week (+ 10 € subscription to the Groupe Ornithologique Normand for insurance). Everything included expect food and transport.

Things to bring: field equipments (wellies, chest waders, warm and waterproof clothing, field note book), ringing equipments (for “A” permit holder and eventually for trainees) and sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, tents (if more than 7 people are booked in the self-catering cottage) and food.

Inscription: Maison de l’estuaire 20 rue Jean Caurret 76600 Le Havre FRANCE

Contact: Pascal Provost (pascal.provost@maisondelestuaire.org)

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