Panasonic introduces 3d full hd home cinema projector with hollywood tuning

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Brighter and Clearer 3D with 3D Motion Remaster for Natural and Immersive Theater Experience
Berlin, Germany, Aug. 29, 2012- Panasonic Europe today announced the new Full HD 3D home theater projector, the PT-AT6000E. The PT-AT6000E embodies Panasonic’s 11 years of home cinema projector engineering, and produces 2,400 lm of brightness with incredible 500,000:1 contrast ratio with innovative 3D features. The PT-AT6000E delivers higher level of picture quality in 2D images packed with advanced 3D features for natural and comfortable movie theater experience at home.
The core of Panasonic’s home cinema projector has been the pursuit for “true images.” To this end, collaboration between Hollywood filmmakers and the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) engineers has taken place since 2003. Working side by side with the Hollywood professionals, the PT-AT6000E has been fine tuned to match the intended images, and raise the standard for 2D and 3D performance in the world of home theater projectors.
Excellent Picture Quality

The PT-AT6000E contains 220W Red Rich Lamp for increased red intensity which produces bright images and stunning color reproduction. The new design of the prism and lens with higher convergence characteristic also contribute to the 2,400 lumens of high brightness. Together with the increase in brightness, the PT-AT6000E generates deeper blacks with a contrast ratio of 500,000:1. With the higher contrast, it adds more depth, fine details and rich taste to the colors. The Panasonic’s Pure Contrast Plate technology, Pure Color Filter Pro, and Smooth Screen technology also makes the PT-AT6000E one of the best picture quality in its class.

Advanced 3D Features

Panasonic’s strive for comfortable and natural 3D viewing at home distinguishes itself aside from its competition. As an improvement from its predecessor model, PT-AT5000E, the PT-AT6000E ensures less crosstalk and 20% brighter images for easy viewing. Furthermore, the new 3D Motion Remaster corrects unnatural 3D movement which is inherent to active 3D shutter system. Active shutter 3D technology operates by taking turns opening and closing the shutter for left/right lens, which in turn creates the 3D images. However, this creates a slight delay of 1/120 seconds between each eye which creates an unnatural parallax. In order to resolve this issue the projector interpolates an image that compensates for the 1/120 seconds lag for smooth continuous 3D movement.

The new 3D Viewing Monitor and 3D Picture Balance ensures even more comfortable and safe 3D viewing experience. The 3D Viewing Monitor visually shows that the amount of parallax in the 3D images are within the safe zone set forth by the 3D Consortium Committee, as the amount of parallax varies according to screen size. Using the 3D Viewing Monitor you can also highlight positive and negative parallax within each image. The 3D Picture Balance feature, allows both right and left eye image to be shown side-by-side to match the colors of the two sides.

The enhanced Detail Clarity Processor 4 and Frame Creation 2 are optimized for 3D images. Just like in 2D images, these two features bring out the natural fine detailed images as well as sharp and clear images in fast moving scenes. Also, Frame Creation 2 is now available during 2D-3D conversion. On top of excellent 3D features, Keystone correction, powered zoom and focus, and color management function can also be enjoyed in 3D.

The projector is equipped with built-in IR emitter that can transmit up to 6m (20ft) and can be used with Panasonic original 3D eyewear, TY-EW3D3M, or with third party 3D IR glasses like for example the XpanD X104. Optional IR emitter is also available for longer transmission distance of up to 10m (33ft). The Panasonic optional 3D eyewear, TY-EW3D3M, is compatible with The PT-AE6000E.
Installation Flexibility and Customization

The installation for PT-AT6000E is easy and simple with 2x zoom lens and wide range of lens shift. The PT-AT6000E can project 120in screen in diagonal from as close as 3.6m to 7.2m. The projector can be installed in either ceiling or mounted to a wall with +/- 100% vertical adjustment and +/- 26% horizontal adjustment.

As most Blu-ray movies come in an aspect ratio (2.35:1) that is wider than the projector’s aspect ratio (16:9), the Panasonic’s Intelligent Lens Memory automatically detects and switches lens and focus position depending on the aspect ratio. “In the light of the increasing number of Blu-ray movies mastered in widescreen format the Intelligent Lens Memory feature has been expanded to 3D with the PT-AT6000E”, explains Hartmut Kulessa, Marketing Manager for Projectors at Panasonic, “this is reflecting the fact that an improved immersive 3D experience is achieved by a wide viewing angle and a large screen size.”

The Advanced Gamma Adjustment has been improved from nine to fifteen points to adjust and bring out the image to a desired level without distorting the details. By using Split-Adjust mode, users can freeze the scene and make adjustments while comparing the original image side-by-side.

The PT-AT6000E contains three HDMI input terminal with DeepColor and x.v. Color for digital transmission along with two 12V Trigger to create ideal home theater. If the users’ home theater system consists of VIERA Link ready equipment, then the projector can be connected via VIERA Link without the need of multiple remote controls. The remote control for the projector has backlight effect for easier operation even in a dark theater room.
The Panasonic’s new advanced 3D compatible Full HD home theater projector, PT-AT6000E, will be available from September 2012.

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