Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Customer Solution Case Study

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Microsoft Windows Small Business Server

Customer Solution Case Study

Rolex Aluminium Corporation Improves Communication with Customers and Employees


Country or Region: India

Industry: Manufacturing
Customer Profile

The Rolex Aluminium Corporation is a major player in the aluminum foil packaging market in western India. It also acts as a distributor for a range of other aluminum products.

Business Situation

Rolex had to access heavy files containing customer requirements. Given the lack of a reliable communication infrastructure, Rolex had to collect the files on floppies or writeable CDs.


Rolex implemented an intranet solution based on Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003, employing Microsoft Windows SharePoint® Services to enable collaboration between employees. Communication with customers was enhanced with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.


  • Quick and secure access

  • Individual e-mail addresses

  • No separate administrator required

  • Better collaboration

  • Increased employee productivity

“Microsoft Windows Small Business Server has enabled us to have quick and assured communication with our customers and improve employee productivity at the same time.”

Bhavesh Shah, Director, Rolex Aluminium Corporation

The Rolex Aluminium Corporation (Rolex), a part of the Rolex Group, has carved a niche for itself in the aluminum products and foil packaging market in western India.
However, the Rolex Group was saddled with an outdated IT infrastructure. The most visible impact of this was on the communications front. It had to send employees to collect digital files containing customer specifications to customer locations and had to carry these files in floppies or CDs.
A new system is now in place, based on the Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server platform. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 provides the communication infrastructure with e-mail addresses for all relevant employees. Employee collaboration and productivity has increased many fold due to the implementation of an intranet based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint® Services—with no need for a separate system administrator required to manage the new IT infrastructure.


“We considered moving to a Linux based solution, but finally chose Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 because of the ease of administering it.”

Bhavesh Shah, Director,

Rolex Aluminium Corporation

The Rolex Group of India derives its name from the rolled aluminum products it dealt with. Started 37 years ago to deal in aluminum sheets, coils, rolled products, and extrusions, today, its primary focus is in aluminum foil-related packaging material.

The Rolex Group is a significant player in the western Indian markets, focusing on the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries, and is an exporter of note. Besides aluminum, the group also has an interest in the printing business, born as an extension of its activities in the aluminum foil packaging materials market.
The Rolex Group conducts its operations through six companies, with offices and manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, the commercial capital of the country and in Silvassa and Gujarat.
Business Situation

It was in the year 1999 that Rolex made a key change to their business model and ventured in a major way into aluminum foil with the incorporation of Rolex Aluminium Corporation. By 1999, the group undertook another major change in its activities, which had previously been confined to trading and distribution, and ventured into manufacturing by setting up its first manufacturing facility at the city of Silvassa.

In short, the Rolex Group is well established in its business, focusing on the packaging requirements of the pharmaceutical and food processing, and is all set to take on greater challenges and newer markets, including international ones. In order to accommodate its growth plans, the Rolex Group was planning to move its headquarters to newer and larger premises in Mumbai itself.
The IT Situation

The Rolex Group had a rudimentary IT setup in place, with a Microsoft Windows NT® Server 4.0 operating system running a line of business application that was custom developed using Microsoft SQL Server™ 7.0. One workstation was dedicated to e-mail messaging, which was accessed over a dial-up Internet connection, using a single e-mail address for the entire organization. And this turned out to be the biggest bottleneck that the business faced.

Customer requirements were in large digitized documents, and Rolex had no option but to physically carry the files to their premises in fragile floppies or writeable CDs. Not only were there delays in getting access to critical customer requirements, but also, processing the documents became a haphazard process, with no clear way of immediately identify the current stage of a customer request. Further, the line-of-business application had clearly outgrown its usefulness, as a result of the growth of the business and the changes in the business environment.
Since Rolex was planning to move to newer premises, the company's executives thought that it would be a good idea to implement and test their new IT infrastructure in the old premises, and then move it to the new one.

Initially, Rolex Aluminium executives considered using Linux for their future IT platform. However, two considerations held back the decision. The first consideration was that support and applications were not readily available for Linux. The second was the high administrative overhead that a Linux-based infrastructure entailed.

Even more, Rolex Group’s executives wanted to avoid establishing an all-new IT department in its entirety. The company's executives wanted to have minimum IT infrastructure management headaches. Even at that, they wanted to outsource IT tasks, if possible, so that the company could concentrate all of its energies on its core business of aluminum and aluminum foil.
Since Rolex had no expertise in planning IT systems, they approached Xpress Computer Limited, an IT infrastructure solutions house based in Mumbai. Xpress Computer stepped in to help architect, implement, and manage the Rolex IT infrastructure. After studying the needs of Rolex, Xpress Computer consultants suggested a Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server 2003-based messaging solution and an intranet based on the Microsoft Windows SharePoint® Services. Bhavesh Shah, Director, Rolex Aluminium Corporation comments, “We considered moving to a Linux based solution, but finally chose Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 because of the ease of administering it.”
Microsoft Exchange 2003 messaging and collaboration server, which is a part of the Windows Small Business Server suite, and Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 messaging and collaboration client, would provide the messaging services.
The intranet would place critical files online, along with their current status. This will allow employees to access relevant information online.
Xpress Computer recommended that the line-of-business application be upgraded to include newer functionality. While this was not part of the original plan, Rolex gave the go ahead, once the benefits were clear, and it was shown that the costs would be only incremental.

Individual E-Mail Addresses

Everyone has his or her own e-mail address and documents are exchanged with clients over e-mail.

Increased Employee Productivity

Today, employees of the Rolex group no longer have to wait for someone to physically pick up a floppy or a CD from a client’s place of business. This has improved productivity, removing delays due to travel time.

Better Collaboration

With the new intranet based on Windows SharePoint Services, employees would no longer have to hunt in discrete hard disks and CD-ROMs for files and wonder at the current status of each one. They can track the status of various documents on the intranet. “Microsoft Windows Small Business Server has enabled us to have quick and assured communication with our customers and improve employee productivity at the same time,” explains Bhavesh Shah, Director, Rolex Aluminium Corporation.

Quick and Secure Access

Rules-based, folder-level access based on the Microsoft Active Directory® directory service (a part of Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003, which is included in the Small Business Server 2003) ensured that only those who needed to access a file would access it, unlike in the past when virtually anyone could access a file unless it was under lock and key.

No Separate Administrator Required

The solution is entirely managed by Xpress Computer and Rolex is free of infrastructure management and downtime worries and is free to concentrate on its core business.

Future Plans

Rolex now plans to extend the Windows Small Business Server based solution to its factory as well.

About Xpress Computers Limited

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About Microsoft Windows Small Business Server

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 is a powerful advantage for your business success. Improve the security of your data and help your network run dependably. Release new productivity from your desktops while empowering your employees to do more. And connect to your customers like never before.

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  • Microsoft Windows Server System™

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003

  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000

  • Windows XP Professional

  • Microsoft Office XP Professional


  • Xpress Server 5600 (Intel Xeon Processor 2.4 gigahertz, 512-megabyte RAM, 80 -gigabyte HDD on RAID 1)

  • Xpress Business PC - 5 (Intel Celeron 2-gigahertz processor, 128-kilobyte cache, 266 RAM, 40 gigabyte HDD)


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