Oddified Mag Diff

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Oddified Mag Diff
Congratulations on your purchase of the new Oddified mag differential. The diff is the current cutting edge of differentials for large scale model cars. The diff is fitted with 2 extra friction plates, plus 2 coils of wire making the diff revolutionary for model cars. Below are a few simple instructions and tips for the diff. Please also remember that when the diff is operated by hand, it will fell notchy like an electric motor, this is quite normal.

The diff can be used with various mediums inside, from grease to silicone oil. The diff will generally be supplied with grease; this makes the diff quite mild in its operation on acceleration out of tight corners. Filling the diff with silicone oil progressively gives more drive out of tight corners but if you’re racing on a low grip track can prove to be too much and the rear of the car may step out on acceleration. The best grease to use is Castrol LM, or use silicone shock oil between 1000 weight (mild) and 10,000 weight (more aggressive). Fill the diff approximately half full if using silicone oil.

The diff is fairly maintenance free, but should the diff be taken in bit’s for any reason, then it’s important to re-assemble the parts correctly, mainly the location of the output gears/magnets with this version of diff with the 2 coils. On the outer edge of the aluminium rings of magnets fixed on the output gears, there are two arrows. It’s very very important that upon re-assembly these are aligned across the differential. See picture below.

If the arrows are not aligned upon re-assembly the additional coils will have no effect on the operation of the diff and not provide any additional drive in the car. If however you wish to reduce the diff’s effectiveness then deliberately moving them out of alignment by one tooth on the diff gears will effectively half the braking force supplied by the coil system. If silicone oil is being used, it’s advisable to occasionally check the 2 shims behind the output gears as they can wear out due to silicone not being a lubricant.
Ian Oddie

www.oddified.com ian@oddified.freeserve.co.uk

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