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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)

University of Colorado at Boulder


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B. (Mathematics), 1973

University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1977


Observational and theoretical studies of planetary atmospheres and rings


Co-Investigator: Pioneer Venus UVS (1978–93); Pioneer Saturn IPP (1979–1981); Voyager PPS (1980–1991); Galileo UVS (1984–2002); NASA VIMS Spectrometer Development Team (1984–88); Mars Observer VIMS (1986–1988); USSR PHOBOS KRFM (1986–92); USSR MARS 94 Omega-VIMS (1989–90); USSR MARS 94 METEOPACKAGE, SVET, and TOROMETER (1991–96); Pluto Fast Flyby UVS Technical Development (1993–1995); Pluto UVS PIDDP (1993–96), ESA Venus Express VMC (2003-present)

Principal Investigator: Cassini UV Imaging Spectrometer (1990–); Venus Discovery Mission Study (1993-98); Hubble Space Telescope High Resolution Spectroscopy of Venus (1993–97); Pluto and Outer Solar System Explorer (POSSE) Phase A Study (2001).
Research Grants Funded: Planetary Origins; Planetary Atmospheres; Planetary Geology and Geophysics; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Data Analysis; Planetary Instrument Definition and Development Program

University of Colorado, Boulder: Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (Research Associate 1977–); Department of Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences (Lecturer 1979–1984, Associate Professor 1984–1995, Professor 1995–)


Division for Planetary Sciences, AAS (Committee 1983–86); American Geophysical Union; International Astronomical Union; COSPAR Commissions B (Executive Member 1986–90), and C. Commission on Planetary Atmospheres and their Evolution, IAMAP/IUGG (1987–1993)


NASA Group Achievement Award: Pioneer Venus Orbiter Science Team 1980; Voyager PPS team 1982, 1986; Galileo UVS development 1991, Galileo Asteroid Encounters 1993 and 1995; Cassini UVIS development and UVIS operations 1998, Cassini UVIS Science Investigation 2009

Division for Planetary Sciences, Harold C. Urey Prize, 1985

NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, 1986

American Association of Physics Teachers and American Physical Society, Richtmyer Memorial Lecture Award, 1991

National Academy of Sciences National Associate, 2002–

JPL Distinguished Visiting Scientist 2004-;

Fellow, AGU, 2006-


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Charnoz, S., L. Dones, L.W. Esposito, P.R. Estrada, M.M. Hedman. 2009. Origin and evolution of Saturn’s ring system, A chapter in the book Saturn From Cassini-Huygens. M. Dougherty et al. Eds. 17, 537-575. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer-Verlag.
Esposito, L.W. 2010. Composition, Structure, Dynamics and Evolution of Saturn’s rings. Annual Review of Earth & Planetary Sciences, 38, 383-410.

Esposito, L.S., N. Albers, B. K. Meinke, M. Sremcevic, J. Colwell. 2011. Moon-triggered Clumping in Saturn’s Rings. Icarus. (In review)

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