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Sr. DME (D)/NGC Tender Notice No. NGC/D/LC/02/13




TENDER NOTICE NO. NGC/D/LC/02/13 Dated: 13.05.2013

TENDER FORM (First sheet)

Cost of Tender Form

Rs.2000/- in person Rs2500/- By post

TENDER No. NGC/D/LC/02/13 Dated 13.05.2013

Tender Form No. NGC/D/LC/02/13

Sold to M/S…………………………………………………..

Against MR No…………………..dt……………………….

Rs…………..………..deposited at……………………station

On date…………………..







Name of Work: - Loco cleaning and washing at Diesel Loco Shed/NGC, N. F. Railway

for a period of one year.

  1. I/We __________________________________________have read the various conditions to tender attached here to and hereby agrees to; abide by the said conditions. I/We also agree to keep this tender open for acceptance for a period of 120 days from the date fixed for opening of the same and in default thereof. I/We will be liable for forfeiture of my/our “Earnest Money”. I/We offer to do the work for Sr. DME(DSL), N.F. Railway, New Guwahati Diesel loco shed” at the rates quoted in the attached schedule of rate and hereby bind myself /ourselves to complete the work in all respects within stipulated period from the date of issue of letter of acceptance of the tender.

  1. I/We also hereby agree to abide the Conditions of contract given in second sheet of tender form and to carry out the work according to the Special Conditions and specifications of work as laid down by the Railways for the present contract.

  1. A sum of Rs. 31,800/-(Rupees thirty one thousand eight hundred only) is herewith forwarded as “Earnest Money”. The full value of the earnest money shall stand forfeited without prejudice to any other rights or remedies in case my/our tender is accepted and if:-

  1. I/We execute the contract documents within fifteen days after receipt of notice issued by the Railway that such documents are ready, or

  1. I/We commence the work within the time limit specified by the Railways after receipt of letter of acceptance to that effect.

  1. Until a formal agreement is prepared and executed, acceptance of this tender shall constitute a binding contract between us subject to modifications, as may be mutually agreed between us and indicated in the letter of acceptance of my/our offer for this work.

Signature of witness Signature of Tenderer (S)

  1. Date:

Tenderer’s address

TENDER FORM (Second sheet)
Instructions to Tenderers and conditions of tender:
The following documents form part of tender/contract

  1. Tender forms – First sheet and Second sheet

  2. Special conditions/Specifications (enclosed)

  3. Schedule of Rates and work (enclosed)

The scope of the work is given in special conditions/specifications (enclosed)

The tenderer (S) shall quote his/their rates in the format given for Schedule of Rates and work.

The tenders containing erasures and/or alternation of the tender documents are liable to be rejected. Any correction made by the tenderer(s) in his/their entries must be attested by him/them. The works are required to be completed within the specified period from the date of issue of acceptance letter.

  1. Earnest Money (EM):

Estimated cost of the work is Rs 15, 90,000.00 (Rupees fifteen lakh ninety thousand only)
The Tender must be accompanied by sum of Rs 31,800.00 (Rupees thirty one thousand eight hundred only) as earnest money deposited in any of the forms as mentioned below in favour of FA & CAO, N F Railway Maligoan , failing which the tender will likely not to be considered.
1.1. In the form of deposit receipt, fixed deposit, demand draft or guarantee bonds executed by State Bank of India or any Nationalized Bank.

    1. Government securities (Stock) certificate, bearer bonds bankers’ cheque, promissory notes, certificates, etc. will not be accepted as EMD.

  1. The tenderer shall keep the offer opened for a minimum period of 120 days from the date of opening of the tender, it is understood that the tender documents have been sold/issued to the tenderer(s) and the tender is permits to tenderer in consideration of stipulation on his/their part that after submitting his/their tender subject to the period being extended further if required by mutual agreement from time to time. He will not resign from his offer or modify the terms and conditions thereof in a manner not acceptable to the Sr. DME (Diesel) NGC, N. F. Railway. If the tenderer fail to observe or comply with the foregoing stipulation, the amount deposited as earnest money for the due performance of the above stipulation shall be forfeited to the Railway.

  1. If the tender is accepted, the amount of earnest money will be retained and adjusted as security deposit for the due and faithful fulfillment of the contract.

This amount of security deposit shall be forfeited if the tenderer (s)/ contractor (s) fail to execute the agreement bond within 15 days after receipt of notice issued by Railway that such documents are ready or to commence the work within specified time after receipt of the order to that effect.
©. The Earnest money of the unsuccessful tenderer (s) will, be returned to the unsuccessful tenderers within a reasonable time but the Railway shall not be responsible for any loss or depreciation that may happened to the security for the due performance of the stipulation to keep the offer open for the period specified in the tender documents or to the earnest money while in their possession nor be liable to pay interest thereon.

2.0. Security Deposit (SD):

The successful tenderer will be required to deposit a sum of rupees equal to 5% of the total value of the contract. The earnest money is converted to part of security deposit money. And balance amount will be deducted from his running bill to fulfill the total security deposit i.e. 5% of the contract value @ 10% of the bill amount.

(No interest is payable Security Deposit/ earnest money.)
3.0. Performance guarantees bonds:
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