Open Municipal Infrastructure Program II, Water Supply and Waste Water in Ganja and Sheki (Phase III)

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Invitation to Tender

Open Municipal Infrastructure Program II,

Water Supply and Waste Water in Ganja and Sheki (Phase III)
Deadline: 18.12.2015 at 17:00 local time

Country: Azerbaijan

Tender: International competitive bidding with post qualification

Ref-No: BMZ 2008.6619.4

Project: Open Programme Municipal Infrastructure II

Water Supply and Wastewater Systems in Sheki

KFW/BMZ 2008.6619.4/SHEKI/PH-II/C-3

Employer: “Azersu” Open Joint Stock Company

Recipient: “Sheki Sukanal” Subsidiary Open Joint Stock Companies

Funding: KfW Development Bank (KfW) and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Contract Award follows the current KfW “Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works and associated Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries” (see

Project Measures:

This announcement refers to the replacement and extension of the water supply and wastewater network systems in Sheki. This includes the construction of a main sewer collector conveying the wastewater to the location of the new WWTP. The WWTP will be set-up and constructed under a separate contract.

The scope of work shall be summarized as follows:

  • Replacement and extension of water supply pipes, mostly HDPE (PN10) up to DN355;

  • Construction of valve chambers, washout chambers, pressure relief chambers, chlorine residual measurement and flow measurement chambers;

  • Construction of two reservoirs (2 x 1.500m³);

  • Replacement and extension of wastewater pipes, corrugated HDPE, up to DN 500;

  • Construction of a main sewer collector, HDPE up to DN 600 and concrete pipes for diameters between DN 800 – 1200;

  • Completion of works at Gurjana reservoir (disinfection system, booster station).

All works and supplies have to correspond to the relevant European Norms (EN) and/or Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) Standards under consideration of the Azeri laws and regulations.

Companies with qualified personnel, appropriate facilities and experience in the execution of comparable projects may request the tender documents, against the following fee at the address below:

Fee for Tender Documents: AZN 300 (USD 286)

The non-refundable fee to be transferred to the following account:

Beneficiary’s Name: “AZERSU” OJSC

INTP: 9900001751

Beneficiary’s Bank: Kapital Bank of Azerbaijan Republic, Nasimi branch 1

INTP: 9900003611

Local currency account No: AZ65AIIB33070019441100216111

Foreign currency account AZ55AIIB33170018401100216111

Code: 200112


Upon sending of a copy of the bank transfer receipt, the tender documents will be transferred in electronic version to the applicants.

Place of bid submission: Azersu OJSC (Address as below)

Contact person: Ilqar Tagiyev,

Head of Tenders and International Projects Management Department

“Azersu” Open Joint Stock Company

Tel.: +994 (012) 431 47 67 (1033), Fax.: +994 (012) 431 47 92

67, Moscow ave., AZ 1012, Baku,

The Republic of Azerbaijan


additional copy to: KfW Development Bank (KfW)

Department LEd4

Ms Ursula Heister

Palmengartenstraße 5-9

D – 60 325 Frankfurt/Main



additional copy to: Dornier-Schneider Consulting (DSC)

Frank Ehrlicher

Darmstädter Straße 13

60 424 Heppenheim



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