Nasa checklist effective Jan 2011 (roses info effective 4/29/11)

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Effective Jan 2011 (ROSES info effective 4/29/11)

***Please check specific program solicitation for accurate proposal submissions, or additional materials required. Check *NEW* items for major changes this year. ***

Cover Page: Consists of Proposal Summary, Business Data, NASA Budget Pages, Program Specific Data, and the Proposal Team

Proposal Summary – Should not exceed 4,000 characters or contain any special characters or formatting

Business Data ­­

  • Make sure all fields are complete.

  • If international participation is involved then verify we have a letter of commitment for resources from the foreign institution. NASA funds should NOT be used to support foreign institutions or travel of foreign persons who do not have an active appointment at a US institution. Also, review any export control issues.

  • NASA civil servants should have their effort months for the federal fiscal year (as of 3/17/11). For the most up-to-date information on how to handle civil servants visit: *NEW*

NASA Budget Pages

  • The NASA budget pages, the detailed budget, and the budget justification should match.

  • Salary and fringe should be in separate cost categories. Also travel should be split between domestic and foreign.

  • GSFC/NASA assessments should be added as a second line item under Indirect Costs

  • NASA civil servant expenses should be added as an additional line item under Other Direct Costs, with the exception of salary which should not be included (only months of effort should be included…as of 3/17/11). For the most up-to-date information on how to handle civil servants visit: *NEW*

  • Other federal agencies and national labs, with proposed funding, should be added as an additional line item under Other Direct Costs. Their total funding should be included.

Program Specific Data

  • Make sure all fields are complete.

  • #3 and #4 should be answered “Yes” if any funding is included for assessments, civil servants, or other federal agencies/national labs.

  • Review for Export Controls, especially if foreign participants are included

Proposal Team

  • PI and all team members must electronically verify their organizational relationships and role on the project via NSPIRES before submission. Note, multiple PIs are not allowed. Review other PI and Co-I categories in the Proposer’s Guidebook.

  • Verify all team member information is correct when their names are clicked.

  • Bio sketches and current and pending should NOT be uploaded here for ROSES submissions, but in the main pdf file that is attached to the proposal. Non-ROSES proposals allows these files to be submitted here or as part of the main pdf file, but not both. See solicitation for any deviations.

  • Civil Servants need to enter the amount (excluding salary) for their portion of the project (as of 3/17/11). For the most up-to-date information on how to handle civil servants visit: *NEW*

  • Other federal agencies and national labs need to enter the amount requested for their organization

Proposal Document (main proposal pdf file): Consists of Table of Contents, Scientific/Technical/Management, References/Citations, Bio Sketches, Current & Pending, Letter of Commitment/Support, Budget Narrative and Details, Special Notifications/Certifications (in this order)

Table of Contents

  • Page limit is 1

  • Verify table of contents page numbers match the actual proposal page numbers


  • Page limit is 15, unless otherwise specified in the solicitation

  • Must be single-space, in English, use a font of at least 12 point (no more than ~15 characters per inch horizontally and 5.5 lines per inch vertically),

  • 10 mb file size for each proposal, must be an unlocked and searchable pdf file

  • Should not contain classified material

  • At the very least it should include: objective/expected significance of research, technical approach/methodology, perceived impact and relevance of proposed research, general plan of work, and data sharing as appropriate. See specific solicitation for each proposal for any deviations

  • Ensure management/plan of work does not overstate roles to include cost sharing. If an unfunded collaborator is included on an if-and-when basis, ensure something is stated to this effect.


  • No page limit. Standard abbreviations for journals and full names for books

Bio Sketches

  • PI bio sketch has a 2 page limit, Co-I bio sketch has a 1 page limit unless they fall into special Co-I categories listed in 1.4.2 of the proposer’s Guidebook

  • Should include professional experiences and positions and a bibliography of recent publications

  • For those who are required to submit current and pending support, they must also include a description of scientific, technical and management performance on relevant prior research efforts

Current and Pending Support

  • Info for all current project and pending support/proposals for the PI, including projects with unpaid effort. Also required for Co-I’s proposed to perform 10% or more of the work

  • Do NOT include the proposal that is being submitted, unless it was submitted to another agency

  • Each item should include: title of award/proposal, name of PI on project, sponsoring agency, performance period, total budget, and commitment of person-months per year for each year

Letter of Commitment/Support

  • Do not include letters of affirmation (eg, letters that state “I have no involvement with the proposal but I think the research is great and should be supported”)

  • Signed letters of support are required from the owner of any facility or resource not under the PI’s direct control. Use of government facilities, that no not publically state their availability (via web), requires a letter from a government official verifying the availability during the dates of the proposed work.

  • Non-US organizations must also provide a signed letter of support verifying their support and use of resources for the periods of the proposed work.

  • Some solicitations will request signed statements of commitment. However, unless identified as otherwise in the solicitation, the electronic confirmation in the Proposal Team area fulfills this requirement.

Budget Narrative/Details

  • Must describe the basis of estimate and rationale for each proposed component of cost for each year of the proposal. Travel must be broken down by number of travelers, number of days, conference fees, air fare, per diem, misc expenses, etc. Printing costs should be broken down by the number of pages and cost per page, as well as the title of journal (best estimate).

  • A table of personnel and work effort is required, and should include names/titles and months committed (include unpaid as well). Listing effort without pay is voluntary committed cost sharing.

  • A description of facilities and special equipment is required.

  • Each subcontractor must provide a budget justification for their portion of the proposal.

  • A detailed budget spreadsheet, in any format, is required. It must include Direct Labor (salaries, fringe benefits, level of effort, titles), Other Costs (subcontracts, consultants, equipment, supplies, travel, etc…as applicable), Facilities and Administrative Costs, and totals.

  • Ensure that the justification designates how much should go to each institution when we are involving NASA centers or other federal agencies/national labs.

  • Detailed budget for Civil Servants should not be included. For the most up-to-date information on how to handle civil servants visit: *NEW*

  • Detailed budgets and SOWs for subcontractors or other federal agencies/national labs should be included.

Special Notifications/Certifications

Other UMBC Considerations

  • Correct application of the F&A and proper exclusions taken for MTDC

  • Routing and proposal budget should match

  • Proposal should be fully routed

  • Cost Sharing and Cost Waiver forms should be routed as applicable

  • Effort and salary should match, unless cost sharing is involved

  • Participant costs should be properly classified and the correct F&A charged

  • Proper department credit should be given on the routing (no roll up dept numbers)

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