Monumenta Germaniae Historica

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Monumenta Germaniae Historica

The Monumenta Germaniae Historica, frequently abbreviated as MGH, was first published in 1826. Medievalists from Germany and, subsequently, other countries, joined the search for manuscripts, and eventually in the publication of these scholarly editions. It contains historical works, charters, legal texts, letters political texts, and literature from the European Middle Ages. In addition to the five series Antiquitates, Diplomata, Epistolae, Leges, Scriptores and Necrologia, there are a number of subsidiaries or sub-series. The early volumes have been periodically updated by the editorial staff, and new volumes are still being added. Recently a portion of the MGH has become available onlin and is available to the Penn community at Listed below are the individual volumes in the MGH. Locations are indicated by call number and the designation MSS (Medieval Studies Seminar, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, Room 405 for those volumes that faculty have selected to be non-circulating) and S, for those volumes located in the the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center stacks.
The MGH is organized as follows:

Scriptores  [Geschichtsschreiber] [historians]

1. Auctores antiquissimi

2. Scriptores rerum Merovingicarum

3. Scriptores rerum Langobardicarum et Italicarum

4. Gesta pontificum Romanorum

5. Scriptores (in Folio)

6. Scriptores rerum Germanicarum, Nova series

7. Scriptores rerum Germanicarum in usum scholarum separatim editi

8. Deutsche Chroniken

9. Libelli de lite imperatorum et pontificum

10. Staatsschriften des späteren Mittelalters
Leges  [Rechtstexte] [legislation]

1. Leges (in Folio)

2. Leges nationum Germanicarum

3. Capitularia regum Francorum

3a. Capitularia regum Francorum, Nova series

4. Concilia

Capitula episcoporum

Ordines de celebrando concilio

5. Constitutiones et acta publica imperatorum et regum

6. Formulae Merowingici et Karolini aevi

7. Fontes iuris Germanici antiqui, Nova series

8. Fontes iuris Germanici antiqui in usum scholarum separatim editi
Diplomata  [Urkanden] [instruments and deeds]

1. Diplomata (in Folio)

Die Urkanden der Merowinger

2. Die Urkanden der Karolinger

Die Urkanden der burgandischen Rudolfinger

3. Die Urkanden der deutschen Karolinger

4. Die Urkanden der deutschen Könige and Kaiser

5. Laienfürsten- and Dynastenurkanden der Kaiserzeit

6. Die Urkanden der Lateinischen Könige von Jerusalem
Epistolae  [Briefe] [letters]

1. Epistolae (in Quart)

2. Die Briefe der deutschen Kaiserzeit

2a. Briefe des späteren Mittelalters

3. Epistolae saeculi XIII e regestis pontificum Romanorum selectae

4. Epistolae selectae
Antiquitates  [Dichtung and Gedenküberlieferung] [Latin poetry and memorials]

1. Poetae Latini medii aevi

2. Necrologia Germaniae

3. Libri memoriales

4. Libri memoriales et Necrologia, Nova series
weitere Reihen [other series]

Quellen zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters

Deutsches Mittelalter. Kritische Studientexte

Hebräische Texte aus dem mittelalterlichen Deutschland



Schriften der Monumenta Germaniae Historica

Studien and Texte

Auctores antiquissimi DD3 M8 A8 Medieval Studies Seminar

1,1. Salviani presbyteri Massiliensis Libri qui supersunt

Edited by Karl Halm.

VII and 176 S. 4º. 1877. Reprint 1991.   ISBN 3-921575-11-7  

1,2. Eugippii Vita sancti Severini

Edited by Hermann Sauppe.

XX and 36 P. 4º. 1877. Reprint 1985.   ISBN 3-88612-011-2  

2. Eutropi Breviarium ab urbe condita cum versionibus Graecis et Pauli Landolfique additamentis

Edited by Hans Droysen.

LXXII and 430 P. 4º. 1879. Reprint 2000.   ISBN 3-921575-12-5  

3,1. Victoris Vitensis Historia persecutionis Africanae provinciae sub Geiserico et Hunirico regibus Wandalorum
Edited by Karl Halm.

X and 90 P. 4º. 1879. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-921575-13-3  

3,2. Corippi Africani grammatici Libri qui supersunt

Edited by Josef Partsch.

LXII and 196 P. 1 Plate. 4º. 1879. Reprint 1995.   ISBN 3-921575-14-1  

4,1. Venanti Honori Clementiani Fortunati presbyteri Italici Opera poetica
Edited by Friedrich Leo.

XXVIII and 428 P. 4º. 1881. Reprint 1981.   ISBN 3-921575-15-X  

4,2. Venanti Honori Clementiani Fortunati presbyteri Italici Opera pedestria
Edited by Bruno Krusch.

XXXIV and 144 P. 4º. 1885. Reprint 1995.   ISBN 3-921575-16-8  

5,1. Iordanis Romana et Getica
Edited by Theodor Mommsen.

LXXIV and 200 P. 4º. 1882. Reprint 1982.   ISBN 3-921575-17-6  

5,2. D. Magni Ausonii Opuscula
Edited by Karl Schenkl.

LXIV and 303 P. 1 Plate. 4º. 1883. Reprint 2002.   ISBN 3-921575-18-4  

6,1. Q. Aurelii Symmachi quae supersunt
Edited by Otto Seeck.

CCXII and 355 P. 4º. 1883. Reprint 2001.   ISBN 3-921575-19-2  

6,2. Alcimi Ecdicii Aviti Viennensis episcopi Opera quae supersunt
Edited by Rudolf Peiper.

LXXVI and 376 P. 4º. 1883. Reprint 1985.   ISBN 3-921575-20-6  

7. Magni Felicis Ennodi Opera
Edited by Friedrich Vogel.

LXII and 419 P. 4º. 1885. Reprint 1995.   ISBN 3-921575-21-4  

8. Gai Solii Apollinaris Sidonii Epistulae et carmina
Edited by Christian Lütjohann.
Appendix: Fausti aliorumque epistulae ad Ruricium aliosque Ruricii epistulae
Edited by Bruno Krusch.

LXXVIII and 484 P. 4º. 1887. Reprint 2004.   ISBN 3-921575-22-2  

9. Chronica minora saec. IV. V. VI. VII. (I)

Edited by Theodor Mommsen.

XII and 756 P. 2 Plates. 4º. 1892. Reprint 1981.   ISBN 3-921575-23-0  

10. Claudii Claudiani Carmina
Edited by Theodor Birt.

CCXXX and 611 P. 4º. 1892. Reprint 1995.   ISBN 3-921575-24-9  

11. Chronica minora saec. IV. V. VI. VII. (II)
Edited by Theodor Mommsen.

V and 506 P. 2 Plates. 4º. 1894. Reprint 1981.   ISBN 3-921575-25-7  

12. Cassiodori Senatoris Variae

Edited by Theodor Mommsen.
Appendix: I. Epistulae Theodericianae variae
Edited by Theodor Mommsen.
II. Acta Synhodorum habitarum Romae a. CCCCXCVIIII. DI. DII.
Edited by Theodor Mommsen.
III. Cassiodori orationum reliquiae
Edited by Ludwig Traube.

CLXXXIV and 597 P. 2 Plates. 4º. 1894. Reprint 1981.  

ISBN 3-921575-26-
13. Chronica minora saec. IV. V. VI. VII. (III)
Edited by Theodor Mommsen.

VIII and 728 P. 1 Plate. 4º. 1898. Reprint 1981.   ISBN 3-921575-27-3  

14. Fl. Merobaudis reliquiae. Blossii Aemilii Dracontii Carmina. Eugenii Toletani episcopi Carmina et epistulae
Edited by Friedrich Vollmer.

L and 455 P. 4º. 1905. Reprint 1984.   ISBN 3-921575-28-1  

15. Aldhelmi Opera

Edited by Rudolf Ehwald.

XXV and 765 P. 5 Plates. 4º. 1913-1919. Reprint 2001.   ISBN 3-921575-29-X  

Scriptores rerum Merovingicarum DD3 M8 S7 (MSS)
(ISSN 0343-7574)

1. Gregorii Turonensis Opera

Teil 1: Libri historiarum X
Edited by Bruno Krusch and Wilhelm Levison.

XLII and 641 P. 4º. 1937-1951. Reprint 1992.   ISBN 3-7752-5132-4  

(Diese Ausgabe ersetzt: Historia Francorum. Edited by Wilhelm Arndt and Bruno Krusch. VIII and 450 P. 4º. 1884)

Teil 2: Miracula et opera minora

Edited by Bruno Krusch.

P. 451-964. 4º. 1885. Reprint 1969 (1988) with new pagination: 456 P.

Index revised by Gottfried Opitz.
ISBN 3-7752-5047-6  

2. Fredegarii et aliorum Chronica. Vitae sanctorum

Edited by Bruno Krusch.

VIII and 579 P. 1 Plate. 4º. 1888. Reprint 1984.   ISBN 3-7752-5048-4  

3. Passiones vitaeque sanctorum aevi Merovingici et antiquiorum aliquot (I)
Edited by Bruno Krusch.

VIII and 686 P. 4º. 1896. Reprint 1995.   ISBN 3-7752-5296-7  

4. Passiones vitaeque sanctorum aevi Merovingici (II)
Edited by Bruno Krusch.

VIII and 817 P. 4º. 1902. Reprint 1997.   ISBN 3-7752-5297-5  

5. Passiones vitaeque sanctorum aevi Merovingici (III)

Edited by Bruno Krusch and Wilhelm Levison.

VIII and 834 P. 22 Plates. 4º. 1910. Reprint 1997.   ISBN 3-7752-5298-3  

6. Passiones vitaeque sanctorum aevi Merovingici (IV)
Edited by Bruno Krusch and Wilhelm Levison.

VIII and 676 P. 1 Plate. 4º. 1913. Reprint 1997.   ISBN 3-7752-5299-1  

7. Passiones vitaeque sanctorum aevi Merovingici (V)
Edited by Bruno Krusch and Wilhelm Levison.

X and 902 P. 5 Plates. 4º. 1919-1920. Reprint 1997.   ISBN 3-7752-5300-9  


Scriptores rerum Langobardicarum et Italicarum DD3 M8 S6 (MSS)

Scriptores rerum Langobardicarum et Italicarum saec. VI-IX

Edited by Georg Waitz et al.

VIII and 636 P. 4º. 1878. Reprint 1988.   ISBN 3-7752-5043-3  

Gesta pontificum Romanorum DD3 M8 G4 (MSS)
(ISSN 0344-4937)

Liber Pontificalis
Teil 1: Edited by Theodor Mommsen.

CXL and 295 P. 4 Plates. 4º. 1898. Reprint 1982.   ISBN 3-88612-000-7  

Scriptores (in Folio) DD3 M8 S4 (MSS)
(ISSN 0343-2157)

1. [Annales et chronica aevi Carolini]

Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

XXVI and 660 P. 8 Plates. 2º. 1826. Reprint 1976. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6305-2  

2. [Scriptores rerum Sangallensium. Annales, chronica et historiae aevi Carolini]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

XIV and 840 P. 11 Plates. 2º. 1829. Reprint 1976. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6306-0  

3. [Annales, chronica et historiae aevi Saxonici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 920 P. 5 Plates. 2º. 1839. Reprint 1986. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6307-9  

4. [Annales, chronica et historiae aevi Carolini et Saxonici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 888 P. 4 Plates. 2º. 1841. Reprint 1982. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6308-7  

5. [Annales et chronica aevi Salici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 598 P. 4 Plates. 2º. 1844. Reprint 1985. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6309-5  

6. [Chronica et annales aevi Salici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 842 P. 4 Plates. 2º. 1844. Reprint 1980. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6310-9  

7. [Chronica et gesta aevi Salici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 938 P. 6 Plates. 2º. 1846. Reprint 1995. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6311-7  

8. [Chronica et gesta aevi Salici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 689 P. 3 Plates. 2º. 1848. Reprint 1992. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6312-5  

9. [Chronica et annales aevi Salici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 910 P. 5 Plates. 2º. 1851. Reprint 1983. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6313-3  

10. [Annales et chronica aevi Salici. Vitae aevi Carolini et Saxonici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VII and 654 P. 2 Plates. 2º. 1852. Reprint 1987. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6314-1  

11. [Historiae aevi Salici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 710 P. 4 Plates. 2º. 1854. Reprint 1994. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6315-X  

12. [Historiae aevi Salici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

XXVIII and 941 P. 5 Plates. 2º. 1856. Reprint 1995. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6316-

13. [Supplementa tomorum I-XII, pars I]
Edited by Georg Waitz et al.

XI and 832 P. 3 Plates. 2º. 1881. Reprint 1985. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6317-6  

14. [Supplementa tomorum I-XII, pars II. Supplementum tomi XIII]
Edited by Georg Waitz et al.

VIII and 673 P. 2º. 1883. Reprint 1988. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6318-4  

15. [Supplementa tomorum I-XII, pars III. Supplementum tomi XIII]
Edited by Georg Waitz, Wilhelm Wattenbach et al.

Teil 1: VIII and 574 P. 1 Plate. 2º. 1887. Reprint 1992. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6319-2  

Teil 2: X and P. 575-1399. 1 Plate. 2º. 1888. Reprint 1991. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6320-6  

16. [Annales aevi Suevici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VII and 780 P. 3 Plates. 2º. 1859. Reprint 1994. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6321-4  

17. [Annales aevi Suevici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

X and 908 P. 5 Plates. 2º. 1861. Reprint 1990. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6322-2  

18. [Annales aevi Suevici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 880 P. 6 Plates. 2º. 1863. Reprint 1990. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6323-0  

19. [Annales aevi Suevici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

XXXVI and 772 P. 2 Plates. 2º. 1866. Reprint 1989. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6324-9  

20. [Supplementa tomorum I, V, VI, XII. Chronica aevi Suevici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 850 P. 4 Plates. 2º. 1868. Reprint 1989. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6325-7  

21. [Historici Germaniae saec. XII.]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 668 P. 2 Plates. 2º. 1869. Reprint 1988. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6326-5  

22. [Historici Germaniae saec. XII.]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 564 P. 2 Plates. 2º. 1872. Reprint 1976. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6327-3  

23. [Chronica aevi Suevici]
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz et al.

VIII and 1027 P. 3 Plates. 2º. 1874. Reprint 1986. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6328-1  

24. [Annales aevi Suevici (Supplementa tomorum XVI et XVII).
Gesta saec. XII. XIII. (Supplementa tomorum XX-XXIII)]

Edited by Georg Waitz et al.

X and 915 P. 2 Plates. 2º. 1879. Reprint 1975. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6329-X  

25. [Gesta saec. XIII.]
Edited by Georg Waitz et al.

VIII and 958 P. 5 Plates. 2º. 1880. Reprint 1974. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6330-3  

26. [Ex rerum Francogallicarum scriptoribup. Ex historiis auctorum Flandrensium Francogallica lingua scriptip.
Supplementum tomi XXIV]

Edited by Georg Waitz et al.

VIII and 875 P. 1 Plate. 2º. 1882. Reprint 1975. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6331-1  

27. [Ex rerum Anglicarum scriptoribus saec. XII. et XIII.]
Edited by Reinhold Pauli and Felix Liebermann.

VIII and 590 P. 2º. 1885. Reprint 1975. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6332-X  

28. [Ex rerum Anglicarum scriptoribus saec. XIII.]
Edited by Reinhold Pauli and Felix Liebermann.

VIII and 702 P. 2º. 1888. Reprint 1975. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6333-8  

29. [Ex rerum Danicarum scriptoribus saec. XII. et XIII.
Edited by Georg Waitz.
Ex historiis Islandicip.
Edited by Finnur Jónsson.
Ex rerum Polonicarum scriptoribus saec. XII. et XIII.
Edited by Max Perlbach.
Ex rerum Ungaricarum scriptoribus saec. XIII.
Edited by Lothar von Heinemann.]

VII and 647 P. 2 Plates. 2º. 1892. Reprint 1975. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6334-6  

30. [Supplementa]
Teil 1: Supplementa tomorum XVI-XXV
Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger et al.

VIII and 725 P. 3 Plates. 2º. 1896. Reprint 1976. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6335-4  

Teil 2: Supplementa tomorum I-XV
Edited by Adolf Hofmeister et al.

XI and P. 727-1668. 2º. 1926-1934. Reprint 1976. 4º.   ISBN 3-7772-6336-2  

(Continuation in quartos:)

31. [Annales et chronica Italica aevi Suevici]

Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger.

VIII and 776 P. 10 Plates. 4º. 1903. Reprint 1980.   ISBN 3-7752-5301-7  

32. Cronica fratris Salimbene de Adam ordinis Minorum
Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger.

XXXII and 755 P. 6 Plates. 4º. 1905-1913. Reprint 1963.   ISBN 3-7752-5040-9  

33. Die Chronik des Frutolf von Michelsberg and ihre Fortsetzungen
Teil 1: Die Chronik des Frutolf von Michelsberg
Edited by Franz-Josef Schmale, Irene Schmale-Ott and Christian Lohmer.

ISBN 3-7752-5042-5   in preparation

Teil 2: ISBN 3-7752-5462-5   in preparation
34. Die Chronik von Montecassino (Chronica monasterii Casinensis)
Edited by Hartmut Hoffmann.

L and 773 P. 4º. 1980.   ISBN 3-7752-5316-5  

35. Die Chronik des Saba Malaspina

Edited by Walter Koller and August Nitschke.

X and 430 P. 4º. 1999.   ISBN 3-7752-5435-8  

36. Flodoard von Reims, Historia Remensis ecclesiae
Edited by Martina Stratmann.

VII and 544 P. 4º. 1998.   ISBN 3-7752-5434-X  

37. Die Reichschronik des Annalista Saxo
Edited by Klaus Naß.

XXIX and 752 P. 4º. 2006.   ISBN 3-7752-5537-0  

38. Richer von Saint-Remi, Historiae

Edited by Hartmut Hoffmann.

V and 433 P. sowie 132 P. Faksimile. 4º. 2000.   ISBN 3-7752-5538-9  

Scriptores rerum Germanicarum, Nova series DD3 M8 S5 (MSS)
(ISSN 0343-088X)

1. Die Chronik Heinrichs Taube von Selbach

(Chronica Heinrici Surdi de Selbach)

Edited by Harry Bresslau.

LXXVII and 167 P. 8º. 1922. Reprint 1980.   ISBN 3-921575-30-3  

2. Die Chronik der Böhmen des Cosmas von Prag

(Cosmae Pragensis Chronica Boemorum)

Edited by Bertold Bretholz with Wilhelm Weinberger.

XCVIII and 296 P. 8º. 1923. Reprint 1995.   ISBN 3-921575-31-1  

3. Die Chronik Johanns von Winterthur
(Chronica Iohannis Vitodurani)

Edited by Friedrich Baethgen in Verbindung mit Carl Brun.

XXXVII and 332 P. 8º. 1924. Reprint 1982.   ISBN 3-921575-32-X  

4. Die Chronik des Mathias von Neuenburg
(Chronica Mathiae de Nuwenburg)

Edited by Adolf Hofmeister.

XVIII and 747 P. 8º. 1924-1940. Reprint 1984.   ISBN 3-921575-33-8  

5. Quellen zur Geschichte des Kreuzzuges Kaiser Friedrichs I.
(Historia de expeditione Friderici imperatoris et quidam alii rerum gestarum fontes eiusdem expeditionis)

Edited by Anton Chroust.

CIV and 252 P. 8º. 1928. Reprint 1989.   ISBN 3-921575-34-6  

6. Die Chronik der Grafen von der Mark von Levold von Northof

(Levoldi de Northof Chronica comitum de Marka)

Edited by Fritz Zschaeck.

XLVII and 146 P. 8º. 1929. Reprint 1984.   ISBN 3-921575-35-4  

7. Das Geschichtswerk des Otto Morena and seiner Fortsetzer über die Taten Friedrichs I. in der Lombardei

(Ottonis Morenae et continuatorum historia Frederici I.)

Edited by Ferdinand Güterbock.

XLV and 245 P. 8º. 1930. Reprint 1994.   ISBN 3-921575-36-2  

8. Die Annalen des Tholomeus von Lucca in doppelter Fassung

(Tholomei Lucensis Annales)

Edited by Bernhard Schmeidler.

XLI and 380 P. 8º. 1930. Reprint 1984.   ISBN 3-921575-37-0  

9. Die Chronik des Bischofs Thietmar von Merseburg and ihre Korveier Überarbeitung
(Thietmari Merseburgensis episcopi Chronicon)

Edited by Robert Holtzmann.

LV and 631 P. 8º. 1935.

Reprint 1996.   ISBN 3-921575-38-9  

10. Ruotgers Lebensbeschreibung des Erzbischofs Bruno von Köln

(Ruotgeri Vita Brunonis archiepiscopi Coloniensis)

Edited by Irene Ott.

XXXII and 69 P. 8º. 1951. Reprint.   ISBN 3-88612-010-4  

11. Jakob Unrest, Österreichische Chronik

Edited by Karl Grossmann.

XLIX and 369 P. 8º. 1957. Reprint 2001.   ISBN 3-921575-07-9

12. Notker der Stammler, Taten Kaiser Karls des Großen

(Notkeri Balbuli Gesta Karoli Magni imperatoris)

Edited by Hans F. Haefele.

LVI and 127 P. 8º. 1959. Verbesserter Reprint 1980.   ISBN 3-921575-39-7  

13. Thomas Ebendorfer, Chronica Austriae
Edited by Alphons Lhotsky.

CXX and 684 P. 8º. 1967. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-921575-40-0  

14. Die Chroniken Bertholds von Reichenau and Bernolds von Konstanz 1054-1100
(Bertholdi et Bernoldi Chronica MLIV-MC)

Edited by Ian P. Robinson.

X and 645 P. 8º. 2003.   ISBN 3-7752-0214-5  

15. Die Kölner Weltchronik 1273/88-1376
Edited by Rolf Sprandel.

144 P. 8º. 1991.   ISBN 3-88612-031-7  

16. Thomas Ebendorfer, Chronica pontificum Romanorum
Edited by Harald Zimmermann.

XIII and 752 P. 8º. 1994.   ISBN 3-88612-050-3  

17. Die Weltchronik des Mönchs Albert 1273/77 - 1454/56
Edited by Rolf Sprandel.

391 P. 8º. 1994.   ISBN 3-88612-051-1  

18. Thomas Ebendorfer, Chronica regum Romanorum
Edited by Harald Zimmermann.

CIV, VI and 1.249 P. in 2 Bänden. 8º. 2003.   ISBN 3-7752-0218-8  

19. Fortsetzungen zur Papst- and Kaiserchronik Martins von Troppau aus England
Edited by Wolfgang-Valentin Ikap.

2d, revised edition.   XXI and 397 P. 8º. 2004.   ISBN 3-7752-0299-4  

20. Thomas Ebendorfer, Tractatus de schismatibus
Edited by Harald Zimmermann.

XXXIV and 147 P. 8º. 2004.   ISBN 3-7752-0220-X  

21. Thomas Ebendorfer, Historia Jerusalemitana
Nach Vorarbeiten von Hildegard Schweigl, geb. Bartelmäs Edited by Harald Zimmermann.

XXIV and 171 P. 8º. 2006.   ISBN 3-7752-0221-8  

22. Thomas Ebendorfer, Catalogus praesulum Laureacensium
Edited by Harald Zimmermann.

ca. 2007.   ISBN 978-3-7752-0222-6  

23.Die ältesten Viten Coelestins V. (Petrus von Morrone)
Edited by Peter Herde.

ca. 2007.   ISBN 978-3-7752-0223-7  

Scriptores rerum Germanicarum in usum scholarum separatim editi
(ISSN 0343-0820)

[1.] Abbonis de bello Parisiaco libri III DC725 A23 (MSS)

Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz.

51 P. 8º. 1871.   out of print

[2.] Adam von Bremen, Hamburgische Kirchengeschichte BR858 H3 A3 (Stacks)

(Magistri Adam Bremensis Gesta Hammaburgensis ecclesiae pontificum)

Edited by Bernhard Schmeidler.

LXVIII and 353 P. 8º. 1917. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-7752-5288-6  

[3.] Alberti de Bezanis abbatis P. Laurentii Cremonensis Cronica pontificum et imperatorum
Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger. DG975 C8 A42 (S)

XVIII and 154 P. 8º. 1908.   ISBN 3-7752-5067-0  

[4.] Annales Altahenses maiores DD126 A56 (S)
Edited by Edmand von Oefele.

XXI and 105 P. 8º. 1891. Reprint 1997.   ISBN 3-7752-5302-5  

[5.] Annales Bertiniani DC702 A23 (S)
Edited by Georg Waitz.

X and 173 P. 8º. 1883.   out of print

[6.] Annales regni Francorum inde ab a. 741 usque ad a. 829, qui dicuntur Annales Laurissenses maiores et Einhardi DC70 A2 A56 (S)
Edited by Friedrich Kurze.

XX and 204 P. 8º. 1895. Reprint 1950.   ISBN 3-7752-5068-9  

[7.] Annales Fuldenses sive Annales regni Francorum orientalis

Edited by Friedrich Kurze. DD126 A563 (MS)

XIII and 152 P. 8º. 1891. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-7752-5303-3  

[8.] Annales Hildesheimenses DD87 A56 (S)

Edited by Georg Waitz.

VIII and 69 P. 8º. 1878. Reprint 1990.   ISBN 3-7752-5069-7  

[9.] Annales Marbacenses qui dicuntur DD3 M82 (MSS)
Appendix: Annales Alsatici breviores
Edited by Hermann Bloch.

XXIV and 167 P. 1 Plate. 8º. 1907. Reprint 2001.   ISBN 3-7752-5304-1  . 

[10.] Annales Mettenses priores DC73 A2 A55 (S)

Edited by Bernhard von Simson.

XVII and 119 P. 8º. 1905. Reprint 2003.   ISBN 3-7752-5305-X   geb. € 15,-

[11.] Annales Poloniae

Edited by Wilhelm Arndt and Richard Roepell.

XII and 120 P. 8º. 1866.   out of print

[12.] Annales Xantenses et Annales Vedastini DC70 A2 A57 (S)
Edited by Bernhard von Simson.

XVI and 96 P. 8º. 1909. Reprint 2003.   ISBN 3-7752-5306-8  

[13.] Arbeonis episcopi Frisingensis Vitae sanctorum Haimhrammi et Corbiniani
Edited by Bruno Krusch. BX4700 E55 A75 (S)

VIII and 244 P. 8º. 1920.   ISBN 3-7752-5070-0  

[14.] Arnoldi Chronica Slavorum Yarnall Storage H943.93 H369
Edited by Johann Martin Lappenberg.

295 P. 8º. 1868. Reprint 1995.   ISBN 3-7752-5307-6  

[15.] Brunonis de bello Saxonico liber
Edited by Wilhelm Wattenbach.

VIII and 104 P. 8º. 1880.   out of print

(New edition: Deutsches Mittelalter. Kritische Studientexte, Band 2.)
[16.] Die Chronik des Propstes Burchard von Ursberg DD145 B87 (S)
(Burchardi praepositi Urspergensis Chronicon)

Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger and Bernhard von Simson.

XLI and 169 P. 8º. 1916.   ISBN 3-7752-5071-9  

[17.] Carmen de bello Saxonico
Appendix: Conquestio Heinrici IV. imperatoris
Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger.

XIV and 28 P. 8º. 1889. Reprint 1997.   ISBN 3-7752-5308-

[18.] Chronica regia Coloniensis DD901 C76 (MSS)
(Annales maximi Colonienses)
Edited by Georg Waitz.

XXVI and 414 P. 8º. 1880. Reprint 2003.   ISBN 3-7752-5309-2  

[19.] Bayerische Chroniken des 14. Jahrhanderts(Chronicae Bavaricae saec. XIV)
Edited by Georg Leidinger. DD156 A2 L45 (S)

VIII and 202 P. 8º. 1918.   ISBN 3-7752-5072-7  

[20.] Chronicon Moguntinum DD901 M24 C45 (MSS)

Edited by Karl Hegel.

XXI and 103 P. 8º. 1885. Reprint 1990.   ISBN 3-7752-5073-5  

[21.] Chronicon Novaliciense
Edited by Ludwig Bethmann.

IX and 108 P. 8º. 1846.   out of print

[22.] Cnutonis regis Gesta sive Encomium Emmae reginae auctore monacho P. Bertini DA160 E46 (MSS)
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz.

VIII and 39 P. 8º. 1865. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-7752-5074-3  

[23.] Iohannis Codagnelli Annales Placentini DD3 M828 (MSS)

Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger.

XX and 140 P. 8º. 1901.   ISBN 3-7752-5075-1  

[24.] Ecbasis cuiusdam captivi per tropologiam PN1475 E6 (MSS)

Edited by Karl Strecker.

XI and 64 P. 8º. 1935. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-7752-5289-4  

[25.] Einhardi Vita Karoli Magni DC73.32 H65 (S)

Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger.

XXIX and 60 P. 8º. 1911. Reprint 1965.   ISBN 3-7752-5076-X  

[26.] Eugippii Vita Severini
Edited by Theodor Mommsen.

XXXII and 60 P. 8º. 1898. Reprint 1978.   ISBN 3-7752-5128-6  

[27.] Gesta Federici I. imperatoris in Lombardia auctore cive Mediolanensi

(Annales Mediolanenses maiores)
PA8318 A1 (S)
Appendix: Gesta Federici I. in expeditione sacra
Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger.

111 P. 8º. 1892. Reprint 1980.   ISBN 3-7752-5077-8  

[28.] Gesta abbatum Fontanellensium DD3 S3 G4 (S)
Edited by Samuel Löwenfeld.

60 P. 8º. 1886. Reprint 1980.   ISBN 3-7752-5078-6  

[29.] Gisleberti Chronicon Hanoniense microfilm 3376 #1
Edited by Wilhelm Arndt.

312 P. 8º. 1869.   out of print

[30.] Gotifredi Viterbiensis Gesta Friderici I. et Heinrici VI. imperatorum metrice scripta DD149 G64 (S)
Edited by Georg Waitz.

XI and 52 P. 8º. 1870. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-7752-5310-6  

[31.] Heinrichs Livländische Chronik (Heinrici Chronicon Livoniae)

DK500 L57 H46 (S)

Edited by Leonid Arbusow (†) and Albert Bauer.

LXIV and 255 P. 8º. 1955.   ISBN 3-7752-5079-4  

[32.] Helmolds Slavenchronik DD145 H48 (S)

(Helmoldi presbyteri Bozoviensis Cronica Slavorum)
Appendix: Die Verse über das Leben Vicelins and der Brief Sidos
Edited by Bernhard Schmeidler.

XXXII and 284 P. 8º. 1937.   ISBN 3-7752-5080-8  

[33.] Herbordi Dialogus de vita Ottonis episcopi Babenbergensis Edited by Rudolf Köpke.

XVI and 166 P. 8º. 1868.   out of print see DD3 M8 S4 t.20

[34.] Hrotsvithae Opera PA8340 A18 (S)
Edited by Paul von Winterfeld.

XXIV and 552 P. 8º. 1902. Reprint 2001.   ISBN 3-7752-5129-4  

[35.] Iohannis Porta de Annoniaco Liber de coronatione Karoli IV. imperatoris
Edited by Richard Salomon. DD165 P67 (S)

XVI and 171 P. 8º. 1913.   ISBN 3-7752-5081-6  

[36.] Iohannis abbatis Victoriensis Liber certarum historiarum DD126 J63 (S)

Edited by Fedor Schneider.

Teil 1: XXII and 387 P. 8º. 1909.   ISBN 3-7752-5111-1  

Teil 2: 343 P. 8º. 1910.   ISBN 3-7752-5082-4  

[37.] Ionae Vitae sanctorum Columbani, Vedastis, Iohannis DD3 M843 (MSS)

Edited by Bruno Krusch.

XII and 366 P. 8º. 1905.   ISBN 3-7752-5083-2  

[38.] Lamperti monachi Hersfeldensis Opera DD141 A2 L3 (S)

Appendix: Annales Weissenburgenses
Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger.

LXVIII and 490 P. 1 Plate. 8º. 1894. Reprint 1984.   ISBN 3-7752-5084-0  

[39.] Waltrami ut videtur Liber de unitate ecclesiae conservanda DD110 L3 (S)

Edited by Wilhelm Schwenkenbecher.

XXII and 147 P. 8º. 1883.   out of print

(Neuausgabe in: Libelli de lite 2 [1892] P. 173-284)
[40.] Die Cambridger Lieder (Carmina Cantabrigiensia) PA8133 S8 C25 (MSS)
Edited by Karl Strecker.

XXVI and 138 P. 1 Plate. 8º. 1926. Reprint.   ISBN 3-7752-5130-8  

[41.] Die Werke Liudprands von Cremona (Liudprandi Opera) D114 A2 L58 (S)
Edited by Joseph Becker.

XL and 246 P. 8º. 1915. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-7752-5290-8  

[42.] Monumenta Erphesfurtensia saec. XII. XIII. XIV. DD901 E6 H65 (S)

Edited by Oswald Holder-Egger.

VIII and 919 P. 8º. 1899. Reprint 2003.   ISBN 3-7752-5085-9  

[43.] Monumenta Welforum antique out of print

Edited by Ludwig Weiland.

63 P. 8º. 1869.   out of print

[44.] Nithardi Historiarum libri IIII DD134.2 A2 N29 (S)
Appendix: Angelberti rhythmus de pugna Fontanetica
Edited by Ernst Müller.

XIV and 61 P. 8º. 1907. Reprint 1965.   ISBN 3-7752-5086-7  

[45.] Ottonis episcopi Frisingensis Chronica sive Historia de duabus civitatibus

Edited by Adolf Hofmeister. DD3 M81 S43 (S)

CXIV and 577 P. 8º. 1912. Reprint 1984.   ISBN 3-7752-5087-5  

[46.] Ottonis et Rahewini Gesta Friderici I. imperatoris DD149 O7 (MSS)
Edited by Georg Waitz and Bernhard von Simson.

XLI and 385 P. 8º. 1912. Reprint 1997.   ISBN 3-7752-5311-4  

[47.] Ottonis de Sancto Blasio Chronica DD145 O85 (S)
Appendix: Ex Chronica universali Turicensi excerpta
Edited by Adolf Hofmeister.

XXV and 150 P. 8º. 1912.   ISBN 3-7752-5088-3  

[48.] Pauli Historia Langobardorum DG511 P4 (S)

Edited by Georg Waitz.

268 P. 8º. 1878. Reprint 2005.   ISBN 3-7752-5312-2  

[49.] Pauli Historia Romana on order

Edited by Hans Droysen.

XIV and 150 P. 8º. 1879. Reprint 1978.   ISBN 3-7752-5131-6  

[50.] Reginonis abbatis Prumiensis Chronicon cum continuatione Treverensi

Edited by Friedrich Kurze. DD129 R5 (S)

XX and 196 P. 8º. 1890. Reprint 1989.   ISBN 3-7752-5313-0  

[51.] Richeri Historiarum libri IIII DC70 A3 R53 (MS)

Edited by Georg Waitz.

XIII and 190 P. 8º. 1877.   out of print

(Neuausgabe: Scriptores 38)
[52.] Ruotgeri Vita Brunonis archiepiscopi Coloniensis Out of print
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz.

52 P. 8º. 1841.   out of print

(Neuausgabe: SS rer. Germ. N.P. 10)
[53.] Ryccardi de Sancto Germano notarii Chronica Out of print
Edited by Georg Heinrich Pertz.

VIII and 160 P. 8º. 1864.   out of print

[54.] Thietmari Merseburgensis episcopi Chronicon DD3 M829 (MSS)
Edited by Friedrich Kurze.

XVIII and 293 P. 8º. 1889.   out of print

(Neuausgabe: SS rer. Germ. N.P. 9)
[55.] Vita Anskarii auctore Rimberto BX4700 A59 R4 (S)
Appendix: Vita Rimberti
Edited by Georg Waitz.

100 P. 8º. 1884. Reprint 1988.   ISBN 3-7752-5291-6  

[56.] Vita Bennonis II. episcopi Osnabrugensis auctore Nortberto abbate Iburgensi

Edited by Harry Bresslau. BX4705 B465 N6 (S)

IX and 45 P. 8º. 1902. Reprint 1997.   ISBN 3-7752-5292-4  

[57.] Vitae sancti Bonifatii archiepiscopi Moguntini BX4700 B7 V57 (S)

Edited by Wilhelm Levison.

LXXXVI and 241 P. 8º. 1905. Reprint 2003.   ISBN 3-7752-5293-2  

[58.] Vita Heinrici IV. Imperatoris DD143 H574 (MS)
Edited by Wilhelm Eberhard.

48 P. 8º. 1899. Reprint 1990.   ISBN 3-7752-5089-1  

[59.] Das Leben des Bischofs Meinwerk von Paderborn DD141.9 M4 A2 (S)
(Vita Meinwerci episcopi Patherbrunnensis)
Edited by Franz Tenckhoff.

XXVIII and 181 P. 8º. 1921. Reprint 1983.   ISBN 3-7752-5090-5  

[60.] Die Sachsengeschichte des Widukind von Korvei DD801 S32 W5 (S)

(Widukindi monachi Corbeiensis Rerum gestarum Saxonicarum libri III)

Appendix: Die Schrift über die Herkunft der Schwaben
Edited by Paul Hirsch and Hans-Eberhard Lohmann.

LIII and 195 P. 8º. 1935. Reprint 1989.   ISBN 3-7752-5294-0  

[61.] Die Werke Wipos (Wiponis Opera) DD117 A2 W57 (MSS)
Edited by Harry Bresslau.

LIX and 127 P. 8º. 1915. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-7752-5295-9  

[62.] Carmen de gestis Frederici I. imperatoris in Lombardia PA8318 A1 (MSS)
Edited by Irene Schmale-Ott.

LII and 125 P. 8º. 1965.   ISBN 3-7752-5268-1  

63. Gunther der Dichter, Ligurinus PA8330 G85 L5 (S)

[Appendix: Solimarius (Fragment)]
Edited by Erwin Assmann (†).

VII and 648 P. 8º. 1987.   ISBN 3-7752-5138-3  

64. Thegan, Die Taten Kaiser Ludwigs (Gesta Hludowici imperatoris).

Astronomus, Das Leben Kaiser Ludwigs (Vita Hludowici imperatoris)
Herausgegeben and übersetzt von Ernst Tremp. DC74 T4415 (S)

XI and 681 P. 8º. 1995.   ISBN 3-7752-5352-1  

65. Benzo von Alba, Sieben Bücher an Kaiser Heinrich IV. BX4705 B459 A3 (S)

(Ad Heinricum IV. imperatorem libri VII)

Herausgegeben and übersetzt von Hans Seyffert.

X and 832 P. 8º. 1996.   ISBN 3-7752-5386-6  

66. Die Lebensbeschreibungen der Königin Mathilde DD137.9 M38 L43 (S)

(Vita Mathildis reginae antiquior - Vita Mathildis reginae posterior)

Edited by Bernd Schütte.

236 P. 8º. 1994.   ISBN 3-7752-5387-4  

67. Arnulf von Mailand, Liber gestorum recentium DG657.3 A75 (S)

Edited by Claudia Zey.

VIII and 298 P. 8º. 1994.   ISBN 3-7752-5388-2  

68. Iotsald von Saint-Claude, Vita des Abtes Odilo von Cluny BX4700 O32 I67 (S)

Edited by Johannes Staub.

VIII and 366 P. 8º. 1999.   ISBN 3-7752-5389-0  

69. Die Vita sancti Heinrici regis et confessoris and ihre Bearbeitung durch den Bamberger Diakon Adelbert DD140.7 V58 (S)

Edited by Marcus Stumpf.

VIII and 374 P. 8º. 1999.   ISBN 3-7752-5390-4  

70. Die Touler Vita Leos IX. BX1180 T695 (S)

Herausgegeben and übersetzt von Hans-Georg Krause,
unter Mitwirkung von Detlev Jasper and Veronika Lukas

VIII, 314 P. 8º. 2007.   ISBN 978-3-7752-5391-8  

71. Die Prüfeninger Vita Bischof Ottos I. von Bamberg nach der Fassung des Großen Österreichischen Legendars BX4700 O85 P78 (S)
Edited by Jürgen Petersohn.

VIII and 174 P. 8º. 1999.   ISBN 3-7752-5471-4  

72. Die Annales Quedlinburgenses DD901 Q4 A55 (S)

Edited by Martina Giese.

680 P. 8º. 2004.   ISBN 3-7752-5472-2  

73. Lantbert von Deutz, Vita Heriberti. Miracula Heriberti. Gedichte. Liturgische Texte BX4700 H46 L36 (S)

Edited by Bernhard Vogel.

373 P. 8º. 2001.   ISBN 3-7752-5473-0  

74. Die Viten Gottfrieds von Cappenberg BX4705 G617466 V58 (S)

Edited by Gerlinde Niemeyer and Ingrid Ehlers-Kisseler unter Mitwirkung von Veronika Lukap.

VIII and 265 P. 8º. 2005.   ISBN 3-7752-5474-9  

75. Ratpert, St. Galler Klostergeschichten (Casus sancti Galli) Herausgegeben and übersetzt von Hannes Steiner. BX2659 S32 R387 (S)

X and 283 P. 8º. 2002.   ISBN 3-7752-5475-7  

76. Die Lebensbeschreibungen Bischof Burchards von Würzburg. Vita antiquior - Vita posterior - Vita metrica BX4705 B894226 L43 (S)

Edited by Desirée Barlava.

VIII and 277 P. 8º. 2005.   ISBN 3-7752-5476-5  

77. Breve chronicon de rebus Siculis DG867.28 B749 (MSS)

Herausgegeben and übersetzt von Wolfgang Stürner.

VIII and 129 P. 8º. 2004.   ISBN 3-7752-5477-3  

78. Die Annalen des Klosters Einsiedeln BX2659 E5 A553 (S)

Edited by Conradin von Planta.

X and 331 P. 16 P. Abb. 8º. 2007.   ISBN 978-3-7752-5478-6  

Deutsche Chroniken and andere Geschichtsbücher des Mittelalters

Scriptores qui vernacula lingua usi sunt) DD3 M8 E7 (MSS)

(ISSN 0344-4945)

1,1. Deutsche Kaiserchronik

Edited by Edward Schröder.

VI and 441 P. 1 Plate. 4º. 1892. Reprint 2002.   ISBN 3-921575-45-1  

1,2. Der Trierer Silvester. Edited by Carl Kraup.
Das Annolied. Edited by Max Rödiger.

IV and 145 P. 4º. 1895. Reprint 1984.   ISBN 3-921575-46-X   € 18,-

2. [Sächsische Weltchronik. Eberhards Reimchronik von Gandersheim. Braunschweigische Reimchronik. Chronik des Stiftes P. Simon and Judas zu Goslar. Holsteinische Reimchronik]
Edited by Ludwig Weiland.

VII and 709 P. 3 Plates. 4º. 1877. Reprint 2001.   ISBN 3-921575-47-8  

3. Jansen Enikels Werke. Weltchronik. Fürstenbuch
Edited by Philipp Strauch.

XI, C and 819 P. 1 Plate. 4º. 1891-1900. Reprint 2001.   ISBN 3-921575-48-

4,1. Die Limburger Chronik des Tilemann Elhen von Wolfhagen
Edited by Arthur Wysp.

IV and 177 P. mit 1 Plate. 4º. 1883. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-921575-49-4  

4,2. Die Kreuzfahrt des Landgrafen Ludwigs des Frommen von Thüringen
Edited by Hans Naumann.

IV and P. 179-332. 4º. 1923. Reprint 1993.   ISBN 3-921575-50-8  

5. Ottokars Österreichische Reimchronik
Nach den Abschriften Franz Lichtensteins Edited by Joseph Seemüller.

Teil 1: IX, CXXV and 720 P. 4º. 1890. Reprint.   ISBN 3-921575-51-6  

Teil 2: V and P. 721-1439. 4º. 1893. Reprint.   ISBN 3-921575-52-4  

6. Österreichische Chronik von den 95 Herrschaften
Edited by Joseph Seemüller.

XIV, CCCVII, II and 276 P. 1 Plate. 4º. 1906-1909. Reprint.   ISBN 3-921575-53-2  

Libelli de lite imperatorum et pontificum saeculis XI. et XII. conscripti
(ISSN 0343-7612) DD3 M8 L6 (MSS)
1. Libelli de lite imperatorum et pontificum
Edited by Ernst Dümmler, Lothar von Heinemann, Friedrich Thaner et al.

VIII and 666 P. 2 Plates. 4º. 1891. Reprint.   ISBN 3-7752-5049-2  

2. Libelli de lite imperatorum et pontificum

Edited by Ernst Dümmler, Friedrich Thaner, Ernst Sackur et al.

VIII and 743 P. 4º. 1892. Reprint.   ISBN 3-7752-5050-6  

3. Libelli de lite imperatorum et pontificum

Edited by Ernst Dümmler, Ernst Sackur et al.

VIII and 775 P. 2 Plates. 4º. 1897. Reprint.   ISBN 3-7752-5051-4  

Staatsschriften des späteren Mittelalters DD3 M8 S73 (MSS)
(ISSN 0340-8035)

1. Die Schriften des Alexander von Roes and des Engelbert von Admont

Teil 1: Alexander von Roes, Schriften
[Memoriale de prerogativa Romani imperii - Noticia seculi - Pavo]
Edited by Herbert Grandmann and Hermann Heimpel.

VII, 208 and 23* P. 4º. 1958. Reprint 1985.   ISBN 3-7772-5803-2  

Teil 2: Engelbert von Admont, Speculum virtutum
Edited by Karl Ubl.

VIII and 522 P. 4º. 2004.   ISBN 3-7752-0300-1  

Teil 3: Engelbert von Admont, De ortu et fine Romani imperii
Edited by George B. Fowler (†), Herbert Schneider and Helga Zinsmeyer.

ISBN 3-7752-0301-X   in preparation

Teil 4: Engelbert von Admont, De regimine principum
Edited by George B. Fowler (†) and Herbert Schneider.

ISBN 3-7752-0302-8   in preparation

2. Die Werke des Konrad von Megenberg

Teil 1: Planctus ecclesiae in Germaniam

Edited by Richard Scholz.

VII and 104 P. 4º. 1941. Reprint 1977.   ISBN 3-7772-7721-5  

[Teil 2: De translatione imperii   geplant]
[Teil 3: Tractatus contra Occam   geplant]
Teil 4: Monastik (Monastica)
Edited by Sabine Krüger.

XX and 292 P. 4º. 1992.   ISBN 3-7772-9208-7  

3. Die Werke des Konrad von Megenberg (Fortsetzung)
Ökonomik (Yconomica)
Edited by Sabine Krüger.

Teil 1: Buch I. XXXIX and 390 P. 4º. 1973.   ISBN 3-7772-7323-6  

Teil 2: Buch II. V and 250 P. 4º. 1977.   ISBN 3-7772-7715-
Teil 3: Buch III. IX and 473 P. 4º. 1984.   ISBN 3-7772-8401-7  

(Teile 1-3: ISBN 3-7772-7322-8)

4. Politische Schriften des Lupold von Bebenburg
[Tractatus de iuribus regni et imperii - Libellus de zelo Christianae religionis veterum principum Germanorum - Ritmaticum querulosum et lamentosum dictamen de modernis cursibus et defectibus regni ac imperii Romanorum]
Edited by Jürgen Miethke and Christoph Flüeler.

XXIV and 608 P. 4º. 2004.   ISBN 3-7752-0304-4  

5. Historisch-politische Schriften des Dietrich von Nieheim

Teil 1: Viridarium imperatorum et regum Romanorum
Edited by Alphons Lhotsky and Karl Pivec.

XXVI and 107 P. 4º. 1956. Reprint 1965.   ISBN 3-7772-5603-X  

Teil 2: Historie de gestis Romanorum principum. Cronica. Gesta Karoli Magni imperatoris
Edited by Katharina Colberg and Joachim Leuschner (†).

LXIII and 512 P. 4º. 1980.   ISBN 3-7772-8015-1  

6. Reformation Kaiser Siegmands
Edited by Heinrich Koller.

VII and 416 P. 4º. 1964. Reprint 1995.   ISBN 3-7772-6401-6  

7. Der Oberrheinische Revolutionär
(Buchli der handert Capiteln mit XXXX Statuten)

Edited by Klaus H. Lauterbach.

ca. 2007.   ISBN 978-3-7752-0307-4  

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