Olav Sigurd Kjesbu

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1 October 2008

Olav Sigurd Kjesbu, Dr.Scient. is principal scientist at the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway. His Doctoral degree from the University of Bergen (1988) focused on the reproductive biology of Atlantic cod, including both field and laboratory studies. Dr. Kjesbu has about 100 papers in print or in press, of which about 60 are in peer-reviewed journals or books. His total number of ISI citations is presently about 1300. His scientific interests are fish physiology, marine aquaculture, applied fish reproductive biology, and recruitment studies. Kjesbu has a broad experience in being in charge of research programs and teams, involving from 10 to 25 research scientists. Prior to his current position, he was IMR Program leader for seven years, firstly for the program Reproduction and Recruitment and then Reproduction and Early Life History of Fish and Shellfish and has now just completed his 3-year post as the Head of the IMR Research Group Recruitment Biology and Behaviour. The evaluations from international panels have been very good. Kjesbu has for many years been leading a dedicated group of research scientists and technicians within fish reproductive biology/stock reproductive potential studies. He has also been leading a large number of internally and externally funded projects. Recently he was the co-ordinator for the EU project RASER Reproduction and Stock Evaluation for Recovery http://raser.imr.no. Kjesbu plays an active role as a convener, both within ICES and at international symposia. He has supervised 17 Master Students (including from developing countries) and 8 Ph.D-students. A high number of guest scientists have visited the laboratory, which is considered to be among the most modern ones existing within applied fish reproductive biology using advanced histological/stereological techniques and automated image analysis.
Selected references (last 3 years)

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Olav Sigurd Kjesbu

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