**Knowing the right tools to use on Britannica will be key to finishing. Search

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Scavenger Hunt
Directions: Answer the questions below using Britannica Online School Edition. Start at www.school.eb.com , choose the elementary level and begin your hunt!
**Knowing the right tools to use on Britannica will be key to finishing.**

  1. Name the two species, or kinds of elephants.

________________________ and ________________________

  1. What is the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary definition of scrub?

*Hint: You will find the word in the elephant article

  1. Complete the MLA style citation of the elephant article:

"___________." Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia. _______________. Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition. ___________________ <http://www.school.eb.com/elementary/article?articleId=353093>.

Extra Credit : Why are citations important?

  1. Name three Britannica Online School Edition tools you used to find the answers to questions 1, 2, and 3?

__________________, _________________, and __________________

  

Discover our World

  1. What is the state bird of Minnesota? _____________________________

  1. What is the difference in population between the United States and China?


  1. What permanent English settlement in North America was founded in 1607?


  1. What Britannica Online School Edition tools did you use to help you find the answers questions 5, 6 and 7?

____________________, _______________and___________________

Watch and Explore

  1. From the video clip, Solar System: Asteroids and Comets, name a substance that asteroids are made of.


  1. What is the name of an exercise from Britannica Online School Edition Learning Materials that will help you practice what you are learning in Math right now?


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