Measuring dip and strike

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Equipment needed:

A compass for measuring direction of dip and strike.

A clinometer for reading angle of dip.

These two are usually combined in a compass clinometer.

A soft pencil, a hard pencil and an eraser

Fieldwork notebook
The angle of dip is the angle between the bedding plane and the horizontal.

The strike is the horizontal line which is at 90 to the direction of dip.

Method for measuring dip and strike

  1. Set the clinometer so that 90 and 270 on the dial are lined up with the markers on the clinometer and the inner scale reads 0 when the instrument is horizontal.

  1. Place the clinometer on the bedding plane and move it around until a reading of 0 is obtained.

  1. Draw a soft pencil line on the bedding plane to mark where the base of the clinometer rests on the rock. Since this line is horizontal, it will show the direction of strike.

  1. Draw another line on the rock so that it is at right angles to the direction of strike and points directly down the sloping bedding plane. This line marks the direction of dip.

  1. Using the clinometer, measure the angle of dip by placing the clinometer along the line which shows the direction of dip.

  1. Using a compass measure the direction of strike and the direction of dip, as shown by the lines drawn on the rock.

  1. Record the Grid Reference of the location, the strike direction in degrees and the dip direction in degrees.

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