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Paragraph 1 - A cricket, a cat, a mouse and a boy sounds like a strange concept for a book. In the book A Cricket In Times Square, a country cricket makes friends with some city dwellers – a mouse, a cat and a boy. The cricket, Chester, has to adjust to city life, but finds a way to help his new human friend. It is a story about friendship and hardships. This imaginary tale was written by George Selden and illustrated by Garth Williams. It was published by Dell Publishing. Its copyright date is 1960.


Paragraph 2 – This story took place in a subway station in Times Square in New York City. The station was dirty and noisy with subway cars running all day and night. People rushed to and from the subway cars trying to get to where they were going quickly. The Bellinis owned a newsstand in this subway station. They worked very hard but not a lot of people stopped at their stand and they were very poor. The newsstand was small with only enough room for two or three people to squish in. Inside the stand were all kinds of papers and magazines, a cash register, and a radio for the Bellinis to listen to while they waited for people to buy their papers. Harry and Tucker’s drainpipe was nearby and they could watch all of the people go by. The drainpipe was messy and filled with junk that Tucker had scrounged. There was also a food stand in the station where people could get hotdogs and drinks. A man named Mickey worked there. He had red hair and was Mario’s friend.

Paragraph 3 – There were several main characters in A Cricket in Times Square. There was Chester Cricket. He came from Connecticut where the air was clean and fresh. He loved to chirp on his favorite stump on summer nights. Chester came to New York City by accident and ended up in a subway station in Times Square. There he met Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse. Harry and Tucker were best friends. Harry Cat was a large cat who liked to roam the city at night. Tucker Mouse was a round mouse who liked to scrounge and save everything. He had a high squeaky voice. Harry and Tucker lived together in a drainpipe in the subway station. The Bellini family, Mama, Papa, and Mario were also very important in this story. They were an Italian family who owned a newsstand in the subway station. They were a very poor family but were very close to each other. Mama and Papa loved music. Mario went to school but helped at the newsstand on weekends.


Paragraph 4 – At the beginning of A Cricket In Times Square Chester Cricket is in his meadow in Connecticut when he accidentally gets trapped in a picnic basket. The picnic basket makes it all the way to New York City before he can get out. He is found by Mario Bellini who keeps him in the newsstand in a tiny, golden Chinese pagoda made especially for a cricket. He is fed mulberry leaves. He meets Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse on the first night he spends in the newsstand. They become good friends. Chester sees that the Bellinis are poor and the newsstand doesn’t sell a lot of papers and magazines. He finds out that he can help them by playing beautiful music with his wings. Chester learns different kinds of “people” music, which brings people from all over the city to the newsstand to hear him play. While they listen to the music, the people buy papers from the Bellinis. Chester, Harry, and Tucker have lots of adventures. Once they decided to have a party and they almost burned the newsstand down! Boy, was Mama Bellini mad! Chester was almost thrown out of the newsstand for that!


Paragraph 5 – My favorite part in A Cricket in Times Square was when Chester Cricket saw Harry Cat for the first time. Chester had just met Tucker Mouse and all of a sudden he saw an enormous cat standing above Tucker! He yelled at Tucker to be careful and then hopped and hid under a piece of Kleenex. He thought Tucker was going to be eaten! When he peeked out of the matchbox and saw that Harry and Tucker were really friends, he felt a little silly but happy that his new friend was okay. He was also glad to have another new friend. I liked this part because it made me a little nervous, because I didn’t want Tucker to be eaten either, and it made me laugh when I realized that Harry and Tucker were friends. I loved this book and think that everyone should read it!

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