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20 December 2011

(11 6685)

Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Original: Spanish



Notifying Member: ARGENTINA

If applicable, name of local government involved:


Agency responsible: Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria, SENASA (National Agriculture and Food Quality and Health Service)


Products covered (provide tariff item number(s) as specified in national schedules deposited with the WTO; ICS numbers should be provided in addition, where applicable): Hop (Humulus lupulus) rhizomes


Regions or countries likely to be affected, to the extent relevant or practicable:

[ ] All trading partners

[X] Specific regions or countries: Germany


Title of the notified document: Requisitos Fitosanitarios establecidos por Argentina para el ingreso de rizomas de lúpulo (Humulus lupulus) originarios de Alemania (Phytosanitary requirements established by Argentina for the entry of hop (Humulus lupulus) rhizomes originating in Germany) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 1

Text available at:


Description of content: The draft text establishes the additional declarations required on phytosanitary certificates accompanying consignments of hop plants (Humulus lupulus).


Objective and rationale: [ ] food safety, [ ] animal health, [X] plant protection, [ ] protect humans from animal/plant pest or disease, [ ] protect territory from other damage from pests.


Is there a relevant international standard? If so, identify the standard:

[ ] Codex Alimentarius Commission (e.g. title or serial number of Codex standard or related text)

[ ] World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) (e.g. Terrestrial or Aquatic Animal Health Code, chapter number)

[ ] International Plant Protection Convention (e.g. ISPM number)

[X] None

Does this proposed regulation conform to the relevant international standard?

[ ] Yes [ ] No

If no, describe, whenever possible, how and why it deviates from the international standard:


Other relevant documents and language(s) in which these are available:


Proposed date of adoption (dd/mm/yy): After the close of the comment period

Proposed date of publication (dd/mm/yy):


Proposed date of entry into force: [ ] Six months from date of publication, and/or (dd/mm/yy): Immediately upon adoption

[ ] Trade facilitating measure


Final date for comments: [X] Sixty days from the date of circulation of the notification and/or (dd/mm/yy): 17 February 2012

Agency or authority designated to handle comments: [ ] National Notification Authority, [X] National Enquiry Point. Address, fax number and e mail address (if available) of other body:


Texts available from: [ ] National Notification Authority, [X] National Enquiry Point. Address, fax number and e mail address (if available) of other body:

Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria (SENASA)

Coordinación de Relaciones Internacionales e Institucionales

Tel.: +(54 11) 4121 5353

Fax: +(54 11) 4121 5360

E mail: or


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