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Northrop Grumman Corporation
Space Technology


115 Jackson Road

Devens, MA 01434-4408


13 January 2010

Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research

& Big Bear Solar Observatory

New Jersey Institute of Technology

University Heights

Newark, NJ 07102
Attention: Philip Goode
Subject: 349-Channel 5mm spaced Deformable Mirror System Modification

Reference: PO 1003449

Dear Dr. Goode;
I have been asked to provide you with both a statement of work revision and price delta to incorporate thermally managed upgrades to the current 349-channel standard deformable as requested.
Attached please find a statement of work which details out the added effort that is being contemplated.
Xinetics price to perform these upgrades is $30,000.00. This price includes the replacement cost for parts that have already been ordered and received, additional piece parts for thermal management, added machining time for the modifications and the associated drawings and documentation.
These changes will impact the overall end of the program. The actual impact will be determined upon the timing of a modification to the Purchase Order incorporating these changes.

Please contact the undersigned with any questions.

Warmest Regards,

Michael Sheedy

Manager Contracts & Pricing

115 Jackson Road, Devens, MA 01434, (978) 772-0352 ext. 114 TEL, (978) 772-6742 FAX

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