Lexicon of aculeate hymenoptera in european languages

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Vernacular names for plants and animals originate in a number of ways. Some (e.g. abejorro, cagafogo, Jack Spaniard) are true common names, or what we might call folk names. These have the virtue of being part of the relationship between the populace and the local biota. However, they are a minority of names in the present list, the greater number having been devised by biologists. These latter may simply be translations of the scientific name (e.g. deutsche Wespe, zemleroda pchela) or the vernacular name in another languages (apparent examples: hästmyra, papírdarázs), or a biologist may make up a name that seems apt and descriptive (e.g. Australian greenhead ant, bunte Ameise). This latter method gives rise to some especially attractive names.

Equivalents of "ant", "bee" and "wasp" are omitted from this list, as are many names of very localized use. In the Taxon column, a genus name followed by "spp." indicates that the vernacular name refers to some members only; a genus or family-level name by itself indicates that the name applies to the taxon in general.

Many of the English names are from Bosik (1997).

Hungarian names are mostly from Móczár (2003). In the alphabetic arrangement, all accented and umlauted vowels are treated as their plain counterparts.

The greater number of Portuguese names are from papers by Eraldo M. Costa-Neto. Readers familiar with Portuguese and Spanish will note that many terms attributed to these languages did not originate in them. Rather, they are Amerindian names adopted as loan words in Latin America. A similar pattern applies to a few terms from the English-speaking West Indies.

The core of the Russian list is from Kipyatkov (1991). Russian names are romanized according to the standard system for English texts.

An expanding list of Swedish names is provided by ArtDatabanken (2012; see Steklar, Vägsteklar, Getingar, Myror and Bin). I have extracted only a minority of names from this source, mostly families and genera. The letters å, ä and ö are alphabetized as their plain counterparts.

The translations are mostly my own, with assistance from native speakers. As seen by the many blank spaces (...) and question marks (?) there is room for improvement.

I have received many additions and corrections from Kees van Achterberg, Johan Billen, Jim Carpenter, Faustino Chi, Jim Costa, Eraldo Costa-Neto, Matthias Forshage, István Karsai, Sergiy Libenson, Jean-Michel Maes, László Móczár, Göran Nordlander, Ana Sendova-Franks, and Fernando Silveira. Additional names in Polish are especially sought. I am uncommitted with respect to the addition of Greek, Serbo-Croatian and/or Turkish names, but would welcome suggestions regarding sources.

This list is not copyrighted, and permission is given in advance to reprint or adapt any part of it.


ArtDatabanken 2012. Aktuella svenska namnlistor. http://www.artdata.slu.se/sv/centrumbildningar-oc-projekt/arter/namn-och-slaktskap/aktuella-svenska-namnlistor/ .

Bosik, J.J. 1997. Common Names of Insects and Related Organisms. Lanham, Maryland: Entomological Society of America 200 pp.

Kipyatkov, V.E. 1991. [The World of Social Insects.] Leningrad: Leningrad Univ. Press 406 pp.

Móczár, L. 2003. Rovarvilág. Budapest: Fővárosi Oktatástechnológiai Központ. (CD-ROM)
Christopher K. Starr

University of the West Indies

Trinidad & Tobago



Language code

Bg Bulgarian, Dn Danish, Du Dutch, E English, F French, G German, H Hungarian, I Italian, Pg Portuguese, Pl Polish, R Russian, Sp Spanish, Sw Swedish, U Ukrainian


A archaic, B Brazil, C Central America, E Europe, N Northern South America, S Southern South America, W West Indies


Name Taxon Translation


aardhommel Du Bombus terrestris soil bumble bee

abeille à terres alcalines F Nomia melanderi alkaline-soil bee

abeja carpintera Sp Xylocopa carpenter bee

abeja cortadora de hojas Sp Megachilidae leafcutter bee

abeja de fuego Sp Oxytrigona fire bee

abeja de miel Sp Apis honey bee

abeja de orquídea Sp Euglossinae orchid bee

abeja sin aguijón Sp Meliponinae stingless bee

abejón SpS Bombus big bee

abejorro Sp Bombus, Xylocopa big (?) bee

abelha cagafogo PgB Oxytrigona fire-shitting bee

abelha do reino PgB Apis mellifera Portuguese bee

abelha doméstica PgB Apis mellifera domesticated bee

abelha européia PgB Apis mellifera European bee

abelha italiana PgB Apis mellifera Italian bee

abelha limão PgB Lestrimelitta limao lemon bee

abelha melífera Pg Apis mellifera bee

abelha sem ferrão Pg Meliponinae stingless bee

acrobat ant E Crematogaster

aerial yellowjacket E Dolichovespula arenaria

africana SpC Apis mellifera adansoni African (bee)

afrikanskaya medonosnaya pchela R Apis mellifera adansoni African honey bee

afrikanskii muravei-portnoi R Oecophylla longinoda African tailor ant

agerhumle Dn Bombus pascuorum field bumble bee

agricultural ant of Texas E Pogonomyrmex barbatus

ahorcadora SpC ... [a social wasp] strangler

åkerhumla Sw Bombus pascuorum field bumble bee

åkersnylthumla Sw Bombus (Psithyrus) campestris field parasitic bumble-bee

álarcosméh H Hylaeus (?) marked bee

alfalfa leafcutting bee E Megachile rotundata

alkali bee E Nomia melanderi

Allegheny mound ant E Formica exsectoides

alphumla Sw Bombus alpinus alpine bumble bee

álposzméh H Bombus (Psithyrus) false bumble bee

álszász darázs H Dolichovespula adulterina false Saxon wasp

alvarguldstekel Sw Chrysis trimaculata alvar golden wasp

alvarsandbi Sw Andrena alfkenella alvar sand bee

alvarsmalbi Sw Lasioglossum lativentre alvar slender bee

alvarvägstekel Sw Arachnospila alvarabnormis alvar trail wasp

amasonmyra Sw Polyergus rufescens amazon ant

amazon ant E Polyergus

Amazonameise G Polyergus Amazon ant

amazonemier Du Polyergus rufescens Amazon ant

amazonhangya H Polyergus rufescens Amazon ant

amazonka mravka Bg Polyergus rufescens Amazon ant

amazonka muravei R Polyergus rufescens Amazon ant

ambarnaya pchela- kamenshchitsa R Chalicodoma pyrenaicum barn mason bee

Ameisenwespe G Mutillidae ant wasp

amerikanskyi brodyachii muravei R Ecitoninae American errant ant

amerikanskyi medovyi muravei R Myrmecocystus American honey ant

angelita SpN Tetragonisca angustula little angel

angelloze bij Du Meliponini stingless bee

ängshumla Sw Bombus pratorum meadow bumble bee

ängssnylthumla Sw Bombus (Psithyrus) sylvestris meadow parasitic bumble-bee

ängssolbi Sw Dufourea dentiventris meadow sun bee

ängsvägstekel Sw Priocnemis agilis meadow trail wasp

ape senza aculeo I Meliponini stingless bee

aralokaspiiskii muravei-zhnets R Messor aralocaspius Aral-Caspian harvester ant

arapuá PgB Trigona spinipes

Argentine ant E Linepithema humile

argentinskii muravei R Linepithema humile Argentinian ant

arica SpN Melipona favosa

arkticheskaya osa R Dolichovespula arctica arctic wasp

arzhentinska mravka Bg Linepithema humile Argentinian ant

åssmalbi Sw Lasioglossum sexnotatum ridge slender bee

Australian greenhead ant E Rhytidoponera metallica

avispa alfarera SpS Vespidae: Eumininae potter wasp

avispa afelpada SpS Mutillidae velvet wasp

avispa cazadora de arañas SpS Pompilidae spider-hunting wasp

avispa fosora Sp Sphecidae digger wasp

avispa gallo SpS Sphex rooster wasp

avispa ladrona Sp Chrysididae thief wasp

avispa lodera Sp Sceliphron, Trypoxylon mud-building wasp

avispa papelera SpS Vespidae: Polistinae paper-making wasp

avispa polinífera Sp Masarinae pollen-carrying wasp

avispón Sp Pepsis big wasp

avstraliiska mesna mravka Bg Iridiomyrmex purpureus Australian meat ant

avstraliiskii myasnoi muravei R Iridiomyrmex purpureus Australian meat ant

avstriiskaya osa R Vespula austriaca Austrian wasp

aziatskii muravei-portnoi R Oecophylla smaragdina Asian tailor ant

azurguldstekel Sw Spinolia unicolor sky-blue golden wasp
bacab Pg Melipona beechei

bachaca SpN Atta, Acromyrmex

backhumla Sw Bombus humilis hill bumble bee

bala SpC Paraponera clavata bullet

bald-faced hornet E Dolichovespula maculata

bålgeting Sw Vespa crabro huge wasp

bandbi Sw Halictus banded bee

banded hornet E Vespa tropica

banded paper wasp E Polistes sagittarius

bányászméh H Andrenidae miner bee

barkhatnaya osa R Mutillidae velvet wasp

bársonyos gömböcdarázs H Eumenes papillarius velvet (?) ... wasp

Bastardbiene G Trachusa hybrid bee

batavsandbi Sw Andrena batava Batavian sand bee

Bauchsammler G Megachilidae abdominal collector

bee-wolf E Philanthus

behangersbij Du Megachile uphosterer bee

beiju-caba PgB Apoica kissing wasp

Beinsammler G Apidae leg-collector

berghumla Sw Bombus monticola mountain bumble bee

bergsbi Sw Panurginus mountain bee

bezzabotnaya osa R Dolichovespula omissa carefree wasp

bi-coloured hornet E Vespa bicolor

Bienenameise G Mutillidae bee ant

Bienenwolf G Philanthus bee wolf

big-headed ant E Pheidole megacephala

bij zonder angel Du Meliponini stingless bee

bijenwolf Du Philanthus bee wolf

biplankstekel Sw Sapyga bee-plank wasp

bivarg Sw Philanthus triangulum bee wolf

blå glansguldstekel Sw Omalus truncatus shiny-blue golden wasp

black bog ant E Formica picea

black carpenter ant E Camponotus pennsylvanicus

black cocoa ant E Hypoclinea bituberculata

black cockroach wasp E Dolichurus stantoni

black garden ant E Lasius niger

black imported fire ant E Solenopsis richteri

black potter wasp E Delta pyriforme

blackjacket E Vespula consobrina

bladskaerermyre Dn Atta leaf-cutter ant

blåklockshumla Sw Bombus soroeensis bellflower bumble bee

Blattschneiderameise G Attini leaf-cutter ant

Blattschneiderbiene G Megachilidae leaf-cutter bee

blaue Holzbiene G Xylocopa violacea blue wood bee

blauschillernde Sandbiene G Andrena agilissima iridescent-blue sand bee

blednonogii sadovyi muravei R Lasius alienus pale-footed garden ant

blednyi begunok R Cataglyphis pallida pale runner

blestyashchii muravei- kroshka R Formicoxenus nitidulus shiny minute ant

blodbi Sw Sphecodes blood bee

blodröd rövarmyra Sw Formica sanguinea blood-red robber ant

blodsandbi Sw Andrena labiata blood[-red] sand bee

bloedrode roofmier Du Formica sanguinea blood-red robber ant

blomdyrkarbi Sw Rophites flower-worshipping bee

blomsovarbi Sw Chelostoma flower-sleeping bee

blomsterbi Sw Melitta blossom bee

blue carpenter bee E Xylocopa caerulea

blue orchard bee E Osmia lignaria

Blumenwespe GA Apoidea flower wasp

Blutbiene G Sphecodes ruficrus bloody bee

blutrote Raubameise G Formica sanguinea blood-red robber ant

bogárölődarazs H Bethylidae beetle-killer wasp

bol'she-golovaya osa R Vespa crabro big-headed wasp

bombo I Bombus

borárrontó darázs H Tiphiidae beetle-wounding wasp

boreal carpenter ant E Camponotus herculeanus

borstvägstekel Sw Anoplius bristly trail wasp

boskoekoekswesp Du Dolichovespula omissa forest cuckoo wasp

bossteekmier Du Myrmica ruginodis forest stinging ant

boswesp Du Dolichovespula sylvestris forest wasp

bourdon F Bombus

breedschubmier Du Lasius sabularum broad-scaled ant

broksnylthumla Sw Bombus (Psithyrus) quadricolor variegated parasitic bumble-bee

bronsguldstekel Sw Hedychridium coriaceum bronze golden-wasp

brown tree ant E Lasius brunneus

bruine houtmier Du Lasius brunneus brown wood ant

Buckelbiene G Sphecodes hump-backed bee

buff-tailed bumble bee E Bombus terrestris

buksamlarbi Sw Megachilidae abdomen-collecter bee

bulldog ant E Myrmeciinae

Bulldog-Ameise G Myrmeciinae bulldog ant

bumazhnaya osa R Polistes paper wasp

bumble bee E Bombus

bumblebee-wolf E Philanthus spp.

Buntbiene G Comptopoeum colourful bee

bunte Ameise G Formica exsecta colourful ant

buryi muravei R Formica fusca brown ant

buskgeting Sw Dolichovespula media shrub wasp

byxbi Sw Dasypoda trousers bee

caba da noite PgB Apoica night wasp

caba da peixe PgB Agelaia fulvofasciata fish wasp

caba de ladrão PgB Apoica thief wasp

caba tatu PgB Synoeca armadillo wasp

cachorrhinho de Nossa Senhora PgB Mutillidae Our Lady's puppy

cagafogo PgB Oxytrigona fire- shitter

calabrone I Vespa

California harvester ant E Pogonomyrmex californicus

canudo force-cabellos PgB Scaptotrigona depilis hair-plucking tube (?)

carachupa SpN Parachartergus spp., Synoeca armadillo [refers to nest]

carder bee E Anthidium

carder bumble bee E Bombus muscorum

carnicera SpN Agelaia spp. butcher

carpenter ant E Camponotus

carpenter bee E Xylocopa, Ceratina

cascuda PgB Zacryptocerus ...

castellana SpC small Solenopsis (?) Spanish ant

cavalo do cão PgB Pepsis dog's horse

chaqueta amarilla Sp Vespula yellow jacket

cherna gradinska mravka Bg Lasius niger black garden ant

chernoburyi muravei R Formica fusca black-brown ant

chernogolovyi muravei R Formica uralensis black-headed ant

chernyi begunok R Cataglyphis aenescens black runner

chernyi muravei-drevotochets R Camponotus vagus black wood-boring ant

chernyi sadovyi muravei R Lasius niger black garden ant

chiazinha PgB Zacryptocerus little ...

cicada killer E Sphecius speciosus

citronbi Sw Hylaeus lemon bee

citronjordmyra Sw Lasius carniolicus lemon soil-ant

coconut ant E Iridomyrmex nitidus

common bumble bee E Bombus terrestris

cone ant E Dorymyrmex

congo SpC Trigona spp.

cornfield ant E Lasius alienus

cow killer E Dasymutilla kluggii,

D. occidentalis

crazy ant E Anoplolepis gracilipes,

Paratrechina spp.

csomósdarázs H Cerceris (?) knotty wasp

csőrösdarázs H Bembix (?) beaked wasp

csupasz álarcosméh H Hylaeus leptocephalus bald bee

cubo negro SpS Polybia ... black block

cubo rojo SpS Polybia ... red block

cuckoo bee E Nomadinae

cuckoo bumble bee E Bombus (Psithyrus)

cuckoo wasp E Chrysididae

cupira PgB Partamona cupira

dådresandbi Sw Andrena bluethgeni camelina sand bee

découpeuse à la lucerne F Megachile rotundata alfalfa clipper

déli karcsúméh H Lasioglossum marginatum southern ... bee

déli papírdarázs H Polistes dominulus southern paper wasp

dernovyi muravei R Tetramorium caespitum turf ant

deutsche Wespe G Vespula germanica German wasp

diebische Zwergameise G Solenopsis fugax thieving dwarf ant

Diebsameise G Solenopsis (Diplorhoptrum) thief ant

diefmier Du Solenopsis fugax thief ant

digger bee E Anthophoridae

digger wasp E Sphecidae

dinosaur ant E Nothomyrmecia

dirt-dauber E Sceliphron, Trypoxylon

djèp tatu EW Synoeca

doftmyra Sw Dolichoderinae odourous ant

Dolchwespe G Scoliidae dagger wasp

dolkstekel Sw Scoliidae dagger wasp

domashnyaya pchela R Apis mellifera domestic bee

dorozhnaya osa R Pompilidae trail wasp

dottergelbe Ameise G Lasius umbratus yolk-coloured ant

droppgökbi Sw Nomada guttulata beaded cuckoo bee

Drüsenameise G Dolichoderinae glandular ant

duitse wesp Du Vespula germanica German wasp

dunkel riddarvägstekel Sw Episyron gallicus dark knight trail-wasp

Düsterbiene G Stelis dismal bee

dvärggaddstekel Sw Bethylidae dwarf stinging wasp

dvärgmyra Sw Monomorium dwarf ant

dvärgsandbi Sw Andrena nanula dwarf sand bee

dvärgvägstekel Sw Priocnemis minuta dwarf trail wasp

dwarf honey bee E Apis (Micrapis)

dynrödmyra Sw Myrmica specioides dune red ant

dynsmalbi Sw Lasioglossum tarsatum dune slender bee

dzhmil U Bombus
eastern yellowjacket E Vespula maculifrons

ekhästmyra Sw Camponotus fallax oak horse-ant

elbowed red ant E Myrmica scabrinodis

eldmyra Sw Solenopsis fire ant

emerald cockroach wasp E Ampulex compressa

Erdbiene G Andrena soil bee

erdei darázs H Dolichovespula sylvestris forest wasp

erdei vöröshangya H Formica rufa forest red-ant

Erdhummel G Bombus terrestris soil bumble bee

Ernteameise G Messor, Pogonomyrmex harvester ant

erratic ant E Tapinoma erraticum

españolita SpN Tetragonisca angustula damsel

európai pókhangya H Mutilla europaea European spider ant

European hornet E Vespa crabro

evropeiskaya nemka R Mutilla europaea European mutillid

evropeiskii muravei-drevotochets R Camponotus ligniperda European wood-boring ant

Faltenwespe G Vespidae folded-wing wasp

fälthumla Sw Bombus ruderatus field bumble bee

fältsandbi Sw Andrena morawitzi field sand bee

faodvasító lóhangya H Camponotus ligniperda tree-hollow horse ant

fáraóhangya H Monomorium pharaonis Pharaoh's ant

faraomyra Sw Monomorium pharaonis pharaoh's ant

faraonov muravei R Monomorium pharanonis Pharaoh's ant

fehércsíkos méh H Rhophitoides canus white-striped bee

fehérhasú faliméh H Osmia adunca white-belly ... bee

fehérlábfejes szabóméh H Megachile willoughbiella white-footed tailor bee

fekete fahangya H Lasius niger black wood ant

feketecsápú padlásdarázs H Polistes nimpha black-antenna ... wasp

Feldwespe G Polistes field wasp

fémdarázs H Chrysididae metallic wasp

fenvägstekel Sw Ferreola fens (?) trail wasp

fenyődarázs H ... pine wasp

fibblebi Sw Panurgus hawkweed bee

fibblegökbi Sw Nomada facilis hawkweed cuckoo bee

filtbi Sw Epeolus felt bee

Filzbiene G Epeolus felt bee

finmovägstekel Sw Arachnospila abnormis silt trail wasp

fioletovaya pchela-plotnik R Xylocopa violacea violet carpenter bee

fire ant E Solenopsis spp.

fjällhumla Sw Bombus balteatus mountain bumble bee

fjällmurarbi Sw Osmia svenssoni mountain mason bee

fjällsmalbi Sw Lasioglossum boreale mountain slender bee

fläckvägstekel Sw Aporinellus sexmaculatus speckkled trail wasp

Fleckenbiene G Crocisa speckled bee

Florida carpenter ant E Camponotus atriceps

Florida harvester ant E Pogonomyrmex badius

flygsandvägstekel Sw Arachnospila wesmaeli shifting-sand trail wasp

földi poszméh H Bombus terrestris soil bumble bee

földiméh H Melittidae soil bee

foltos méh H Thyreus ramosus stained bee

formica amazzone I Polyergus rufescens amazon ant

formica argentina I Linepithema humile argentine ant

formica barbaresca I Messor barbarus ... ant

formica distruttrice I Monomorium destructor destroyer ant

formica ecophilla I Oecophylla leaf-dwelling ant

formica fosca I Formica fusca dark ant

formica fuligginosa I Lasius fuliginosus sooty ant

formica gialla I Lasius flavus yellow ant

formica nera I Lasius niger black ant

formica puzzola I Paltothyreus tarsatus (?) stinky ant

formica rossi dei boschi I Formica rufa (?) red forest ant

formica sanguigna I Formica sanguinea sanguinary ant

formica tagliafoglia I Atta leaf-cutting ant

formica troncata I Camponotus truncatus short ant

formiga brasa PgB Solenopsis spp. burning ant

formiga cortadeira Pg Atta, Acromyrmex cutting ant

formiga da mandioca PgB Atta cassava ant

formiga de cupim PgB Camponotus termite ant

formiga de estralo PgB Odontomachus crackling ant

formiga de fogo PgB Solenopsis spp. fire ant

formiga de onça PgB Mutillidae jaguar ant

formiga feiticeira PgB Mutillidae witch ant

formiga lava-pé PgB Solenopsis foot-washing ant

formiga mijona PgB ... piss ant

fourmi à miel F Myrmecocystus honey ant

fourmi amazone F Polyergus rufescens amazon ant

fourmi bicolore E Camponotus herculeanus two-toned ant

fourmi charpentière rouge F Camponotus ferrugineus red carpenter ant

fourmi des prés F Formica pratensis meadow ant

fourmi du manioc F Acromyrmex octospinosus cassava ant

fourmi fauve F Formica pratensis tawny ant

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