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March , 2012

What is ecostore?

ecostore is the name of a new range of refrigerated cabinets from Electrolux Professional. It is an excellent choice for professionals who want a high-quality energy-efficient, performance and big storage product. It is solid and has 50 liters extra net capacity.

Why should my business invest in an ecostore?
Apart from the storage capacity and performance it is also best in class in energy efficiency and has been tested with the strictest green European standard: ECA, EIA and DEST, CECED.

ecostore is part of a new generation of cabinets that save energy and money while offering more capacity. It consumes up to 65% less energy than standard cabinets. Indeed professional refrigerators are the only appliances that run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With the new generation you can save up to 820 €/year (freezer) and 400 €/year (refrigerator) in class 8 comparing an equivalent cabinet in class 1*.

When it comes to performance, superior quality is guaranteed by Optiflow. Optiflow is an intelligent air-circulation system that creates optimal temperature uniformity for excellent food preservation.

*potential energy savings based on cecedItalia (National Association Domestic and Professional Manufactures) studies obtained by comparing class 1 refrigerators and freezers with equivalent cabinets in class 8 (energy cost of 0,17 €/kWh and average net volume of 600lt). Energy Classification Label E.C.E. ranks from class 1 to 8.

Who is the target group for this product?
ecostore is created for a professional target group with high demands. ecostore is the choice for any company that values a combination of innovation, reliability and sustainability.
How was ecostore developed?

Electrolux Professional worked together with different type of customers from several countries during the developing phase in order to understand their needs and expectations. The refrigerator is a key appliance in every professional kitchen. The new cabinet range offers all requested qualities including energy efficiency. Other important features are sturdiness, cleanability, capacity and performance.

What does the target group ask for in this kind of product?
The main criteria are sturdiness, capacity and reliability. ecostore provides all these.
What are the main advantages with ecostore?
ecostore has three main features.

  1. Best in class in energy efficiency (judged on several different aspects, among them four green certifications)

  2. Unbeatable storage capacity, 50 liters more available space than standard cabinets.

  3. Optiflow, the intelligent air circulation system for excellent food preservation

When will the product be launched?

ecostore range is launched in March 2012.

What is Electrolux experience in the needs of professionals?

Electrolux has extensive experience and knowledge of the demands of professionals. Both laundry and cooking appliances from Electrolux are the preferred choice of many companies all over the world.

How is the high efficiency created?
ecostore’s energy efficiency is created thanks to the 75 mm thick cyclopentane insulation, the removable ‘balloon’ gasket with triple insulation area, the Frost Watch Control - the defrost which saves energy by defrosting only when necessary – and dedicated models have the R290 natural refrigerant gas, which reduces the environmental impact. All these technical features limit dispersions and maintain the right balance of the temperature inside the cabinet to preserve food.
What is the storage capacity of ecostore?
ecostore offers an unbeatable net capacity of 50 net liters more than equivalent cabinets. The net capacity defines the real available space in the cabinet. This is an important detail as capacity is often presented by other manufacturers using the gross amount.
What is Optiflow?

Optiflow is an intelligent air circulation system, which adapts to your load for optimal temperature uniformity and excellent food preservation

What is Touch Screen?
Touch Screen
is a feature of the ‘ecostore Touch’. It provides worry-free control. It has pre-set food categories to fix the perfect temperature and humidity according to the food stored. This feature enables continuous checks and registers operating temperature and eventual anomalies. A graph will display the operating status and any peaks or drops in temperature. The data can be downloaded via USB.
Why has ecostore achieved such strict European standard?

To avoid energy waste it is important to choose new generations of refrigerators. These fridges are equipped with natural gas to limit the greenhouse effect and extend the long lasting life of the compressor. Choosing a certified refrigerator from Electrolux Professional is like a warranty. ecostore is classified according to these standards:

- Great Britain – ECA (Enhaced Capital Allowance). A certification bestowed to the most efficient products in terms of energy savings. The products offer significant long-term financial benefits and reduced CO2 emissions.

- Holland - EIA (Energy Investment Allowance). A tax relief program that provides direct financial incentives to Dutch companies that invest in energy saving and sustainable equipment.

- DENMARK – GO’ENERGI (Danish Energy Saving Label). An independent, public organization under the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy, creating energy efficiency in Denmark.

- Italy – CECED (Energy Classification Label). A classification that allows customers evaluate energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. It anticipates a European norm and for the first time ever in the professional world there is now a label for professional refrigerators with a ranking from 1 to 8, where 8 is highest energy efficiency level.

Where can I get more information?
For more information, visit the web sites: www.electrolux.com/foodservice or contact Cristina Zuliani: cristina.zuliani@electrolux.it

ecostore range was launched in March 2012.

Electrolux Professional is a leading global supplier to the catering, hospitality and care industry providing professional kitchens and laundry solutions. With the most comprehensive range of appliances for food preparation and preservation, dishwashing, and laundry systems, Electrolux is a brand synonymous with reliability, innovation and sustainability. It has 90 years’ experience and a portfolio of products designed according to strictest quality, safety and sustainability standards. Electrolux Professional is recognized worldwide for its social and environmental performance and its product lines meet and exceed international standards. In 2012 Electrolux Professional had sales of about EUR 650 million, approximately 2,600 employees, 7 factories, over 1,000 dealers in 140 countries and almost 2,000 service partners located in more than 140 countries. For more information, visit the web site: http://www.electrolux.com/professional.


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