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Merideth Finn


Merideth Finn began at New Line Cinema in 1999 as a story editor. During her 12 years at the studio, Finn worked in theatrical acquisitions, development and production, and most recently ran the New York office. In addition to finding and developing underlying literary material and life rights into features, Finn oversaw production on several New Line movies.

Currently, Finn is a producer at Cue the Dog productions, where she is a co-founder.
Finn has worked with many notable filmmakers including Sydney Pollack, Mike Newell, Stephen Daldry, Chris Noonan, Guillermo del Toro, Walter Salles, John Waters and Noah Bombach. She was featured as one of “The Hollywood Reporter’s Next Generation 2007: 35 executives who are shaping the future of Hollywood today,” published 11/6/07.
Finn developed and oversaw production of the following New Line films:

  • HALL PASS, The Farrelly Brother’s comedy, starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis (#1 movie in domestic box office opening weekend).

Finn oversaw production of the following Fine Line and Picturehouse films:

  • WHO THE #@%$ IS JACKSON POLLOCK? Documentary.

  • RUN FAT BOY, RUN, directed by David Schwimmer, starring Simon Pegg.

  • A DIRTY SHAME, directed by John Waters, starring Johnny Knoxville.

Finn’s projects in development at NL include:

Finn was involved with the acquisition of the following Fine Line & Picturehouse films:

  • Shari Springer Berman & Bob Pulcini’s Academy Award™ nominated film AMERICAN SPLENDOR.

  • Alejandro Amenábar’s Academy Award™ winning film THE SEA INSIDE.


Prior to working at New Line, Finn worked for Arnold Koppelson as his NY story editor, Franklin and Siegal as a literary scout in the film and television department, and at Heyday Films in London as an intern.

Finn graduated with Honors, magna cum laude and with the distinction of the American Studies department award from Brandeis University in 1996.

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