Mass spectrometry data (Hordeum 2009)

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Data regarding LC-ESI-MS/MS and bioinformatics analyses. The table shows the sequence of all the peptides identified by MS/MS and the associated statistical information obtained from database searches conducted by BioworksBrowser using TurboSEQUEST® software. For each identified protein, statistical information related to direct protein database search or to alignment analysis of identified peptides by FASTS software are reported. Spot ID: spot identifier number. Protein A.N.: protein NCBI accession number (version). DB: database downloaded from NCBI; NRH: subset of the Hordeum vulgare proteins (7825 entries); EST: subset of the Hordeum vulgare ESTs (525775 entries). n. pep.: number of unique peptides used to identify the protein. a.a. cov. (%): sequence coverage %. Sf (pro): protein SEQUEST Sf score. FASTS (E) value: FASTS expectation (E) values of the entry resulting from the alignment of peptides against Viridiplantae subset of nr-NCBI database. Protein / EST A.N.: NCBI accession number (version) of the identified protein or ESTs. Peptide: sequence of the identified peptide; the symbol M* indicates oxidized methionine. MH+: molecular mass of the peptide; z: charge state of the peptide. Sf (pep): SEQUEST Sf score of the peptide. Xcorr: SEQUEST cross-correlation value. ΔCn: delta correlation value. Sp: SEQUEST preliminary score. (a): values referred to the mature form of the protein.

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