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Hamburg based musician Chris „The Lord“ Harms is not only an extremely versatile singer that can easily manage the entire range between heartfelt clear vocals and aggressive death growls, but also an extremely charismatic character and one of Germany’s most prolific musical talents. Chris has pretty much been a musician all his life, taking up cello lessons at age 5 and singing/playing in rock bands since age 12. With Philiae, The Pleasures, UnterArt and Big Boy, he has been a lot of very prominent bands in the Hamburg scene. With this background, it was only a matter of time until Chris Harms’ unbridled creativity would need its own vehicle of self-expression…

Enter Lord Of The Lost! Formed in 2007 as a solo project, Chris quickly realized that his new baby would have to be a full-blown band when he started working on the first demos for his debut album “Fears”. Hence, he recruited the band’s line up from his extensive circle of musician friends and Lord Of The Lost as we know them were born, the group with its unique and dazzling mix of Gothic and Glam Rock, spiced up with electronic and progressive elements. Demos were sent out and the band landed a recording deal with Out Of Line Music whom Chris had been working with rather successfully in UnterART before. The band self-produced a video clip for “Dry The Rain” and the label organized a promo CD containing both the song and the video to be widely distributed at M’Era Luna Festival 2009. Thus, the foundation stone for one of the most energetic and popular bands from the German Dark Scene was laid down.

The debut album “Fears” was released in February 2010 and received very well by the music press. The band filmed a second video clip, this time for “Last Words” and then started what they themselves are referring to as their “never ending tour” which quickly earned them their reputation as being one of the German scene’s hardest working acts. Lord Of The Lost also played the big festivals (WGT, M’Era Luna, Wacken) to a very good audience reception and went on to producing their second album rather enthused.

As a first glimpse, they released the digital single and video clip for “Sex On Legs” in March 2011. The concept album “Antagony” followed in April and marked a massive progression for the group that built upon the debut successful sound while expanding it with a plethora of different and new elements. Rightfully, Sonic Seducer magazine named the release a “masterpiece” and featured Lord Of The Lost with an extensive cover story. The band then filmed their next clip “Prison” and spent a lot of the year on the road, playing a successful tour with Mono Inc. plus a lot of headlining and festival dates, documented in detail on their video log “TV Of The Lost” on the web. They also secured endorsement deals with Cyan, DV Mark, Mark Bass, Meinl und Tama, thus resulting in an altogether very successful year.

The Hamburg-based lads kick into 2012 with the EP “Beside & Beyond” which contains alternative takes on hits, unreleased gems as well as previously unreleased fan favorites (among them a cover version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” which is very popular live.) Following that Chris and Co. will again embark on extensive tours, starting with a support slot for Eisbrecher in February and will finish the works on their third album upon their return.

Lord Of The Lost combine charisma, inexhaustible energy, a gripping live presence and a golden hand for lasting tunes, thus being one of the dark scene’s most unique acts, these days. Straight to the heart and right in your face… or to quote Mono Inc.’s Martin Engler: “Lord Of The Lost will either be really big… or I don’t know anything about music.”

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