List of the Mammals of Paraguay

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List of the Mammals of Paraguay

The following is a list of the 172 mammal species currently accepted on the Paraguayan list based on the Guyra Paraguay Biodiversity Database and updated with the help of Robert Owen and his team of mammalogists. Names are given in the following order - scientific, English, Spanish and Guaraní. Spanish and Guaraní names provided are based on Esquivel (2001) Mamiferos de la Reserva Natural del Bosque Mbaracayú and Villalba and Yanosky (2000) Guía de Huellas y Señales. Spanish names of bats follow Bats of Argentina Barquez et al (1993). Global conservation status is given in red after the species name and follows the 2009 IUCN red list categories. All references used are available in the FAUNA Paraguay library. Numbers in brackets after the order and family names refer to the number of species recorded in Paraguay.

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Order Marsupialia (15)

Order Chiroptera (54)

Emballonuridae (1) Sac-winged Bats, Sheath-tailed Bats

Peropteryx macrotis -
Peters´ Sac-winged Bat - Murciélago de bolsa alar perruno LR/lc HBook 21

Noctilionidae (2) Bulldog bats

Noctilio albiventris - Lesser Bulldog Bat - Murciélago pescador chico - Mbopi pytá LR/lc HBook 22
Noctilio leporinus - Greater Bulldog Bat - Murciélago pescador grande - Mbopi pytá guasu LR/lc HBook 23

Phyllostomidae (20) American Leaf-nosed Bats

Subfamily Phyllostominae: Spear-nosed Bats
Chrotopterus auritus -
Woolly False Vampire - Falso vampiro orejón LR/lc HBook 24
Lophostoma brasiliense - Pygmy Round-eared Bat LR/lc HBook 28
Lophostoma silvicolum - d'Orbigny's Round-eared Bat LR/lc HBook 29
Macrophyllum macrophyllum -
Long-legged Bat - Murciélago de patas largas LR/lc HBook 27
Phyllostomus discolor - Pale Spear-nosed Bat LR/lc  HBook 36
Phyllostomus hastatus - Great Spear-nosed Bat LR/lc
Tonatia bidens - Spix's Round-eared Bat - Falso vampiro orejas redondas LR/lc

Subfamily Glossophaginae: Long-tongued Bats
Anoura caudifera -
Lesser Tailless Bat - Murciélaguito hocicudo LR/lc
Glossophaga soricina -
Pallas's Long-tongued Bat - Murciélago nectarivoro LR/lc

Subfamily Carolliinae: Short-tailed Bats
Carollia perspicillata - Seba´s Short-tailed Bat - Murcielago frutero LR/lc

Subfamily Stenodermatinae: Fruit Bats
Artibeus fimbriatus -
Fringed Fruit-eating Bat - Frutero grande oscuro LR/nt
Artibeus lituratus - Great Fruit-eating Bat - Frutero grande de listas blancas LR/lc
Artibeus planirostris - Flat-faced Fruit-eating Bat LR/lc
Chiroderma doriae - Brazilian Big-eyed Bat VU/A2c, D2
Platyrrhinus lineatus - White-lined Broad-nosed Bat LR/lc
Pygoderma bilabiatum - Ipanema Bat - Murciélago de hombros blancos LR/nt
Sturnira lilium - Little Yellow-shouldered Bat - Frutero común LR/lc
Vampyressa pusilla - Southern Yellow-eared Bat - Murciélago de orejas amarillas LR/lc

Subfamily Desmodontinae: Vampire Bats
Desmodus rotundus - Common Vampire Bat - Vampiro común LR/lc
Diaemus youngi - White-winged Vampire Bat - Vampiro de alas blancas LR/lc

Natalidae (1) Funnel-eared Bats

Natalus stramineus - Gray´s Funnel-eared Bat LR/lc

Vespertilionidae (13) Evening Bats

Eptesicus brasiliensis - Brazilian Brown Bat - Murciélago pardo LR/lc
Eptesicus diminutus - Diminutive Brown Bat - Murciélago pardo chico LR/lc
Eptesicus furinalis - Common Brown Bat - Murciélago pardo común LR/lc
Histiotus macrotus - Greater Leaf-eared Bat - Murciélago orejón grande LR/nt
Histiotus velatus - Tropical Leaf-eared Bat - Murciélago orejón tropical LR/lc
Lasiurus blossevillii - Southern Red Bat LR/lc
Lasiurus cinereus - Hoary Bat - Murciélago escarchado grande LR/lc
Lasiurus ega - Southern Yellow Bat - Murciélago leonado LR/lc
Myotis albescens - Silver-tipped Myotis - Murciélaguito de vientre blanco LR/lc
Myotis nigricans - Black Myotis - Murciélaguito oscuro LR/lc
Myotis riparius - Riverside Myotis - Murciélaguito ochráceo LR/lc
Myotis ruber - Red Myotis - Murciélaguito rojo VU/A2c
Myotis simus - Velvety Myotis - Murciélaguito afelpado LR/lc

Molossidae (17) Free-tailed Bats

Subfamily Molossinae: Free-tailed Bats
Cynomops abrasus - Cinnamon Dog-faced Bat LR/nt
Cynomops planirostris - Southern Dog-faced Bat - Moloso de pecho blanco LR/lc
Eumops auripendulus -
Black Bonneted Bat - Moloso oscuro LR/lc
Eumops bonariensis - Southern Bonneted Bat - Moloso orejas anchas pardo LR/lc
Eumops dabbenei - Dabbene´s Bonneted Bat - Moloso grande LR/lc
Eumops glaucinus - Wagner's Bonneted Bat - Moloso acanelado LR/lc
Eumops patagonicus - Patagonian Bonneted Bat - Moloso gris de orejas anchas LR/lc
Eumops perotis - Greater Bonneted Bat - Moloso orejón grande LR/lc
Molossops temminckii - Dwarf Dog-faced Bat - Moloso pigmeo LR/lc
Molossus rufus - Black Mastiff - Moloso cola gruesa grande LR/lc
Molossus currentium - Corrientes Mastiff - Molosso cola gruesa Correntino LR/lc
Molossus molossus - Pallas's Mastiff - Moloso cola gruesa chica LR/lc
Nyctinomops laticaudatus - Geoffroy´s Free-tailed Bat - Moloso labios arrugados chico LR/lc
Nyctinomops macrotis - Big Free-tailed Bat - Moloso labios arrugados grande LR/lc
Promops centralis - Crested Mastiff - Moloso cola larga grande LR/lc
Promops nasutus - Brown Mastiff - Moloso cola larga chica LR/lc
Tadarida brasiliensis - Brazilian Free-tailed Bat - Moloso común LR/nt

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