Press release Uniroyal auctions a spot in a Fun Cup car

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Press release

Uniroyal auctions a spot in a Fun Cup car
Off to the 25-hour race in Spa via eBay
Hanover, in May 2005. Race car fans now have the opportunity to purchase a starting spot in a Uniroyal Fun Cup race car for the 25-hour race in Spa by auction. The only requirements are a valid class B driver’s licence (formerly class 3), as well as a medical certificate. Costs for accommodation which is 2 nights in a 4-star hotel, are covered by Uniroyal. The total revenue obtained through the auction will be donated to ACHSE, a non-profit organisation which attends to rare chronic diseases led by Eva Luise Köhler. Racing fans are able to search for this auction by using the search tool. If eBay turns out to be unsuccessful, one can also try to win a driver’s spot through Uniroyal Fun Cup’s online game under
Currently, racing fans interested can secure themselves a seat in the cockpit of a Uniroyal Fun Cup-Beetle through eBay. The Fun Cup organiser Uniroyal is auctioning one driver’s spot for the 25-hour race which will take place on July 8th until July 10th 2005 on the Belgian Formula 1 race track in Spa-Francorchamps. In addition to the driver’s spot, the auction also includes accommodation, a racing licence, as well as the use of specific racing gear.


Uniroyal Fun Cup races are driven with lightweight Fun Cup Beetles that accelerate up to over 200 km/h thanks to a 130 horse power series engine. Especially acceleration and

precise handling will be required due to the curvy race course in Spa. The Uniroyal Fun Cup is a “brand cup” that has taken place in Belgium since 1997. The Fun Cup event is one of the cheapest ways to practise racing, not only because the vehicles are powered by conventional engines but also because Uniroyal sponsors the RainSport1 series tyres. The cars comply with modern safety standards due to its concentric seat positioning and a tubular steel chassis.

Anyone interested who is unsuccessful through eBay can try to “race” for a Fun Cup participation: With a little bit of luck, users of the Uniroyal Fun Cup online game can simultaneously win a spot in the driver’s seat while also having fun. After all, the online game was recently awarded with a “silver pencil” at the creativity contest “One Show Interactive”. If anyone interested is unsuccessful in both eBay and the online game, one also has the opportunity to rent or purchase a Fun Cup car (


The Belgian rubber products manufacturer Englebert produced tyres from 1895 and the company's customers included Continental AG. When the firm merged with US Rubber in 1958, it was then known as Uniroyal Englebert. Uniroyal, the inventor of the rain tyre, has been a European brand within the portfolio of Continental AG in Hanover, Germany since 1979.
The Continental Group is a leading supplier of tyres, braking systems, suspension components and technical elastomers. In 2003 the company achieved a turnover of 11.5 billion euros and employs some 69,000 staff worldwide.
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