More about Sigyn Strings

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More about Sigyn Strings

Sigyn Strings consists of Turku-based musicians who play classical, light and popular music alike. All the band members are experienced professionals who teach at the Turku Conservatory. Sigyn Strings is: Simo Vuoristo (I violin), Arja Sippel (II violin), Harri Sippel (viola) and Irma Sandren (cello).

The quartet’s wide repertoire consists of music for every occasion: light classical melodies, evergreens, Finnish hit music, operettas and Wiener music, Beatles songs, Gypsy music, ragtime, jazz and film music as well as dance music according to the customers' needs. Sigyn Strings has played in various places and events such as family celebrations, business occasions, gala dinners, State visits, TV shows and church concerts. Before Christmas, 1999, the quartet released a Christmas album ‘Joulu-Sigyn’ with the opera singer and soprano Riikka Hakola.

Sigyn Strings is an elegant option for festivities and receptions, both as an independent number and background music. The quartet can also help in the planning of the programme for the evening.

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