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Quality Notes (Q-Notes), Revision History

Revision Level

Effective Date




Amended multiple “Q NOTES”

Q01.03” – Reworded item (3)

Q02.05” – Added “(1) Seller shall maintain an ISO…”

Q06.10” – Added “Seller shall establish….”

Q09.03” – Re-phrased entire paragraph.

Q11.05” - Re-phrased entire paragraph.

Q13.01” - Re-phrased entire paragraph.

Q20.02” – Removed

New “Q NOTES” was created and added to flow down Lockheed Martin’s Appendix “QX” and “QJ” requirements to all GKN – Monitor’s subtiers and or vendors.
New “Q NOTES” created:

Q01.05, Q06.16, Q06.17 & Q06.18



Added “06.19” - Unless otherwise stated, this purchase order is in accordance with a Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) DO-A1 rating….



Q01.01: Text to Q01.02; replaced w/ text from Q06.09

Q01.02: Text to Q01.05; replaced w/ text from Q01.01 & Q03.01

Q01.03 Text to Q01.06; replaced w/ text to support AS9100C

Q01.04: Text to Q01.05; replaced w/ text to support LMA

Q01.05: Text to Q01.14; replaced w/ text from Q01.04 & amended to support BAC, LMA, NGC.

Q01.06: Added from Q01.03

Q01.07 - Q01.13: Intentionally left blank

Q01.14: Added, from Q01.05

Q01.15: Added, from Q02.01 & amended to support BAC

Q01.16: Intentionally left blank

Q01.17: Amended to support LMA, NGC

Q01.18: Intentionally left blank

Q01.19 - .21: Added to support LMA

Q01.22: Intentionally left blank

Q01.23, 24: Added to support LMA

Q01.25: Intentionally left blank

Q01.26: Added to support LMA

Q01.27: Added, from Q02.07

Q01.28: Added, from Q02.04

Q02.01: Text to Q01.15; replaced from Q09.05

Q02.02: Text to Q06.01; replaced to support NGC

Q02.03: Unchanged

Q02.04: Text to Q01.28; replaced from Q09.04

Q02.05: Text to Q02.10; replaced to support GKN

Q02.06: Unchanged

Q02.07: Text to Q01.27; replaced from Q10.06

Revision Level

Effective Date




Q02.08: Unchanged

Q02.09: Text to Q02.14; replaced from Q02.10

Q02.10: Added, from Q02.05

Q02.11, .12: Added to support LMA

Q02.13: Added, from Q06.05 & Q09.11

Q02.14: Added, from Q02.09

Q02.15: Added, from Q09.06

Q02.16: Added, from Q09.10

Q03.01: Text to Q01.02; replaced w/ text from Q06.04.

Q03.02: Added from Q09.08

Q03.03: Added, from Q06.06

Q03.04: Added, & amended from Q06.07

Q03.05: Added, from Q06.07

Q03.06: Added, text from Q06.09

Q03.07: Added, from Q06.16

Q03.08: Added to support LMA

Q03.09: Added from Q06.18

Q03.10: Intentionally left blank

Q03.11: Added to support NGC

Q03.12: Added, from Q06.08

Q03.13: Added, from Q06.11 & Q09.09 combined

Q03.14: Added, from Q06.12

Q03.15: Added, from Q06.13

Q03.16: Added, from Q09.10

Q04.01: Text to Q07.04; replaced w/ text to support LMA.

Q05.01, .02: Unchanged

Q05.03: Reworded, from Q05.04 & Q05.05

Q05.04, .05: Deleted, moved to Q05.03

Q05.06, .07: Unchanged

Q06.01: Reworded from Q06.02

Q06.02: Deleted, moved to Q06.01

Q06.03: Unchanged

Q06.04: Text to Q03.01; replaced from Q10.08

Q06.05: Deleted, moved to Q02.13

Q06.06: Deleted, moved to Q03.03

Q06.07: Deleted, moved to Q03.04

Q06.08: Deleted, moved to Q03.12

Q06.09: Deleted, moved to Q03.06

Q06.10: Deleted, moved to Q03.07

Q06.11: Deleted, moved to Q03.13

Q06.12: Deleted, moved to Q03.14

Q06.13: Deleted, moved to Q03.15

Q06.14: Deleted, moved to Q03.16

Q06.15: Reworded

Q06.16: Deleted, moved to Q03.07

Q06.17: Deleted, moved to Q03.05

Q06.18: Deleted, moved to Q03.09

Revision Level

Effective Date




Q06.19: Deleted, moved to Q01.01

Q07.01: Unchanged

Q07.02: Added to support BAC

Q07.03: Added to support LMA

Q07.04: Added, from Q04.01

Q08.01, .02: Unchanged

Q09.01: Amended, with text from Q09.02

Q09.02: Deleted, moved to Q09.01

Q09.03: Unchanged

Q09.04: Text to Q02.04; replaced to support LMA

Q09.05: Deleted, moved to Q02.01

Q09.06 Deleted, moved to Q02.15

Q09.07: Deleted, moved to Q15.05

Q09.08: Deleted, moved to Q03.02

Q09.09: Deleted, moved to Q03.13

Q09.10:: Deleted, moved to Q02.16

Q09.11: Deleted, moved to Q02.13

Q09.12, .13: Unchanged

Q10.01: Deleted, moved to Q19.01

Q10.02: Deleted, moved to Q19.02

Q10.03: Deleted, amended text to Q19.03

Q10.04: Amended to support BAC, LMA

Q10.05: Unchanged

Q10.06: Deleted, moved to Q02.07

Q10.07: Intentionally left blank

Q10.08: Deleted, to Q06.04; replaced from Q12.01

Q10.09: Added to support BAC

Q10.10: Deleted

Q11.01, .02: Unchanged

Q11.03, .04: Intentionally left blank

Q11.05: Unchanged

Q11.06: Added to support LMA

Q12.01: Moved to Q10.08 amended to support LMA

Q13.01 - .03: Unchanged

Q13.04: Added, from Q14.01

Q14.01: Moved to Q13.04 & replaced to support BAC, LMA, NGC

Q15.01 - .03: Unchanged

Q15.04: Amended to Q14.01; replaced from Q04.01

Q15.05: Added, from Q09.07 & amended to support AS9100C

Revision Level

Effective Date




Q16.01 thru Q16.07: Unchanged

Q16.08: To Q16.09: replaced to support LMA

Q16.09: From Q16.08

Q17.01: Amended

Q17.02: Amended

Q18.01 & Q18.02: Unchanged

Q19.01: Added to support AS9102

Q19.02: Added, from Q10.02

Q19.03: Added, from Q10.03 & amended to support AS9100C & AS9102

Q19.04: Added to support LMA

Q20.01: Unchanged

Q20.02: Intentionally left blank

Q20.03 & Q20.04: Unchanged

Q21.01: Unchanged

Q22.01: Amended

Q23.01: Amended

Q24.01: Unchanged



Q03.07: Amended paragraph,

(Line # 4 – “Counterfeit Parts Prevention”).

Q05.08: New Q Note added for MHI Canada’s DPD requirement.

Q09:03: Amended to add Boeing P.O. Quality Clause “Q31”.

Q19.04: Amended paragraph.

Added “when required for a Lockheed part.”



Q16.02: Amended paragraph,

Amended Boeing’s (BAC) record retention requirement

from “7 Years” to “1 Calendar Year + 10 Years…..”

Q16.10: “New” Q Note added.

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