Quick Reference Guide: Installing Logitech Camera and Windows Live Messenger

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Quick Reference Guide: Installing Logitech Camera and Windows Live Messenger
These instructions are not perfect…but we hope that they will help you get connected. Please carefully read the online instructions (as these may have changed).
How to set up your Logitech webcam
1. Before hooking up the camera, load the Logitech software (QuickCam 8.4.8).

2. Install Quickcam software:

a. Choose “Complete” installation.

b. Do NOT activate Logitech Desktop Messenger service. On the next screen, you may select “Yes, activate from control panel” so you can turn this on later, if needed.

c. Eject disk (store in a safe place).

d. Restart computer, then follow onscreen instructions telling you to hook up webcam to USB port.

Note: It may take several minutes for your computer to recognize the new camera via the USB port.

e. Follow onscreen instructions to set up camera.

f. close window (nothing should be open)

3. Open Logitech Quickcam (Start>Programs>Logitech>QuickCam)

4. Check for updates (probably won’t be any)

5. Select “QuickCapture” (top right).

a. It may ask you to set up the audio/microphone (located on top of your new camera).

b. Test microphone settings.

6. Take a picture of yourself (to be used later for your “display photo”)

Note: The photo will automatically be sent to subfolder in My Pictures folder:

(My Documents> My Pictures>My Logitech Pictures> Pictures and Videos…named “Picture 1.jpg” or similar)

How to set up MSN Messenger (aka Windows Live Messenger)

1. Open Logitech Quickcam (Start>Programs>Logitech>QuickCam)

2. Click the MSN Messenger tab.

Note: It will automatically open your web browser to the Windows Live Messenger webpage.

3. From the Windows Live Messenger webpage, select “Get it Free” to download and install the Windows Live Messenger software.

4. When prompted, select “Run”, then “Run” (to begin the download).

Note: When prompted, you DO NOT need to install any additional features.

5. The goal is to get you a Windows Live ID and account, however Microsoft is really going to try to sell you some products and, if possible, force you to sign up for a Hotmail account. Feel free to proceed as you want but you can avoid much of this (which I recommend) by doing the following:

a. Click “Sign up for a Windows Live account” (or similar)

b. Click “Create a Windows Live ID”…

c. Put you mouse in the email address box, but then click the “Get help with this feature” (dynamic assistance prompt).

d. This opens a new window, where you select the link “Windows Live Sign Up Page”.

Note: This link by-passes the other registration page and it allows you to use your existing UNCG email address (rather than a Hotmail email account).

e. On the Windows Live Sign Up Page, select “Enter your own email address”..

f. Type the e-mail address you would like to use.

g. Click “Check Availability”.

h. Fill in the Choose your password, Enter password reset information, and Your information sections.

i. In the Type Characters box, type the characters that you see in the Picture box.

j. Read the Service Agreement and the Privacy Statement, and then click I accept.

NOTE: This will take you to a Hotmail account page, where it will say you need to register for a hotmail account. Don’t do this… close the window.

Now you’ve got a “Windows Live ID” (i.e., your UNCG email account)!!!
6. Open Windows Live Messenger (Start>Programs> Windows Live Messenger)

7. Enter your “Windows Live ID” (i.e., your UNCG email account)

8. If prompted, follow onscreen instructions to set up audio and microphone settings.

9. Click the Add Contact button (top right) to add NCRLAP staff contacts:

a. In the “Instant Messaging Address” box, type the email address of another NCRLAP staff member (e.g., kwWilson@uncg.edu, LMRucker@uncg.edu, Steve_Hestenes@uncg.edu).

b. This will send a message to them.

10. Double-click on the display name of the staff member to begin instant messaging

a. Select top icon to Start or Stop video call…to initiate a video conference.

b. Have fun!

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